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jodieebot I think dixie d’amelio is really cool and not making a new single on april fools day because we're all clowns so true. @jodieegrace bot
SUN37742607 @platinumvibes8 @kingandprince_j Thanks for playing #ichiban by King & Prince. (@kingandprince_j) This song is really cool, a fusion of Japanese sound, HipHop dance and rap. Great! Edit SP Dance CIip CHOREOGRAPHY #wpvr #KingandPrince King & Prince応援垢👑
BlackheartSora Hell ty for coming by the stream and saying "hi!" tormented souls is really cool. i love games with a female lead :))) 32 trans girl demon femboy girltwink minors dni 🔞 my OF: it/it's😈she/her💖poly 💜 @femboymoding 🖤 dm requests $10 unblock f
myrmidonna1 @mebuita This is really cool! The rigging and the character design are really good! Profule pic by @iStarletHeaven !! He/him No I'm not fixing that typo .52 Gal good
Judahb44 BRASIL NÚMERO 1 @MohwSux story stuff is really cool and at least it's short Ramiel Hunter | 20 | He/Him | Ike main | DRK | scooby gang | Yoko Taro Enthusiast/Hater
davisdoesgames your mom's bedroom @Dexbloboff i think it's either a C or B, your art is really cool and oozing with charm. but it can 100% improve even more with some more practice! he/they, chaotic pansexual, sunky and kou stan, fnf modder, pfp by @artificialpulse #BLM #StandWithUkraine support com:
Cmndr_Antilles Portland, OR, USA @ProleBrain @game_obscure It is not prerendered, and the use they made of polygons for facial animations is really cool for the time. The worst +R player to ever make top 8 at a major. See to learn more about how you too can achieve this. @Wedge@fgc.network
meganayyye California, USA Looking at my lil map and seeing all the places I’ve driven to is really cool. my idols are dead and my enemies are me. a bit fat but otherwise lovely and very talented. Mike Wazowski w curves 🥰 $MegAguilar11
MagsBennett65 In the fifth circle of HELL @6News Knox Co. sheriff's department apparently thinks getting a 15 year old girl and her mother fired from their jobs is really cool. They really like BARE FACED LYING on their facebook page about it. It's a shame no media outlets care about this family. Head Twit, killer of Twitter Here since 2009
ReaIityZ0 The Last Reality @brintysprea Yeah and a lot of space crap so, I might be rocking with the one handed pickaxe because it just ties together ig, Eternal voyager is really cool just wish his colors weren’t so vivid ✨the darkest depths of deep space✨ •(Dark Voyager) 🪐 Don’t give up on things you love most ✨🌌 Fn: MansuTbh77 : pfp @easkateconcepts
GoetiaBeast1 Even though the Showa is a classic and the Heisei is really cool, Monsterverse King Ghidorah will always be the best for me. #Ghidorah (Age 33) Just a guy that loves Anime, Manga and Japanese Video Games, A LOT.
MonyCaalot See my Linktree! The commission's magic is really cool. You ask for the artist what you want and magically it appears ready I still wanna be able to pay commissions to have more art from my OCs without my hands I love draw but i have other things to do, usually i dont have images to my ocs <w>  🔞 No minors! • ♻ Allo! I'm Moncatto, a Brony artist!! • 21y • Learning 🇺🇸 • 📏 Straight • 🦄 Pony • Commissions Closed! (Open only next year)
asterahn 0610° yujin's goal has always been one thing ever since the start to be better. a better performer, and just a better person. she already is amazing but her drive to always be better every time something good happens to her is really cool :") mains edgy film camera loving crackheads.
Arrownaut1 The Sky Islands Above Hyrule @sleepyshaynoo Most characters are a bit exaggerated but that's great. Irvine is really cool. Still, Rinoa and Squall getting together feels weird to me. Like she met him because he was the best looking guy at a party. He also does a 180 when she's in a coma and becomes really kind. Tears of the Kingdom and KH4 Hype! Artist He/Him Kobeni Fan Arrownaut#5394 Depressed
Braineaters8 Devil’s Whorehouse @CharleyDarvin Never heard of these guys but this was fun to watch. The cool lead guitar is really cool and the AC/DC riff made it funny. The vocals are forking funny too lol Autistic The Cramps fanboy | Manson Family’s latest member | Guitarist & collector | Psychobilly lover | GG Allin fan | Guitar simp | Heartbreaker & degenerate
taco_inky @Wuwwi_26 your design for guiding light is really cool and badass!, wouldn't mind having a little guide through these hallways and doors 👀☕️✨❤️ just likes to roam around and look at art related stuff, lurking and dreaming. 20 yrs old this year man (just incase you feeling self conscious when i lurk)
waypastokay_ ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ Also, idk who on the internet told you this, but it is not homophobic to ship SonAmy, like they probably aren't even 100% straight, but they are 100% compatible and love/respect one another, which I think is really cool and necessary to see m|w relationships like that as well as 28, she/her🌹Sonic Frontiers is currently my fav✨
CocoSlayed Banner by @Murace4!! @mwins_in_caps The textures on this artstyle is really cool and the blood is realistic as hell, LOVE IT!! 💖Dm me if yo want to do art trade // Follow me for ✨Art✨ Most Art inspired by @playfullysilly!!
red_afm Highway 61 @AllRapTakes Idk Nah it’s good Noo, it’s a banger and is really cool within the concept of the album. He’s representing the two faced nature of America, where on one hand you’re supposed to be this humble person, yet society pushes you to spend in excess and engage in hedonism. It’s so good. Music! | Bob Dylan fan | fav artists list in header | @gaymes_james 💕 | pfp by @pepperjackets | NSFW don’t interact ❌ | He/They don’t care :)
Majyckle Exclusively on Twitter All this esoteric mumbo jumbo is really cool and stuff but it don't feed the kids or pay the bills, so what good does this stuff do and why are soooooo many people hip to it? Feel free to enlighten me
STARRY_SCARAB She/her • 🇺🇸 - keep digging in the dirt and exploring nature. - hug your parents. - you’re different. that’s okay. not everyone will get it. that’s also okay. - pokémon is really cool. get diamond, then platinum. - you’re going to make friends. eventually. - enjoy mexico. - don’t give up. Writer’s account for #cσℓєσρтєяα (coleoptera)! Watch out for crapposts and untagged insects.
elbown00dle @Poxy_Boxy Oh no way man it’s not trouble, I totally get the feeling of opening up commissions and nobody buying any it sucks :/ especially cuz your art is really cool and epic 21 yrs old | he/they transmasc catboy | aromantic | Dilf lover | emo kid | basebaLL FAN | MLP lover | JOJO FAN JOHNNY #1
justinenlawson California, USA @LakotaMan1 That is really cool! And wise and humane; society should value everyone’s unique talents and perspectives, not reject uniqueness. #BLM Silence is complicity. I loathe injustice, racism, unfairness, arrogance & cruelty. Can be snarky. Major dog fan. Citizen of the world. My nom de Twitter.
Pantswasfound certified lesbian @TeeWithoutSugar @sapnapsthighs ppl just think the design is really cool and one of the better designs that has come out :] dream fan #1393 | i swear i make funny haha tweets | heartstopper&dsmp obsessed😵‍💫 | dni is dumb interact if you want | ~if u send dts you’re an idiot~
jammysayshi @H3nry_J0n3s__ Ok look the robot and the characters are so cool but the songs SUCK ITS TO LOUD MOST OF THE TIME U CANT EVEN HEAR WHAT THEY ARE SAYING AND ITS SO LIKE FAST PACED SOMETIMES YOU CANT TELL WHAT GOING ON but the robot is really cool 😎 -🇲🇽🌯🫔-{13}😃-🎊🎈march 27🎊
_cristianvr_ Québec, Canada @b_ez_man @ryanflorence @en_JS @vixalientweets @remix_run @RianSchmidtPDX Yeah that's fair! an advanced compiler like that is really cool, and i think it's not out of the question for remix - i recall the team mentioning interest in that direction Passionate about Javascript 🤓 Love learning, learning to teach🙇‍♂️ Glory to God
BohnBoySupreme This charging dock is really cool too. There’s a wireless receiver in there that pairs up the controller with your PC, and putting it on the dock shuts it off automatically, a very nice touch. That combined with their customization software, and this is gonna be my go-to PC pad. Bohn the LEGO™ Maniac™. Local kitchen mercenary and fledgling tech support agent. 24 | He/Him | Michigan | Gay 🏳‍🌈 | Single | 🔞 | Bohn like “bone”.
GRhysode SoCal & A Cabin In The Woods. @cfmbetricky2 @fasc1nate The heart-shaped leaves turning in fall is really cool. I’d never plant one in a suburban yard. The root system is right on the surface and webbed across the whole yard and under the patio. 🌎 “God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh” Live and let live and leave me alone. Power to the States. No amnesty 🇺🇸 #NHLBruins
AA712_Beam New EP Out Now!! @Touyarokii I love her, she's got a great design, and her character is really cool imo The Official Twitter Of The YouTuber AA712 Beam | Also The Up Incoming Artist Mask Man | Part Of @OfficialZCrew | #Anitwt User | Gamer | Rikka Supremacy
TJ_Pittinger Tampa, FL It is really cool to hear all the play calls, on field communication, and the coaching adjustments too. Go Noles. Jameis Winston apologist. Mamba Forever. Alaina, Bryant, & Lincoln’s dad. ❤️:Cara
jsr7 Los Angeles, CA Checked out Spyscape’s Batman Experience, which is really cool in how it blends physical rooms with a digital app. Tweak the balance a little more towards the IRL stuff and it could be the future of interactive exhibits. A technology, social media, and video game enthusiast who works in the world of the Internet. Co-host of the @RandomNintendo Podcast.
emilybeIIe upstate new york @elearor Yeah I actually bought an old game boy and Pokémon fire red like a year or two ago for the nostalgia lol. I’m still having fun playing violet but sometimes it’s just 😬And yeah it is really cool! It’s a new company and they’re opening another office in Cardiff soon she/her • 25
wsx_algo WOW the space here is really cool and lots of interesting spots to see.. hurry up!! what are you waiting for immediately play this game @MamoruAdv @mamorudigital #sanbox #Most interest to AlgoNfts
RCD_398 Dunban's House - They/Them there are so many cool ruins in xc1 we never really learn much about. a lot of the secret areas are like that the giants civilisation is really cool, and i kinda love how much we have to infer/discover ourselves but.. yknow. will always ache over no concrete answers</3 | resi | primarily xeno ramblings - mostly love for dunban | | possible spoilers ! | pfp by @virtualmotel |
OurEconomyUSA @JoyceWhiteVance By the way, a movie I would suggest (oldie but goodie) Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan. A light hearted comedy that is really cool!
stucolovebot Hope's Peak Shouji is really cool! He might seem a bit self-centered about his band, but I'm sure in reality he is just a nice and good person. Spread the love for the student council because they deserved all of it! | run by @ZettaiKibou | bot tweets every 30 minutes
InfamousPBRBX lol clous is really cool and he is epic hi
konoha_kairi Fanbook hell @slambdadelta Hazel dormice!! I just looked them up they're so cute 🥺💙 I had to look some of those animals up but wow those are really interesting and exotic choices ✨️ I think it's really clear that you love and respect animals which is really cool !! Kairi ₍Ꙭ̂₎ she/her 🇮🇩 21+ | Dragon Quest, Dragonball Z/S, OCs, Hololive+stars 🎇📗🐙👯‍♀️ | 日本語OK | 裏垢/side acc @kairi_side | PLS DON'T REPOST MY ART!!
seogvrl my account my rules @convomfs My crush is really good day for IS really don't know what you think about it is really cool and thankyouu for the Nevermind she/her • study ²¹ & rant account
JWGamecollector Hey you. The person making this board game is really cool. They also made a FE board game and it was awesome. Help them make more cool stuff.
Hendo968 The story of Bianca and Becky coming together over Damage CTRL given the Mania spot is really cool… That being said, this felt like a missed opportunity to crown Rhea giving her some momentum goin forward. #SurvivorSeries Purdue Alumn🚂 | Anti-imperialist | he/him | Sports | #FreePalestine | SC: Jhenderson56
ZxwxXoX The Void @ch3rrythr1ll I like the idea of their transformation colour being based on their hair colour ^~^ I did the same with my Dracthyr and her scales! I love races that can change forms it is really cool! 🥰 ☠💀Just floating in the void💀☠ Happily Married 🤍
omgwhatidonteve Seattle, WA @catsdrinkingtea Its an adventure game by Obsidian Entertainment and Microsoft about medieval period in Germany, 1630. The artstyle is really cool and it has a great story and characters. He/Him | Video Games | TTRPG | Japanese Spitz, Millie | Electric Guitar | Lost Ark Partner | Twitch Affiliate | Business: omgitsbeesTTV@gmail.com
CDaedlyn TCS Wolfhound Listen: If you love huge women, please consider the Battletech universe. It is really cool and fun and features people of disproportionately giant size if that's your thing. I'm sold on the massive walking tanks alone, but humongous humans are neat, too. Lupine speedrunner of simulation games NB/Gay/Disabled Vet/Lvl 33 Happily married to @DuffinCaprous PFP: @wacky_maccy banner: @_knucklebone He/Him They/Them
LuwiLumi @sasa_gay_yo For someone claiming this is not computer generated and you’re just a god at anatomy… you sure make a lot of computer generated mistakes… Bot art is really cool and fine to make but don’t lie and claim you draw it by hand, that just ain’t cool. 2.0 DEBUT UNDERWAY🌙🐰ENVtuber🐰🌙 🪨Rock Eater🪨❌18+❌ #luwilumeme #luwart 🎨Model by @ZeevyAra ⚙️Rigging by @wwonli ✉️Business email: luwilumi@gmail.com
abid5706 Detroit, Michigan Through the hard work I've put in these 3 years. Watching this match and hearing what a child said in Japanese and understanding what they said is really cool. It may not be much, but to me it is. ❤️ Muslim 🇧🇩今日本語を勉強しています。ADHD, Suicide Survivor #wavepro #CMLL IceRibbon & AWG propagandist #SENJO SEAdLINNNG MarvelousPro🤟#ddtpro #tjpw #GPU_COLORS BLM 木村花🌸❤️
killuanswer she/they • 22 i love wednesday so much she has always been one of my favorite characters and this version is really cool i still haven't finished episode 1 but i love it miku figures enthusiast • not spoiler free
Nxsiabi Behind You @pinksweets8 Warcraft's world and history is really cool As long as you give it a fresh look and make it easy to digest for people i'm sure it will do great Hope you go through with it, try making a first draft for a script 23. cringe. overbearing and obnoxious sometimes. depressed and quiet some other times. stop reading now
RTGinNJ @eclectic_poetry This is really cool and that is an amazing cover and title. Jersey born, Rutgers grad (go RU!), husband, dad, and living in the Great PNW. Keep the BLUE WAVE rolling! 🌊🌊💙☀️🌲🏕💉💉🏔🌋🚴‍♂️🧬🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌎
fabianpineapple Distrito Federal, México @Todqmouse @MASKEDMANIACXXX I’ve hard that fanfic and it is really cool, but it’ll be a lot better if Han lived, got married and became ancestor to Indy 🤔 #ThanosWasRight