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C_Rice1 Elon, NC This is really cool!! Dirt and @NASCAR coming together!! @TheFast49 @Kenny_Wallace @NutrienAgRetail @MattKaulig President at @KauligRacing | Living everyday like it's the last! | Proud Husband and Father!
DUSKdev Pennsylvania, USA Guys, I'm joking. This mod is really cool and I'm happy anyone is interested enough in something I made to want to do something like this with it. Don't go actually commenting nasty stuff. Chaos tweets. Made Dusk, Squirrel Stapler, Iron Lung, Chop Goblins, and more. Working on Gloomwood with @TafferKing451 . Business: duskdeveloper@gmail.com
NHLBruins Boston, MA Video coaches Sean Andrake & Mat Myers on being given the game puck following the #NHLBruins win over the Wild: “To have a positive impact on the game is really cool and for the guys to recognize that and give us a little cookie so to speak…it doesn’t get any better than that.” Official Twitter Home of the Boston Bruins #NHLBruins
smutichi @NSFAni_art For me it would depend on how much time you would spend at your desk anyway. Even with an iPad I'm most comfortable drawing on a desk and not a couch or bed or whatever. But it is really cool for weekends out or to have a chance to sit in the balcony and breathe 🔞 Nsfw artist drawing comics and the like.
GregGssaunders Taunton @petefirman And his museum in Budapest is really cool Ex Chairman of Somerset Chamber of Commerce, Husband and Dad to two great kids. Views are of course my own.
GrailetA @knockoffgoblin Great Idea ^^ I love Xenomorph and your idea is really cool ^^ me too, i imagine a Xeno-fakemon ! my version is a Grass Starter, mix of Xeno, Ancient Insect, and Thorny Plant I am a young man, born in Belgium and living in Belgium. I love drawing, the zoology, the paleontology, video games and sci-fi films !
hana_blossom03 This Phi is really cool and pretty 😍 He makes me want to fly to Thailand now and put him in my pocket 🥰❤️ #Noeulnuttarat #BoNoh #MagentaBoy #LGTHxNoeul
YourHomiePyro he/him Worst part about my daydreams is that i think so much of it is really cool but i cant do anything with them because it involves a self insert, characters based on people in my life, and characters from things i like and would just be very cringe if i made anything with it hi I’m Pyro and I simp for every pretty man I see, I mostly use this acc to vent and retweet red pandas so please follow @YourKingPyro I post art there
Sammy_blaqk Lagos, Nigeria Phaver has been tested and proven. Using the platform has been an interesting and smooth experience. The interface is really cool and I feel it can serve better if it takes shorter time to launch the app and use other functions @Sammyx-phaver username @phaverapp #phaverfrens NFTs #eth #sol || 🎵 Music || Biomedical Scientist in view #Meadowlaunch Sui Launchpad
Sammy_blaqk Lagos, Nigeria Phaver has always delivered ever since I got to know of it. Using the platform has been an interesting and smooth experience. The interface is really cool and I feel it can serve better if it takes shorter time to launch the app and use other function @phaverapp #phaverfrens NFTs #eth #sol || 🎵 Music || Biomedical Scientist in view #Meadowlaunch Sui Launchpad
hoodrattanak C. Viper is really cool. hope she comes back in SF6 in some form. was really surprised she didn’t make it into 5 but maybe her design wouldn’t have fit without a massive rework. still really cool how she and Zeku are based on other Capcom IPs tho (commando and strider) Designer and Hobby Illustrator. Existential dread only grips me once a week now.
jeanhiggin88610 I just watched Everyday, Kachuusha MV and I really think the MV is really cool, but I'm still kind of confused about the story on the MV. Anyone care to explain? Thank you!
fortayee Momiji Street Idk denying players any finality until they’ve engaged with the work enough to understand its ideas in practice is really cool. Wrapping that up inside the narrative of cycles is both thematically perfect and cost efficient and also really clever lonely rolling star
thecane999 the new enemy is really cool!! and the way you interact with the enemies feel a lot cooler, RE4 classic made you feel like a badass, this game makes you feel like a damn movie star, everything is cranked up so high and can lead to some really forking cool moments 21 & she/her - MDNI 🔞 | NSFW| - $caninecaas - puppy girl, play wif me
Hawk_Cape @platosbeard69 @caseygripps Oh, homotopy is a good example! Homotopy theory is really cool, and there's a lot that can be done with it. And it does look a whole lot like set theory! But it's actually closer to algebra. Mathematician, leftist, systemist, teacher. He/him.
AcedeLaForet @botcguy They are really forking cool, and even gameplay wise the way the apostle noodles is really cool and fun. But goddamn do you see them too much
OreoGlitch Pretzel land @SocketBreaker2 Omg she looks so fun and agile I love this!! The leg design is really cool! (Mika|21|any|🏳️‍🌈|🇩🇪) Animation&Game student, currently on the run from Amiga balls Find me as @OreoGlitch on other platforms too!
cablesTEK @elisinspace dystopia is really cool because its creates the panicked sense that something is wrong and its really cool YesYes bleep blorp i stream on twitch (he/him)
hobosrule11 they/them @deadndeathly my friend got me into it the other night and it's so fun! the realism of everything is really cool Dame/D/Beans/Beebo | BLM | ACAB | chopper is my son. my baby boy.
WenclairEndgame She/they • Autistic • Infj-t @lesbeannator Eggs, and uhm yeha just stuff I’ve learned over time that is really cool. I have had this like lowkey hidden special interest in them that I haven’t ever fully let break free but now I am and my brain is starving for more info on them 𓆙 Wenclair Warrior 𓆙 Ajax Petropolus Lover 𓆙 Platonic Enjax truther 𓆙 lesbian 𓆙 minor 𓆙
bb_scratch Base PSO2 concert is really cool, and the new (returning) UQ Deus Esca was really cool too QRTing Ramlethal fanart + Novice Artist + FG Player ST&PSN: lIbbscratchIl SW0465-9453-8703
LockeLowkeyLoki Tired and surrounded by wires @R3alitySurf3r3 the ue5 integration is really cool from a dev perspective, but i played the tech demos and i also dont really like the clash between the fortnite characters and the kind of high fidelity realism ue5 is good at. I like gmod though and thats all clashing styles so idk what it is making videos getting smarter going faster
damnation_space West Lafayette, IN this is the first time it's actually shown up for me, and its number 1 on trending rn, idk this is really cool to see as a swim fan deluxe
svipvl Minneapolis, MN @Norsehound This is really cool. Very similar to the kind of things I want to do for the @sublightgames Stardust fleet expansion packs after we've rounded out strike craft gameplay — armor & weapon facing, momentum, heat, etc. You and @SLG_Razgriz should compare notes. 👀😅 3D generalist, writer, webdev, and co-founder of @sublightgames. Dork. DORV survivor. Actual bleeding heart since 1986. ❤️‍🩹 She/They. 🏳️‍⚧️
AriaEbenfalls Mahoyo does this thing where the scenes have delays and transitions so that they play out in a more cinematic way which is really cool except it kills my VN reading rhythm of reading like 3 lines per second and speedrunning it Vancouver AFGC, GBF, VNs | UNI: Phonon | (He/Him)
ericwayneart Deep Space @o0aga0o The moon reflection is really cool here. Really shines. And that boat. Just a marvelous painting overall. OG contemporary digital fine artist MA/MFA My art blog: SuperRare: Foundation:
ow Langford, British Columbia @astahearts Apparently not!! I literally designed chatbots for IKEA and a bunch of others and I can’t believe we are back here again. What we are seeing is really cool, but I think a chat box is the most limiting version of this stuff Kiwi in Canada via Amsterdam • Design manager @stripe leading developer experience + apps. prev @shopify • 🐘:
ThatMimiThing @RahksArt So, when and where are they showing episodes of this? 😜 This is really cool! I love it! Love feels nice…❤️ / I do not take commissions. Trust me, I’m really bad at finishing them. / I’d rather make friends than enemies.
polyesterbot my moomin oc, timzi, is really cool and you should ask me about them! @fluffypolyester bot. posts every hour.
lilith_backup @commieposting3 "well I only got beat up and sent to prison instead of killed so actually the police is really cool" -Internet tankie They/them Total Liberation✊🏽 ✊🏻✊🏿😺💜🖤🏴 Interested in extractivism, dual power, history, pop culture, Spirituality
PJsVoiceArts @TwoDevSensei This is really cool artwork! A boss in business and a boss in the field! Ain’t no messin with this badass 😎 Gamer, Voice Actor, Nerd | 30 | He, Him | Straight, Ally | Hooked on Splatoon 3 game, art, music, animations, all of it | Love to you all 🙌🏻❤️ STAY HYDRATED!
Eden29475817 @Diab_26 While not the biggest Stars and Stripes fan, this is really cool! Likes anime
acatholicgeek Sometimes I reread my writing and admit that I can write stuff that is really cool Other times I reread my writing and admit that, yes, I have my characters playing the "Knot Game" and idk what I was thinking Catholic geek, multitalented unicorn, writer who lives for world building, nerd fueled by spite & coffee, a forest fairy, and a youth minister
ruxy_ishikawa 調りつ師です #rebirthful After days of analyzing and coming up with words, I present to you, my theory for Rikka's rebirthful! rebirthful is really cool so I'm so excited when writing this and I'm so happy that I can finally share it here! 😊 20+ | 調りつ師 | 🌟 Oshi: Rikka (律可) ⚙️ | ENG/日本語. 日本語まだ勉強してます!
twxxpk Elsewhere my mom is really cool, I was six years old bumping and we had all the cds 🥹 the music video to Pop changed my life 🫶 ACNH SIMS DDLV • they/she • bi shy and sentimental • 🎭infp 🏳️‍🌈lvl29 ♊️🦀♐️ • pfp @Lord_Griselda
nur66743494 singapore Apa ini #Jimin_LikeCrazy Wahhh asli crazy mv nya. I can't even say. This original is really cool and my heart is still stagnant until now. 💗💗💜💜💜💜💜💜 @bts_bighit @BTS_twt Congrats #Jimin No matter
SATexan55 San Antonio, TX @littlejenna37 Grape Creek and Becker are the big dogs out there. Slate Theory (next to Grape Creek), is really cool. Ask to check out the underground cellar…it’s pretty amazing. West End Pizza is good if you’re in the mood. Navajo Grill is $$$ but worth it. Spurs, UTSA, Texans, Astros, whiskey fanatic. BBQ makes me happy. Former Weightlifter. Tailgating veteran.
Jay_to_the_hope She/Her Streets saying Face off is really cool......okay...sure...yeah definitely....hmm.... I am gonna be a nice girl and just wait..... Fan account | I hope you know that giving up decisively also counts as courage~MYG✨| 5× Grammy Nominated Artist's fan | OT7 forever 💜 Yoonjinnie (platonic)
_lizbarr Melbourne, Australia @gingerest I came up at a time when you weren't even allowed to have fins at the pool! So seeing everyone with their bits and pieces is really cool. Aspiring novelist; full-time nerd. She/her.
ISRAT100 @qrkitaexchanger will positively change the crypto world for the better because a good and strong team is focused on the development of the project. Their concept is really cool! #QRT #qrkita #coinmarketcap #bitcoin #ethereum #bnb #BSC #BEP20; 💯💯💯💯💯100% Follow back💯💯💯💯💯💯
stoic_pugilist @jereme_drake @LozzaFox He needs jujitsu my friend. And some serious boxing as well. Tae Kwon Do is really cool but it is better in sporting environment than self defense. Great kicks for sure but wrestling and good hands are more important. Be safe.
CraftsmanBob Also all the stuff Tesla people say is really cool about their Tesla is true of other EVs too. “It charges when breaking!” “It keeps the lane and follows the car in front” “The pickup is Amazing!” “It’s so quiet!”
abigailthiemkey Columbus, OH @ldpharr @ESA_org @wildandincolor So this is really cool and also just a beautiful interview. Awesome work, Lauren. You’re inspiring and so is @wildandincolor Carnivores, conservation, and coexistence | MSc student studying coyote ecology in Gehrt Lab @ Ohio State | views my own #womeninSTEM #firstgen #latinxSTEM
sympolitedeluxe Southeast Michigan i feel like i have a different definition of honesty and authenticity in art because some of the stuff on deviantart i see has me like "this is something only the creator and a small bunch of people actively seeking this out would want, and i think that's when art is really cool" 🔞 • Heather • 28 • she/xe • ♓ • ✝️ • ⚧️ • 🎸 @sympolite • 🎨🔞 @sympolart
BernadettePro17 @WarholCircus Love dogs! they're so smart and that is really cool. I've heard of that before. I hope you have him a treat and some love? JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE IN THIS MESSED UP COUNTRY LEBANESE AMERICAN🌹 TRUMP WON💯 FJB 💃 ULTRA MAGA 🇺🇸💯♥️ GOD, FAMILY AND COUNTRY LIVE, LOVE AND LAUGH💅😂❤️
JulianWaller Washington, DC @Jordanlperkins9 That Arendt interview is really cool actually. I mean I suppose a lot of the labeling turns into just an expression of a century+ of intra-scholarly disciplinary conventions, literature boundaries, and institutional path-dependence. Ph.D, Pol-Sci. Associate Research Analyst, @CNA_org | Scholar, @IERES_GWU | Fellow, @ILLSP_GWU. Authoritarianism, Illiberalism, Regimes, Eurasia, etc.
MSofTheDayD DP's thoughts: This is a supremely ridiculous design. The concept is really cool, though. I love how the arms can be legs and vice versa. 1 Mobile suit a day with a short bio! Dm for submissions! Please keep on topic.
215ange1 @maddyeisenberg @CollinRugg You know what else is really cool, Maddy? If people acted mature for their age but yet, here we are with Madonna at 64 thinking she’s still 22 in the clubs and you—- at whatever age you are—- still getting upset over an opinion. Welcome to Earth. Humans critique. Be OUTSTANDING until you STAND OUT. I speak the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing BUT the TRUTH. 🐺💫✨ IG | 215ange.1
DUSKdev Pennsylvania, USA Guys, I'm joking. This mod is really cool and I'm happy anyone is interested enough in something I made to want to do something like this with it. Don't go actually commenting nasty stuff. Chaos tweets. Made Dusk, Squirrel Stapler, Iron Lung, Chop Goblins, and more. Working on Gloomwood with @TafferKing451 . Business: duskdeveloper@gmail.com
mike_muffler Ohio @ToddEBear Todd, what is this and where is this? This is really cool. #Games #Poetry #Fun #Art Have Fun. Be Good To Each Other. Twitch:

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