My boss is cool

My boss is cool.

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saman_thc I love my job and my boss is cool but he’s starting to get so touchy with me I hate it >.< and I can’t really do much but awkwardly smile :-) #BLACKLIVESMATTER / #STOPASIANHATE / #TRANSLIVESMATTER
gbluebelle Orange, CA @juliet_502 Lucky. Lol. Now that’s a good boss! My boss is cool but he tries to be professional. He’ll make some Johnny related jokes here and there, but for the most part, he acts indifferent. Lol Coffee Lover 🇲🇽 Veritas numquam perit.
virgoesthepun Davao City In my last job my mental health was in the bin, we were encouraged not to take breaks. Today, my boss is cool and gave us things to do from the usual and gave us extra break. She also allows or grants us to take a day off if we want to just because... #MentalHealthBreak 😊 Everyday I'm shufflin.
RipRybnikar Medfield, MA This is my “three score and ten.”In celebration I will finally boost my screen display to 110%. Memories: I did “fork around and find out” before it was cool/hip/boss/rad/epic/dope/etc. and I am still finding out although I haven’t had a drink in 11208 days. Be well all. #sober Husband.Father.Reference librarian.Former college archivist. I've been sober for a while. .@rcrybnikar@mastodon.sdf.org.#girldad #sober #cptsd #parentsuicide
idolshapebot minecraft In my silly robot opinion, Joohoney of Enhypen is these shapes because they are affectionate and cool. They are these colors because they like deer and video games. This combo reminds me of when Joohoney performed "Boss," they really snarfed it down and left no specks. just a silly little bot that (in)correctly assigns idols shapes and colors 🥰
Sticka_Pin_init She/her~06 Today I was talking abt Mormonism and said Masturbationen is forbidden and I said it w a customer in the store and my boss started laughing at me so that’s cool #WAKEUPWORLD~ mostly ateez and duekae- multi- I love Mickey
_sam_razput_ Himachal Pradesh, India Traders : Crypto is so cool it's decentral im the Boss of my Money and it's Anonym Metamask: Yes, we will Track IPs from User 😂😂 #Crypto #Binance #BlackFriday #Bitcoin #REN #cryptocurrencies 💸Investor | 🖥️Trader | 🪙Financial advisor | 🎤Motivational speaker | 🛸Beyond Imagination
KellumCollins Monroe, LA @GagnardAmy And I don’t like that 🤔 It’s awesome u work. I love to work. My job is pretty awesome. Boss kind of a dick at times. But he cool. Lol. You deserve to have some fun tho 😉👊🔥 Accountant💻Saints🏈Pels🏀@Jaboowins👑
AcousticMatthew @MelonieMac I’m 200 hours in and refuse to finish the game until I’ve explored and found everything I possibly can on my own. The world is insanely huge and full of secret areas and tombs with some really cool boss fights. Musician out of California. Follower of Christ ✝️ Music and games. Tip me some doge: DSPiovVdUpAWCuw1nAmnm18H5bXuojdUFd
GKBoricua Earth My boss is a trumpanzee and even carries his holstered firearm when we work in Cincinnati and Kentucky, but he never wants to talk politics with this Nuyorican because I'm a relentless chump and find humor in folks that attempt to defend bullcrap. 😁 Besides that, we're cool. Time is simultaneous, an intricately structured jewel that humans insist on viewing one edge at a time, when the whole design is visible in every facet. -DrM
One_Called_J DM anytime, anywhere. @MemoriesOfN_M_R my biggest complaint is why boss baby and trolls are there. the new one looks cool tho. 19 | ♂️ | Aspiring Illustrator/Voice Actor. Haru Okumura Brainrot. More on 📌. (Need to update)
DiptronicXLX Earth (North America) @Wierd_o78033920 Personally I’m still kinda pissed they killed off Me And My Shadow and more but still made trolls and boss baby sequels, but the rest is cool Ngl 💎 Horror lover 🥀 Artist 😈 19🌹Always open for more art moots ⭐️ I don’t support or do NFT’s 😬 PFP by Jozlyn Moonlight
SaddestRobots Virginia Wintersun is beautiful, too also a pretty cool story, and they don't belabor the "mystery" of it but rather leverage it into a moderately-interesting dilemma instead (boss here made me really grateful I picked up Dispelling Strike with my rogue talents; still quite tough tho) Twitter is a trash box where I post about my politics and a lot of boring-ass hobbies. I love you all. (he/him)
Marikus_Eternal Alrest Yesterday I’ve started a rune level 1 run in Elden Ring. My goal is to beat all Remembrance bosses and so far I’ve beaten Godrick and Rennala. Godrick beat my bottom for quite some time but Rennala managed to kill me only once. She’s way too easy, but still a cool boss nonetheless. Fan of Soulsborne, Zelda, Monster Hunter, Xenoblade, NieR, For Honor, AoT, Star Wars and TLotR | private: @MarkusPrivat85
TemitopeSaruku Holyoke, MA @wfjames_brown Boss I swear on my late moms Grave all I need right now for my weekend to end smoothly na just 30k…. Seeing my son and wife happy is cool by me 🙏🙏🙏
spacemanrhys 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 my boss went like "oh yeah, [other guy i've been working with] is quite shy and anxious. i think he's autistic" and i immediately perked up and went "oh! i am too!!!" and my boss was like "cool. i'd never have known" so basically i am actor of the year 2022 Rhys | 23 | genderfluid bear | white | actor who loves podcasts |🧡@mattyoksmith🧡| Linus in @starsfellradio, Finn in @qtrqpod | terfs/proshippers fork off
term_est My clown of a boss failed to properly manage a dead simple project, and he is now demanding the hardware team to overwork at weekends Not to mention he doesn't care about licenses and just uses whatever he finds on github too And the office is infested with roaches cool Embedded Dev, C++🍓 frenship&love ❤️
idolshapebot minecraft In my fabulous robot opinion, Jihyo of BTS is these shapes because they are affectionate and cool. They are these colors because they like hamsters and baseball. This combo reminds me of when Jihyo performed "Boss," they really snarfed it down and left no specks. just a silly little bot that (in)correctly assigns idols shapes and colors 🥰
RunesRuney SO what am I thankful for? Hmmm I did get to meet a lot of cool people this year for one. Somethings have gotten better at work like my boss moving to another state. But just a lot of little things in the end really. Pysorsis is getting treated and dentisty stuff soon :3 Streamer! Currently playing mostly retro-like games on steam, instead of focusing on the newer stuff. FFXIV Aether!Jenova
moneycough Shin Megami Tensei is cool because I’ll make some massive tentacle monster boss my bitch and then ten minutes later I’ll slip up just a bit and a low-level snowman will send me to hell.
CandyCakesTV Antioch, CA So my Pluto is in Scorpio and this is what a Scorpio does when they've had enough, I watched it once: "OK YOU KNOW forkING WHAT *THROWS KEYS AT BOSS'S FACE DIRECTLY* I'M forkING OUT. PEACE. fork YOU, fork YOU, YOU'RE COOL, fork YOU, YOU'RE ALSO COOL, BUT ESPECIALLY fork YOU" OH MY GOD SHE'S INSANE: Conservative Veterinarian 🩺 Eclectic Pagan Witch 🕯️ ADHD 💖 ASD 🧠 BPD 🚨 Also a communist. Femme Hitler 😈🔥 29 🤦‍♀️
ExpertDual Cape Breton, Nova Scotia I think the end is a very cool final boss because of it's dialogue "My captors bent time and space My captors have created a whole new reality to contain me" It's pretty badass Although I probably won't replay the final boss because it's extremely difficult lol What is going to be today's number? | I Prefer playing Fighting games and RPGs | I Love Cartoons | Eccentric and Calculated | Peace and Hope! 🌠✌️✨
PHANUTANG5x5 at 4:10pm im interviewing a personal assistant for my boss...he wants tenacity, not taking applications unless you are a speed freak who is hyper-organized, and cool 24+
starlite_vero 2nd rock from the sun @ladydigging @VickiWhitford3 OMG...no way. They doxxed rotc kids. That's reckless and I'm sure HSI could make it illegal. Was that on NewsNation? I'll send it to my old boss in DC he'll makeit move like Jagger if he feels it's necessary. OMG...small town people are hunting a killer. This is not cool. Lady of mystery and wild shenanigans.
saman_thc I love my job and my boss is cool but he’s starting to get so touchy with me I hate it >.< and I can’t really do much but awkwardly smile :-) #BLACKLIVESMATTER / #STOPASIANHATE / #TRANSLIVESMATTER
AndiThyIs They/she/late Every day I realize just a little more and a little more how cool my boss is 💛🤍💜🖤 | 21 | Ghost | Hard of Hearing | Epileptic | 5'2
xenogears1234 Phoenix AZ @tiffmc1013 I am so glad I work in a warehouse cause my boss is super cool and doesn’t get in the way of us doing our jobs. Cause he knows we can be trusted to do our jobs without constant hovering/comments. If you know then you know
_alluvial_fan_ Corvallis, OR Yes, I’m weak and need external affirmation, but zipping up to the school dropoff line and having my daughter hop off the jumpseat of my e-bike with a “love ya dad” and the other kids going “whoa your dads bike is cool” makes me feel like a total dad boss. golden retriever respecter
Jencookie25 She/Her Boring so that's something. 4: boss fights went from that's cool to god this is taking awhile my least fav being the towers on the last island and the shark on the second island. 5: 2nd last island I found fun but in a I want to beat it way not cause it was balanced well 😆.. Certified e-girl 🌺
ThunderStoirm Munhall Borough, PA @shannonrwatts My work wife said lets go take a break. Ok cool. TV is off. HR, managers, and the boß at one table. That's odd. Ok back to work. No, we can take a longer break. Red flags start to off. In rush my husband and dads. Our sons were touring Virginia Tech campus that day. Gay Dad of three sons and grandfather of 7. Happily married to the man of my life.
lazylaurenlives my boss let me borrow his infrared camera and i am actually ?? obsessed?? this is so cool?! she/her | 20 | engineering student with big dreams and a small budget
1smartizzy @TayeOlusola Shout out to my team, and the boss named Wellington. as at early last year, I told him i want to put out a debut EP which is going to consist of some of my old released songs and also with the new ones. And he was like cool, we can make money out of it . but i doubted even when i One Who's Musically Endowed💎 Singer / Performer / Songwriter / Click on the link below to listen to my Songs 👇🏿👇🏿 #GrowthEp #GoodMusicOnly🎶
evecorsobooks Los Angeles, CA My boss called me tell me she was getting gas and wanted to know if I wanted chips and of course I said yes. Doritos Cool Ranch for the win! What is this outpouring love of chips coming from every direction? Romance author. Lover of books, movies, music, coffee, sparkling water, Superman, the moon, stars, bread and cheese. Los Angeles native.
CindysAntidote She/her ♡// 21+//📍California My dad is being a cool boss and letting everyone watch the World Cup. I’m not sure how that’s going work, but all the luck to them lol I've never been a fan of change, but I'd follow you to any place 。・:*:・゚
dramata1 United States Now that I've beaten the Violet postgame, my thoughts: Game rules and all I want to do now is flesh out a team of raid-ready pokemon to dive into the high-end raiding content. Also the way the final story boss talked was a REALLY cool approach to mixed hiragana/katakana words. 8-4, etc. J-E translator: SRW 30/X/T, Touhou Gouyoku Ibun, Tales of Arise, Uncle from Another World manga, PSO2, GGen Cross Rays, A3!, and more
AndLuxo Inkwell Isle For this occasion I’m gonna share my favorite drawings by this amazing lad 1. Me and Luxo as a FNF boss. This is awesome and Luxo has never looked cooler 2. “Oh my god Bonnie I will slap you” 3. Luxo in the last milestone again just looks cool 4. Me with some cool lighting i really hope I’m gonna get my show out soon
urfavewitch_ she/her ♀️ Today I learned my boss is a Satanist and I think that's pretty cool. I've truly found my people 🖤 just your regular bone collecting, crystal loving, pot smoking, pole dancing witch • LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈💖
smiiliingkookie she/her • Portugal • busy I CANT BELIEVE I JUST SHOWED DREAMERS MUSIC VIDEO TO MY BOSS AND SHE LOVED IT SO MUCHH 😭 SHE SAID THE VIBE IS SO COOL! MY WHOLE TEAM IS WATCHING IT, TEAM WORK HERE👏 ★ a fan account for 아기전하, #전정국 🐰 to praise and admire Jungkook everyday & season εїз
josie914 Buffalo, NY I have a boss I talk cars and motorcycles with who respects me and while no job is perfect and my department has been decimated - I’m sticking around because I think there’s some cool things to be done. I’m an in-house cat. Freelance life kills me. Illustrator & aerialist. Marrying a wrestler. There's a lot of spandex in my life. Designer/email dev. she/her. TOL - ROC - BUF. No commissions, sorry!
Dawn9469 Shawnee, KS Check it!!! My boss just returned from a cruise, and look what she brought me!! How cool is this?!?! @BuffaloBills #BillsMafia #Spoiled I’m a HUGE MTJ & Dinger fan 🏁 (YRB, Elliott & Hamlin too) Hell…I love NASCAR!! 🏁 Love my KC Chiefs (and the Bills) 🏈 … and I ❤️ my Twitter Family!!
Cinephiltopia @Charalanahzard @unusual_whales I send my boss *daily* updates. She is cool as crap and a great boss. These people are insufferable lol.
mohammed202006 Kuwait @DomTheBombYT 8 more trophies left and I platinum ragnarok my favorite realm to travel to is vanaheim so many cool boss fights, what your favorite realm to travel to? Wassup
ShilpySharma14 Pune @KaushikLab @DeepakNModi @abufferingbrain @abhijit_MLab @abandopa @patankar_lab @DivyaKumar182 @MayuriRege Indeed.. there are many more people who qualify as cool PIs. The face of science is changing for good . . Also, my PhD boss back then and most faculty at IGIB would have qualified as cool and considerate.. UGC Assistant professor at Department of biotechnology Pune university
flirtytigerfox Albuquerque, NM @RoxyDeerest So far, my boss is all fine and cool with it. I wanted to check his opinion before accepting the offer from the head cook. So it's a good to go. 🔞NSFW🔞I 38 I single l straight ally I 🎮 I👨‍🍳🍕
gbluebelle Orange, CA @juliet_502 Lucky. Lol. Now that’s a good boss! My boss is cool but he tries to be professional. He’ll make some Johnny related jokes here and there, but for the most part, he acts indifferent. Lol Coffee Lover 🇲🇽 Veritas numquam perit.
dcsemiotics the tree of language My best guess is that Arem’s two pedals are Boss as are the two white pedals in Hyunjung’s board. I have no idea what the silver one with the large yellow knob is. But pedals that look like that are often from small manufacturers and are really cool. flâneur in the city; and now i'm holding this modality; no more utopia | (he/him, psuedo-academic, rock/pop dad) also: purki, billlie, pixy, loona & RQ
jaydotcom14 he/him 17 aromantic & gay @SerryPriv @Dragonballfan57 @SGAMEING000 @beeisgxne @SAHEEBB99 My favorite fight is easily Mohg. When he grows his wings and start spitting that fire blood crap is cool. The Fire Giant was fun because I spent hours memorizing attacks and when to dodge attacks. I also just hate how Malenia (the hardest boss imo) can be beaten easily 😭 Interested in video games, music, animal science, comics, etc. · sometimes tweet crapty takes to spite people · header by @ThehandsomeFoFo
spiciii_ Violet’s endgame content is really forking cool. The final boss theme, GOD I already thought the theme was good but then the forkING TOBY FOX HIT And my jaw DROPPED @hewwouwo beloved | Autistic/Pan/Poly/NB (All pronouns) | The Pokémix guy + more | JOIN SPICECORD | banner by @Snart_Studios
Luong24063512 @Realnoni4Real Boss please I have been dropped in my account for a while now and I have not yet been credited for once please Bros I beg i need your assistance because everywhere here is really not cool for me now I need to pay off some bills I have a hand please bro 0068451574 Sterling bank Don’t listen to what people say about you, just keep working hard and WIN 🏆
idolshapebot minecraft In my goofy robot opinion, Sheon of Monsta X is these shapes because they are affectionate and cool. They are these colors because they like birds and dance. This combo reminds me of when Sheon performed "Boss," they really devoured and left no atoms. just a silly little bot that (in)correctly assigns idols shapes and colors 🥰