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Is really cool.

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slmandel Bay Area This is really cool. UCLA will play HBCUs Alabama State and North Carolina Central at the Rose Bowl. Editor-in-chief of @TheAthleticCFB. Co-host of The Audible podcast. Proud husband and father. Honest, and unmerciful. Emails: stewart@theathletic.com.
markshrime Boston, MA This! This is incredible news. More and more evidence that the vaccine doesn’t just stop the recipient from getting sick. It stops asymptomatic transmission as well. Science is really cool Chair, Institute of Global Surgery, @RCSI_Irl @RCSI_GlobalSurg | Lecturer, Global Health, @harvardmed | he/him | Booking: | Views my own
ValaAfshar Boston Having good manners and being self-aware is really cool. Chief Digital Evangelist @Salesforce | Columnist: @ZDNet | Show: @DisrupTVShow | Book:
mysterysneeze @FangyStreams @XimeVulliere Congratulations! It's an exciting day for you! Take care of yourself and have fun! Your design is really cool! ^^ A writer of stories. Vtuber, anime, and animation fan.
SW4GBY7EZ im gay actually no. if amanda doesnt get 2k before my birthday (june 15th) yall going to eeby deeby in a heartbeat in all seriousness @cxrpxe is really cool and funny and is really sweet to everybody!!! (unless you fork with her in which case catch these hands) priv: @KR1S4FT3RD4RK || chara/kris/keith || enby transbian || they/xe (she/her 4 close friends) || 15 || 💜 @FlDDAUTHOR / @2WOTRUCKS daisy my beloved /r
jessAdoresharry @kurtisconner Thank you for replying!! Ilysm, With tax and shipping the total comes out to $99. I had no intent to seem mean, the design is really cool! Just as a young fan, the price seems high for me. I love your content so much, sorry if I came off as rude. One Direction/Harry Styles fan! 🌻treat people with kindness🌻
immobilemindy oklahoma call out post for @GeeFrodo he is really cool and funny and is going to be doing this big time mgs marathon starting later today and deserves a ton of support. watch his stuff :) 26 year old loser. I tweet every now and then. also sometimes goes by hookmode on lame name censor services icon by @dondondora
zachary_critten Over here @Artful_AliCat Oh criminal psychology is really cool *said the psychology, criminology and sociology student with absolutely no bias* 17 Marketing director for the Him Games series Future brides person enby moment any/all (they/he/she/etc) Chainsaw man is cool
otbalexa louaylor + mcyt hey can the artist who made the song "Your New Boyfriend" and the album "Your City Gave Me Asthma" stream Geoguessr sometime because i suck at it but watching that person play it is really cool to me! no rush tho oh, goddamn, my pain fits in the palm of your freezing hand // she/they
f_pieper @PaulScott005 @AdamHODL @ActiveCryptos Behodler $EYE is really cool. Who wants to miss an unique novel Dex with only 3.7$ market cap, no impermanent loss, low fees and free flash loans? 🚀
SaintMaxwell__ Afghanistan If I ran into Jonah Hill I’d simply tell him he is really cool and go about my day SN SK8 forkS • SHÏNÏ • FREE ELIJAH
matthewuzhere California, USA @JackElgin7 @SlayerofCis Ofc “superheroes are ruining movies” should be mocked, bc it’s no one’s real opinion. Sure, they mirror cultural values like “genocide bad” and “the CIA is really cool,” but to compare cookie cutter franchise films made by billion dollar companies to folklore is just offensive. 17 • he/him • leftist
WrestlePurists England, United Kingdom I know this has already been said a lot, But Jon Moxley being allowed to just go pretty much everywhere and do different things is really cool to see. Professional Fantasy Booker. #IWC | @ThePurists_
lexpaval Timisoara, Romania @jubrilade_ 🏙️ The compartmentation is really cool, and the view is extraordinary. 🆕 Just need to refresh it a little bit. 🧠 The mind-maps guy. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 A founder's best friend. ✨ I tweet about indie hacking, business development, product management, freelancing and others.
finalsorrowss @SimplySubarashi That black and white comic book looking style is really cool Male∣20∣Downriver Michigan Rat ×××××××××× #GEN5 HYPE TRAIN
TwinkleMittens too far from the beach This is really cool but, given how schools are very slow to adapt to even the slightest changes, perhaps the CDC should've held out a few days and just made 1 statement. I mean, we're still dealing with BoE members saying masks aren't necessary because of guidance from March 2020 She likes to laugh and think and read and learn. If she can do that under an umbrella at the beach, so much the better. The earth is her beautiful home.
CamLight928 Toledo, OH Nanu. There’s not many Dark-type specialists in the games and his plot in the postgame is really cool #Pokemon25 #PokemonDay Cameron, you know, the guy that likes sloths and stuff. He/Him. Wear a mask.
charli62252581 her twitch chat he/they @EB0YRANB00 OH ok silly me bren is one of my moots, frog is really cool and fun to interact with and i love whenever i see frogs tweets on my tl! HEY ^﹏^ 💜🏳️‍🌈💜 pfp by @QUACKICORE
ZellBellArt Fort Worth, Texas @8BitOpa Hey, if you're cool with it, that's all that matters. Some of them are super classy joints and watching them dance is really cool. Digital Artist🌟Succulent Queen🌙Tea Snob💫RL Druid🌱#FFXIV Account @gunbreaker✨Professional Kaldorei🌿Bonded to @lockefoxgaming.
nidstaaang @itachicake And just SO MANY PEOPLE? All the secondary characters who bad literally next to zero impact on the story have their own niche fandom which is really cool but no one comes at them? it's not our fault shisui had the most mesmerizing presence even with that little screen time 😗 25+ | she/they | pro-shipper | please read carrd byf | R-18 acc: @nidstang_p
introwoo backup: ptgsupremacy @atinysunflower ahhh you’re so pretty!! I love your eye color and your hair is really cool too 🥺💘 #MARKTUAN: you were like a dream #BLM | multi | they/them | 23 (18+ only) carrd byf!
polyesterbot my moomin oc, dali, is really cool and you should ask me about them! @fluffypolyester bot. posts every hour.
DR34MR Tamarac, FL @BookishHedgeMom That's because the writing community here is so dang awesome! Everyone's in to help each other, and that is REALLY cool to see on a platform that is otherwise a massive dumpster fire! writer, mother, DREAMER, gamer, geek - she/her - INFP - B.S. in Psychology - Try it & find out. Know your limits. Do no harm, but take no crap. Don't be a dick.
gxoot i + h: yoshimitsu umekawa liv is a very cool artist and the idea of being in a communal draw thing with her is really cool but also absolutely terrifying has it in some way enriched your life? ✧ Guy/Guillermo/OLO ✧ 24, he/him 🏳️‍⚧️ ✧ no minors please! ✧ listo is out of date lol ✧ 💘@ursula_cat💘
sueunyin Southern California @Firecutkp You should check out their Yelp page for some amazing photos! Their decor is really cool, and they have subtle starship environmental sounds playing in the background. Their service is top notch! composer. hobbyist. gamer. insomniac. nerd.
tobhoenest 21・she/her|🏳️‍🌈|🇮🇩🇺🇸🇯🇵 This went viral on twt and tiktok once btw! That split is really cool bcs i can't do anything near that😭😭😭 not spoiler free👉👈 likes ≠ agree
voidifyy_ @scuffkr @NXGAMING2 @MyraleYouTube @Kenjidesu_ @photek24 his content is really cool and i cannot live without adding him
RosenaAllinTran Glasgow, Scotland This is really cool and some excellent people from @thewitchercast are on the now. I'm told even unionists are tolerated 😛🏳️‍🌈 somewhat Br*tish, feel free to correct my Gàidhlig she/her i/ise
CodyCarwile2 @wandavision is like @Marvel phase 2 when they were taking big chances. Iron man 3 being a buddy cop film, Winter Soldier being a political thriller. Now showing that super heroes can also talk about things like trauma, coping mechanisms, and codependency is really cool. Not to be confused with a lesser Cody
hongjun85736247 @arinbang who is he? from where? he is really cool and handsome 😳😳😳 just danmei in my life and during my life. - His voice was hoarse but there was endless pity and tenderness. " He is just... a little mushroom."
hwscookies She/Her-Minor @Canadahws I dont mind. Atlas is really cool and fun. :) pasta crimes goes brrr
Tamacchii @neopolitansan I mean the battle system is really cool and well made. If you like this strategic system..... Which I don't 😂😂 I want to buttonmash and directly attack an enemy 😂 (which is why I enjoy games like Hyrule warriors) // she/her // 25+ // EN/DE/FR // The One And Only Tam // professional procrastinator // CATS // ranting // punstoppable //
MegaPinkyena Michigan, USA Next up is @Truegreen7! If you like seeing people create new Pokemon, check this dude out! His designs are super neat and watching him create and seeing the inspirations is really cool. Plus he's just a cool chill dude, very calming energy 👌 💖Hi there, I'm Pinky!💖29 y.o. Queer artist & Pokemon master & Force user💖she/her💖ACAB/BLM💖420 friendly💖ADHD💖my partner: @acrylicpxl💖
igor_z9 2/ potentially taking away a good share of volume into the blockchain version of the same Nasdaq assets. I think it is really cool and actually starts representing what DeFi is about, giving access to financial instruments to anybody in the world with a laptop and internet. The only way to beat a rigged game is to rig it even harder.
Enaksan South East, England @scully1888 Still use mine weekly to keep up with the parents, especially considering the last year. Excellent quality video and mic, and the tracking is really cool (even if I'm sat still mostly). Owner/Editor-in-chief of @XboxTavern . Fan of games and the industry at large.
OliviaGArt Any pronouns/17 yrs old @neoncyan_cf3 The way you draw hair is really cool and animated :0 🇺🇸♌️ very white | character illustrator and designer | bi | autistic | really likes cowboys
JamalRogers16 @KieranNorris7 is really cool and he likes bananas 🍌 Pompey
integgroll Dallas, TX This is really cool, and while I am not in this field in any professional or other capacity I think this RNA technique is an interesting way to approach a vaccine, it is pretty cool hacking of the human body, and I can't wait to see what else we are able to cure. He/Him, Loves Python, Three. Automates security related things. Fake goose gamer. Finally recovering from burnout! Adds new hobbies daily!
Adrianjsf Eventualmente en Cauce Boscoso @PixelMima @cure_pixel Mininsh cap is my favorite Zelda,the game is amazing and the pixel art is really cool, it is very impressive and is the kind of aesthetic that comes to my mind when I heard GBA Graduado en filosofía,amante de los videojuegos y de la biología y de la bioetica.
tokyomegaplex Los Angeles This little program is really cool and fun to play with! watch my short on adult swim: learn Houdini:
Cataphiot Hell @RangerMJP (pay your mod without actually having to pay your mod) (i'm joking) (but this is really cool of you and i would so appreciate any help) Terrible Fortnite player, average mod, brilliant wife.
canyon289 Los Angeles, CA @PhDemetri Well, let me be the first to tell you. I hated stats (and liked math). I actually have been writing a talk about why I hated stats so much due to the way it was taught and how it taken over 10 years to learn stats actually is really cool Cofounder of PyMC Labs, Principal Data Scientist, Bayesian, ex SpaceX, ex Sweetgreen, PyMC, ArviZ, forever a Badger.
Cuoi33274529 @Outriders The concept is really cool but I found the game didn’t run well.. my setup is more than powerful enough and FPS was just unstable I think it’s luck of the draw if it runs well. Didn’t seem overly optimised. Looking forward to seeing the release though and I hope many enjoy.
RebornShadows @theofficialrrg The boss is really cool and I liked this one more than the first Persona, Nintendo, PlayStation, Smash, MCU, and other interests
Mykah53020561 @HigoshiRBLX yeah i think this is really cool also what if the game is online so can play with friends and people around the world I Like to draw cartoon and anime i like playing all types of game like roblox and i like animals a monsters and cool stuff like that
mads_twt philly jawn | she/her just is really cool to see them talking about something they love a lot and passionately want to do well at not just for us but for themselves too. #남준: “but do remember, they can’t cancel the spring.” | 2!3! | v
100daysofcodes Chrome Extension @shreyalivee Wow, swipe board is really cool and liked the UI. And we are very happy to be part in your journey! New tab extension to keep track of your journey in #100daysofcode challenge. Website
DeDameMidNatt Cádiz, Andalucía This is why Zablr is really cool. We just hype and promote eachothers' work. 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥 ❀ Writer & Roleplayer
squidward_5 I’m kinda enjoying final fantasy 15. It’s open world is really cool and has many stuff to do in them i retweet a lot...I’m know for crapposting-being gamer-artist-and talk about life. vent account: @SquidwardVent
savanticsyt @lemonrosesoda This is great! I almost forgot about the Hamburger helper dream. He is a menace and NEEDS to be stopped. But yeah this is really cool art :) I love it Mistakes were made