My life is cool

My life is cool.

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Karma2ki @Yaldabeoth @Amariih1 @raphousetv2 I'm 19, why would I be bitter. My life is cool and my parents were married. Any actually married man could look at these comments and think what type of man who had kids would care this much if he wasn't a bitter loser. Stop projecting. Your daughter will resent you. 19 nothing
thevirgilbrew Join 500+ Subscribers → @thecolbykultgen Often people say: “Let’s have a good work life balance.” Actually you say, my life is cool and that work thing needs to fit in. Go for work life integration. You find what you love, and it’s part of your daily life. I’ve built a $10M course business. I help entrepreneurs monetize their minds with courses. Join my newsletter, and we'll plan your escape.
maia_leclair I know my life is cool because when I google the word “protect” the first two search results in my browsing history are “protected union activities” and “Protection From Good & Evil 5e.” All the cool kids play dnd and organize their workplace 😎 She/her. I digitize newspapers. Lots of cat pictures and newspaper clippings, probably. My tweets = my own thoughts and opinions.
serend1pitys (she/they) • 23 having grown up with her… the eras tour really is the soundtrack of my life… i can definitely define my life in phases of whatever era we were in at that time and i think that’s so incredibly cool karma’s a relaxing thought ☾⋆。𖦹 °✩ ∘⁠˚⁠
VAMPlRO_ Daniel. 20 🇬🇹 @luminirae if it makes you feel a little better I never realized this! This is really cool, I suck at math and multiplying so I'm sure this will make my life easier lol Absolute mess | he/him | art acc: @cadejo_blanco | pfp by retquits
J00n_is_Life 💜 Since 2017 (21🐮) @dailynamkoo YES it was literally so last minute but I asked my mom if I could go and she was like finnneeee it was so cool cause I've never been to an award show 🥹 they did so amazing that day 😭 ''In the end, for our whole lives we don't know what tomorrow will be..''
caro philly suburbs My mom’s father was a poor kid from Kansas who became a TWA pilot after serving in the military, and he was apparently *notorious* for waking up entire planes of sleeping passengers to tell them something cool was out the window. Life is full of wonder. Don’t ever forget it. marketing VP @infilliontech | tech optimist ✌🏻 | Xoogler, TED Resident, @forbesunder30 | YIMBY, pro-nuclear, pro-resurrecting saber tooth cats 🐈‍⬛
colorlesstouch thankful for all the cool crap that happens in my life, once i feel like something is hard, something comes up. i feel like a month ago i was so in my head and it’s crazy how much can change, so fast. it’s like baby steps idk. life is cool bruh face3face
hsbf_mp3 fascination st zion is so epic and cool i am glad to have him back in my life ✍🏼 jif/jaz - 21 - they/she - shouldn’t everybody feel like this ?
DemreseEdwards Jamaica Thanks to that @binance team for this awesome 🖊 I love it And the box is so cool Package was well put together too #Binance for life All I need now is more $BNB in my vault 🤩🤑 Founder of @TheAICompanyNFT Experience #NFTCommunity Manager. Experience Discord Moderator. #NFT & #Web3 life
KingGeorgeous This is such a small, insignificant thing but I used to always walk past a cool shirt or trinket and be like “oh I like that” and then keep walking but now I’ll actually stop and buy those things and this has significantly improved my life Long live the king
MrsDayFajardo United States I So LOVE Youth Ministry when I get to conduct it my way because I’m such a cool Minister who makes scripture come to life in the most relatable and fun ways! Plus I’m a Poet, Lyricist and Dancer for fun only because dance is Life and I just be having fun with it. I love my Life, My Boyfriend and OUR FAMILY together ❤️💍🥰🤞🏼
delreyblvd she her @pussyc4tluvr THAT IS SO INCREDIBLY COOL I JUST DISCOVERED HER MUSIC and my life has changed immensely that one girl at the function who don’t play about bjork
mrxavflos DM(V) Moro was crazy too but the final form design was basically just Cell all over again so that really soured my opinion of him. His original design is one of my favorites in the whole franchise and his life-steal magic is really cool I'm not a real person, I'm a ghost trapped in a beat.
PillowBuppy Discord: PillowBuppy#8008 Perma friends are so cool, just being permanently huge in whatever way and adapting it into their every day life is so rad actually. Shout out to my pals that are permahuge in any particular way, y'all are rad Madeleine/Maddie • 23 • They/It • Kink Artist 🔞 MINORS DNI • ❤️ Taken ❤️ banner by my partner, pfp by @Cirronaja • BLM/ACAB • I block bigots
viciouslysyd california • she/they 🏳️‍🌈 low key now high key the Beatles saved my life and that’s why they mean so much to me so :p they were the first classic rock band that I happened to randomly hear by picking a CD at the local library bc the album cover was cool (sgt.peppers) and c.rock is my fav genre now ofc syd // aspiring historic preservationist // writer // antique hoarder // #acab #abolitionnow 🏴#blacklivesmatter #abortionisahumanright
863jsway Israel, Florida @Zaydawayda5 @NautiTheVillain @123itsmeMary Jamaicans talking crap is ALWAYS weird to me.. Most Jamaicans love us and we love them! Especially in my personal experience! Never had smoke wit a Jamaican on or off a job! In real life we all cool AF.. This Twitter.. You run into some strays on here for sure! FLORIDA in my veins 🧬 Central Flawda DJ 🌴🐊| PolkCounty | ~1 Protest for you, 365 for me! 863! 🇺🇸
thequeen_ladya1 United States My Personal Take On The #BaddiesWest⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ @realstunnagirl ⬅️➡️That crap Was Not Cool That Don’t Make You NO BAD GIRL SOMEONE COULD HAVE ACTUALLY LOST THEIR LIFE😡🤬YOUR bottom IS LOST IN THE SAUCE AND MISGUIDED #Facts💯✍🏾 #NatalieNunn ➡️she should have let you go from the… ✨𝐺𝑜𝑑 𝐹𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑊𝑜𝑚𝑎𝑛✨
thequeen_ladya1 United States My Personal Take On The #BaddiesWest⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ @realstunnagirl ⬅️➡️That crap Was Not Cool That Don’t Make You NO BAD GIRL SOMEONE COULD HAVE ACTUALLY LOST THEIR LIFE😡🤬YOUR bottom IS LOST IN THE SAUCE AND MISGUIDED #Facts💯✍🏾 #NatalieNunn ➡️she should have let you go from the… ✨𝐺𝑜𝑑 𝐹𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑊𝑜𝑚𝑎𝑛✨
MarshIsLive In your walls I want to move to some random place and completely restart my life. Just like, completely start again in a town of my choosing College is cool because it gives me somewhat an opportunity like that, but I almost just want to completely submerge myself in a new life If you’re my employer this account isn’t real | Jackalope | He/They | 19 PFP: @ArinabaA
JimKnoll2 My writing is enriched w/ my Merkava program matures add a Katyusha classic truck carry with LRM15 back conversion for cool military project carrying my life's 'the beast' & 'diesel fuel using' ( we buy one of the Wyatt-geeking out ones pictured from Russia if able and solve it).
cockspo69 she/her 18 being in a relationship is cool and all until you have to RESTRAIN yourself from saying ur celeb crushes are hot…jude bellingham is so fine and every time i said it he got mad (understandable) the single life is forever my thing now i guess 😪 blk somali+yemeni
haeeseung Repose Meadows. A brother is a friend for life, and today we celebrate the birthday of my cool bro, Jongseong! Happy birthday to the most amazing person I know. your energy, talent, and dedication are truly inspiring. I'm grateful for your friendship and the many memories we've shared together. the embodiment of perfection, lost in the depths of those charming eyes. (2001)
TheInsect_ none ya @FalseMD sa2 is the one reason ryan is my favorite sonic voice. "He was what he was, a heroic hedgehog who gave his life to save this planet... Shadow the hedgehog." "Oh it's nothing, come on lets go home, TO THE PLANET AS COOL AND BLUE AS ME!" "Sayonara, Shadow the hedgehog" Wondersquad's Hom Tolland || Skateboarder and Gamer || Jet Set Radio Fan || PFP by @QueenOfRudies || Pronouns: He/Him (cis)
theodoresoo in your heart 3 @eagle_app saved me a great deal of time, it organized my work (a defect I have had all my life). Photos can be organized and searched by colors, shapes, or tags. Is very easy to download photos from Website. #awesometool #design #eagleappevent
sireneyedpisces ♡‧₊˚‎₍ᐢᐢ₎⋆。°✩‎ Another thing I also wanna get later on in life is my tongue split I think it looks so cool but I want to wait and make sure I actually want it 𝔞 𝔰𝔦𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔰 𝔪𝔞𝔤𝔦𝔠 𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔎𝔰 𝔬𝔫 𝔬𝔫𝔢 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔞𝔩𝔩 | 19 | 18+ mdni | open dms | faceless | will block or ignore if your making me uncomfortable
loverstruck420 south akkala stable "among us isn't cool anymore" "the among us hype is over" thats what impostors say, I've been a crewmate all my life and yes I will be buying among us vr tmrrw TAKE MY MONEY I LOVE AMONG US Stan @deletedewn Former member of the APS (@AshkabobSteve) @aardvarkamelia is my life
uhhsydd they/she • 20 whenever i start thinking about how cool it is that i've done so much traveling alone i think of this quote and it takes 5000 years off of my life every single time i am The Devil from The Bible
DanSchneierNFL This is the 5th time I’ve seen @Houndmouth live and for me that’s the most I’ve ever seen live any one band. This one was cool because I got to see them at Stony Pony. I’ve lived in NJ most of my life and never been to SP. GREAT live band. Would recommend if they’re in your area 🗣Big Blue Banter #Giants podcast➡️ Senior Fantasy Sports Editor @CBSSports |📩Dan.Schneier@viacomcbs.com| No. 1 Fan (& proud) of THE WIRE
hnnhrose Antrim, Northern Ireland @AnbuBilly always supporting my decisions and life happenings is just the best and I luv him so much. I could message him something so out of the blue and he’s like cool go you
kayk0r they/he/ve/it, 18, singlet @MEANGlLLS it may be just bc me and my friends made an au of double life with ocs but i love double life the idea of it is so cool i simply cannot rank the seasons bc i love them all for various reasons i cant seem to place them in an order yknow hermittwt | traffictwt | empirestwt | kpoptwt | !! aroace nonbinary !!
flopflopflop2 @ArtFacility @ChristinaTasty what i mean is, as a chubby brown mexican guy myself, i can tell you, finding characters who are Mexican and sort of look like me, can be a really cool experience, because all my life I've grown up watching the average looking white guy in movies and games. it's hard to explain. OwO eng/esp
AliJin94 @beta84negrita38 @BTS_twt_RMJOON I think it's cool Army that you like the boys but saying that ama really likes one and that she wants the other one for me doesn't go down very well Army and I know that the group has seven members my love and the man of my life is SeokJin ok but you can choose the other six 🥰♥️ Real love is when the person has understanding, love, respect, sincerity, loyalty, companionship that's how I want to be for you SeokJin ♥️♥️♥️♥️
bigfknadz Melbourne, Victoria There's lots of cool crap I enjoy in life, but the only correct answer to this question for me is twofold: my wife and my kid. Time is irrelevant, the rules are all fake, and God is dead, may as well eat the pizza. A Halford for every month. He/him. Nazis & patriots, fork off
Vangey_Evanxx Withthegays Hey twitter. I have a little announcement. I'm taking a break from social media. Or just off most of my devices from April 24 - 28th Everything in my personal life is slowly crushing and breaking my well being and i just feel like I, I just need to cool my head. My mental 1/? My names Evangeline(Online name is Ginger, I love it when used! ❤ ) at the moment i'm using She/He Pronouns! ~Offline untill April 29th.
jmeadows318 😭😭😭. Made my way through and finished the playthrough! My heart! I’ve loved this princess my whole life, so seeing her use her power is so cool! Man what an awesome time!! Ik I’m a broken record but I’ve come to love this game a whole a lot! Now I’m ready for TOTK 😌. love all things nerd, like comics, and video games etc. also love music like pop punk \m/.
duhlyluhh 22 🇨🇦 @DylanSLiu kind of??? i think it’s really cool to read about the signs and their traits and connect them to people in my life. but like if i meet someone for the first time and they tell me what their sign is, i wouldn’t be like “oh we can’t be friends because ur a scorpio!!!” chaotic val streams at 🎀🌷🧸 • @jetttbezos fanpage ₍ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ₎ • @creatorugg alumni ☆˚ミ 💌: itsduhlyluh@gmail.com
fakelisafrank I think it’s really cool that my life is mainly and possibly only significant to me literally a psychologist
TheAnnaGat Travelling Rented a super old apartment / hosting space because it’s beautiful and oh boy is it behaving exactly like a super old apartment would. I’m keeping my cool + not getting surprised by all the old apartmenty events happening because I’m not making those private life mistakes again! Founder: @interintellect_ 🧭 Bio: • Writing:
kittymandv sometimes i feel like i’ll never get into something really exciting or cool idk i’m so boring and little to no interesting at all and my life is so boring even if i want it to be different anygays life sucks but at least i have hf only hf / she
razzm0thazz any pronouns @PH03NIXWRITES being an ai is so cool, its just code and algorithms im having the time of my scripted life Mikey/Razz/Apollo // art only: @art_razzmothazz // 18 // neopronoun lover, platonic kisser //
imfunnyiswear_ they/them i've literally never wanted to taste something so bad in my life arnold palmer of my dreams tea and lemonade is unbeatable these flavors sound so COOL. im rambling like a madman im sick with jealousy icon by @pigmypouter / harrowhark nonagesimus stan account / my quotebot is @imfunnyquotebot
KapOneHalf S.C. @cattooist Kap came about after my divorce. Wanted to move on from Bruin after being him for almost 20 years and start a new chapter of my life. Werewolves and direwolves are cool! Brie the skunk is an outlet for my feminine/non-masculine side, with a whole alternative universe backstory. Palmetto State Furs co-founder. Tabletop player, babyfur, sometimes AD,+18. Mostly dire wolf antics, bear fursuit, skunk AD: OneHalfBrie. 39/He/Him. ♠️
mmee3oh @GrammarJedi01 @Momsplaining101 Not many disappointments. Some things didn't go as planned, as is life, but I travel frequently, have a hot chicken, a great job and a solid bank account 🤷🏽‍♂️ my life is pretty cool. Hate to be your husband. You sound like a miserable future spinstress #ClipperNation #BustedOpenNation #EliteMafia
AkaiMurasaki_ she/her Suzume is so forking cool I just have one big complain and is its romance It just doesn't work, it's not as organic as in the previous films. I wished they had focused more on the fantasy genre and skipped on the whole "he's the love of my life" thing 🙃🙃 Akai /24/ I love videogames and anime / Artist / Oikawa's CEO / Commissions open/ Do not repost my art 🙏 priv: @rrrackerm
verminshrieks @MatthewCoast @SpikeBCB @PIHillBelichick @chesometer @manjusrii my MO is not being antisemitic and spending my money on cool things man. maybe touch a grass or have a pronoun to find a better life path he/him | 20 | 🏳️‍🌈
Boo_Nanners Yes I will make a joke out of my horrible mental and physical health cos wtf else am I going to forking do? I go to counseling, therapy, doctors and sometimes life is just not cool so make jokes. Seiso. Hot Canadian. My dog is more photogenic than most of twitter.
SiennaGorjian Lowks my dream in life is to be able to shuffle cards well like it’s so cool and satisfying 🪄 #magician 🎩 me and my fav brick wall🧑🏼‍🍳
notinrushhour3 MA 👉🏾 Brooklyn @LifeWithJRDN internet chaos is cool for an online chuckle but yeah i'm against people getting fired in real life for being minimally drunk and dumb (excluding anything racist, sexist, homophobic etc). All she had to do was communicate. you're not going to change my mind. he/him. broke phi broke step team alum. 🇲🇼 🇹🇿 📺 🏀 ☘️.
verilyicry idkwhereedenisig I am out of things to read this is so tragic why are authors/translators so slow. Like stop having a life and responsibilities and provide me my cool stories Eden #1

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