My life is cool

My life is cool.

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jooniejoona she/her - Meme Queen Today is gonna be busy and emotionally draining but I dreamed I was watching the boys peacticing on stage RUN BTS and Yoongi was laughing, so my life is cool after all Struggling to keep up with all my passions (93'/OT7) - I talk to my plants (and ✨️YES✨️ they do all have a name) - PS: spread love and positivity☀️-Fan Account
Heels_vs_Wedges Best Coast My life is cool and filled with adventure 🙃 what even am I/pronouns/emojis/thirst traps(?)
merrittk NYC I just think making and enjoying art and jokes and stories is fun and human and insofar as I've gotten to do it to sustain my life I've felt pretty lucky but your thing sounds cool too I guess No recall or intervention can work in this place.
wrtv Indianapolis, IN, USA "It changed my life...living without a hand for 15 years and they actually offered me two is actually pretty cool. No one has ever offered me this stuff." ♥ News, trending topics & entertainment for those living in Indianapolis and central Indiana. Replies, RTs and links ≠ endorsements. @ us!
AmandaAverell Pittsburgh, PA Hey folks! Sign up for the Snack Life Patreon and get access to cool stuff, like blogs and my video series, "Snack Life Tries!" Latest video is up now, I'm trying Starry! Comedian. Writer. Wrestling Mark. Geek. She/Her.
SIR_KOOL_KONG birmingham,alabama My life is like i be chilling and nonchalantly adventure into cool crap and end up meeting cool ppl its nice Birmingham, al cap🌞 cap🌕 ♒⬆️ LIFE PATH #5 Traveling my own path in this life of mine. #sbgalabama #melanin #Tlen #capricorn
R0CKANDR0B0TS Me? Pathetic and undesirable?? Oh please I'll have you know I'm pretty damn cool. My life is entirely in beat to music, got some funky magnetic powers in my arm too a portrayal of chai from Hi-Fi rush but in the eqg verse, written by SATA. parody account
nobodyoimport a video game universe just once in my life i would like to see a cool antagonist win. why is it always a super lame antagonist or a protag who wins i'm tired. let it be one of those gayass antags that prance around in long robes and listen to music while going on power trips just Once 19 | they/them | pro-ship & problematic too | multifandom | currently mostly into: genshin, dmmd, twst, miscellaneous anime
Kayluhhgarciaa TX. It’s my growth year. I’m at the calmest phase in my life. I don’t trip about nothin. You don’t like me, okay. Talking about me, cool. I’ve learned over the years that life is too short to waste my time and energy on people/things that don’t matter. be loud about the things that are important to you.✨
melloglot my friend at work is so cool man she introduced me to the guys at the local deli where i order food in spanish every day. we never speak english. my first non english friendship i've made in real life. i feel very cherished and cared for. she told them to take good care of me. aspiring polyglot | immersion based learning | anki | i speak eng,esp,ger | target languages: pt-pt, tgl |
marlborobunny stop following me im not interesting i work in an OR and talk about nothing besides how cool surgery is and sleep thats my entire life stop it you’re gonna be disappointed 𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫, 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐦𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠
LindaMThoracic Charlottesville VA @ElliotServaisMD @md_stat @MMurphy_MD @DDunn1234 @TopKniFe_B @ammara_a @WomenInThoracic @WomenSurgeons So tired of people making judgments about things without primary data. My two sons just confirmed that that are living a good life thanks to me and think what I do is “cool” and no, they have not suffered in the least due to my profession. Thoracic Surgery Chief at UVA. Surgical oncologist of the chest. Mother of 2. Views and tweets are my own.
unde_rnoah he/him every single moment of my life i have thought being in a band is cool and i will forever continue to think it. being in a band is very cool. average dilf lover
BobFlan93884116 Worcester Ma @LollllllaJR @yes_we_cat @1966JAGETYPE @NoaHathaway3 @DavidNe33308501 @VictorNakba @laielkha @emmettimanu @JonathanWeissb3 @LfgPaddockpatek @Brad_Spielman @DavidMc42742926 @IMDibe @destination1111 @Coho29415979 @Busternr1 @AJewFromJudea @corjoy @reallhere @whywouldyou_uk @AaIsrael2 @mariamtayob @SamLevinson8 @_JeffBlock @cool_grandad @Daddy__c0o1 @Pakeha56 @IsaacAaron1959 @LuckyManAlways @moderatedew @artstop @bob_alian @Buckeye_ricky @Carl0s_Vela @realChaim_Rubin @Next_andReady @IreneMinkema @Pen_Bird @Shachar2like @AnastasiaKLynch @HanneyAngel @10pillar @spindokai @MulToot @BanuOkumus @robinsonmsr10 @GenomeNathan @MY_MUSLIM @JewishVLibrary Well you see I have worked all my life fighting against injustice and I know injustice when I see it. And honestly that question is relevant to the fact at hand! I stand with Palestine and for human rights everywhere.
Brandon60257382 I beg for anyone who can draw better than me who is basically limited to stick figures to (if it’s ok) draw my draping and dreepys, I had a cool/cute idea and wanna see it come to life. 😭
GRIMACESLEFTNUT Bi and poly|| they/them Tattoo artist in my life is so cool and cute and cute fork you should definitely check it before I go ejaculate WHAT DID I JUST SAY ABOUT MY TWEETS IM SORRY very unproblematic and awesome||satire and autistic||fan acc not impersonating 🐭
JennyGPerry Jersey Shore Here’s the thing…I don’t think I’m cool. I know I’m cool. But not like cool, I look all hot like a 20 something. I think my dorky bottom 45 y.o. self is cool as in I’m cool with myself. It’s a zero F’s energy of having fun, being yourself, and just livin’. Life’s too short for BS. Goddess Life Coach, HuffPost Blogger, Best-selling Author, Speaker, Wifey, Mama of 5, lover of fashion and woo things
The_Josh023 Pleasant Hill, Mo. @Patchman513 This is what annoys me the most about your fan base. I’m 41 and the Bengals have been terrible most of my life. If they continue this trend and we keep fighting it out we keep losing that’s cool. Middle-earth Loving , Tolkien Loving, Jackson Loving geek & Collectibles Editor at I earn my paychecks educating young people.
animalologist brooklyn, NY @cool_junk_1000 @ReneeSolana Nah that’s too limited/ limiting! I have friends and followers from very different corners of my life and I don’t necessarily want to throw all of them into a gc that I feel responsible for curating. Hence the circles/ close friends model is so nice wondering how we learn and how we relate. likes stories in all forms. grieving, celebrating, getting distracted. desi doing experimental humanities 🚩🏴
bbygrldick hehim this quote is like rly cool and thoughtful and all but it was what made me realize whatever tf was wrong w me cannot be eldest daughter syndrome. at no point in my life have i ever laughed w my dad or any grown bottom man at my mother over anything. dead dove content. dc & marvel comics fan account. 🔞. byf minors DNI
zehrbearss Toronto, Ontario Sometimes I sit and think about how cool it is that I really moved my life to the US and am working as nurse here??? High school Zehra would be so shook to hear this nurse | traveler | foodie
itsmoni98_ 478 So glad that I don’t go all out for people like I used to anymore. And that’s with everything. I learned my place in everyone’s life & I act accordingly. My role is my role. None more. None less. You don’t do that for me but for others? Cool, I’ll note that✍🏾 No more Ls w/ppl. 24. Certified crafter. Aspiring successful entrepreneur. Anticipating podcaster. SSU Alumna.
LawCompConsult1 Nashville, TN @noobssindcool2 @dalevon_digital My battery life is still cool. I can wake up at 5a every morning and be on 20% at 5p as I head home using GPS. Not as good as when I first got it but doing well nonetheless. Dad of 2 amazing young princesses!!! Lover of tech, movies, and music. If you can laugh at everything then what are you doing with your life? #TechnicalMizfit
derbyghosts YALL HAVE TO SEE THIS Fireflies is my baby. Thank you so much @Nickzw_ I am beyond HONORED 🖤 🧟‍♀️ I love this scene so much and it’s so cool to see it brought to life Writer | 30 | Jean Kirstein is the LOML 🖤 Eruri & Jeankasa. Author of Fireflies & Boys Don’t Cry🦇 header by @mle_dnt 💫 comm by @angrymiloras
spiritualusages I've smoked absurd amounts at various points in my life, and I'm basically a spitting image of your lord and saviour. Let's try to be cool with eachother and understand crutches life circumstances and health issues are complicated for people and remember that CHRIST IS LORD Passions Include: 🔝 revisionist history 🔆 gospel music ♻️ healing ppl ▶️ premier league soccer 🟢 walking on water 🆙️ defeating gog and magog 🐸 hip hop!
Peztllence violence @eg0death_ @lesbieverything sure, it is what it is. It doesn't give me any gray hairs. I treat it like I do if someone says they're nonbinary or trans, I simply go "cool." and move on with my life. the disco elysium brainrot has taken form | proud proponent of the Alphabet Mafia and spreading the gay agenda as we speak 🏳️‍🌈 🕳
magic_melanin_ Idk why my exes think I’m cool ex and wanna vent to me like bitch I know your life is hell I been manifesting it.
_cryptoTomNook Ohio, USA @MFare_ETH aw thanks fam! Shes a meme from time to time lol TOM NOOK NEEDS IN COOL DOGS. I literally made some profits right was about to get one, then my wife got fired. Now my life is just this wild chaos, and I am like dang the hopium of tom getting a dog soon is just slipping away Co-Founder: @AlphaForAlphas | Core Team @clokiesnft | Collab Manager: @Bears_Deluxe | Bring all the strong communities together. |
khealywu H O M E (i am fine going solo but it'd be cool to see them with someone else. live music used to be a *gigantic* part of my life and hasn't been for many years, and sharing those experiences is something kind of sacred & vital imo) mary tyler moore-tyler-moore-moore-moore she/hers
lilsoffaa 702 Hung out with an astronaut and a Nobel prize winner last night so idk my life is pretty cool rn Magician’s Assistant 🔮/ Rave baby ✨/ Mochis mom 🥰
Venchman24 @Susan16Park Not so cool for me… mostly because I think astrology is bs and I have no one in my life
StarStorm3243 Michigan, USA @scurvypiratehog Here's my top 4: #1 Tails- seeing him turning from sonic sidekick to his own hero is why I love him #2 Kit - A cool alternate/dark of Tails and love his powers. #3 Cream - She's just the most precious thing and willing to fight if needed #4 Shadow - He's the ultimate life form! Fanartist 🌠 Fan of Sonic/Mario/FnF and many others 🌠Yoshi/Sora in Smash Ult 🌠 Splat/Carbon deco roller and clash main in Splatoon 3🌠 Greninja in Unite
__BriSimone__ Texas I'm still in disbelief that this is really my job yo. My manager is so cool. My coworkers are cool. There's such a great vibe here and we're already talking about my career growth w/the co. I can honestly say ima be in a completely different place in my life by the end of this yr One dreamed of becoming somebody. Another remained awake and became.
AltUesugi Utah I agree that circumcision is mutilation and a dumb practice, but ngl I don't get ppl who are obsessed with that topic. There's never been a single moment in my life where I was like "Damn, sure would be cool to have foreskin rn. Life sucks!" I don't see a reason to care? 22 | he/him | vaguely socialist | ✝️ | I forkin hate this app
hellofaride2021 Wales, United Kingdom @notcapnamerica The fact that my reaction when o see thing like that is “oh cool, I’m glad they’re making more options and making them more inclusive” and then just move on with my life “I want to be defined by the things that I love” Movies, TV Shows, Music, Books, Musical Theatre, Politics, True Crime, History, BLM & LGBT+ She/Her 💕
JScottWhiolder Ohio, USA Really curious how this year is going to turn out. Still no support from anyone in my life or ransoms. Really makes me wonder if there was ever a point to all the training and education on engineering. Always wanted to make cool stuff with people & have fun Random Thoughts with Scott. Unfiltered Shenanigans.
_probka all pronouns 😎 @Jordiotto @half_ari she’s cool but this is my life, kingdom come, higher power, and ashes to ashes are amaing bi nb man (19), ukrainian-korean, starwar/esc/mass effect/nfl #keeppounding , kalluzeb + thranto, aerospray stan, pokemon draft league propagandist
TonySop38363293 @dangordonTO @Timcast oh yea??? cool take, Dan. Ive been a Catholic my entire life, I have never ever heard of someone doing this, ever. She is drunk on power and delusional, but rational people already know this. What ever happened to Gary Cooper?
santusht_17 First i thought that maybe i should put my everyday life on my ig stories and think im cool but then i realised that my life is already so happening, i dont need to flex that. Dont play the odds, play the man
medisyncere Where I Wanna Be I’m sick that my wife is gone. I been trying to keep cool but it’s getting worse and worse … Iyanla fix my life 😭😭😭 Old head Twitter. Here for the laughs & hot takes. #MediSyn🙏🏽
billliemsg turn on post notifs [232701] 🐱💭 my birthday is less than 3hrs away it doesn’t feel real it feels like it’s been a long time since i’ve had a birthday i received letters yesterday and there was an impressive comment i’m going to do everything 🐱 likes and live this life in a cool way texts from seven mystical girls
BentleyBro5 Tamaqua, PA @irencsak Yeah, it was. I admittedly just chose the option to test it, and it did give me trouble related to downloading it, but I figured it out. And I thought it was pretty cool. It also saved me about an hour of my life working on a lyrics video for it too, which is definitely good lol I draw, write, joke around. I also sing fandubs of music sometimes. Warning: My sense of humor is sometimes dark
RedsilverFR Paris, France Just ended (what should be) the last class of my life, it really has been a very cool and long journey. Can't wait to see what is next :) 🇨🇵 Pokémon VGC Player - 9th Worlds 2022 - 2x Worlds Day 2 - 1x Regional Champion - 4x Regional Top Cut
royalpainsceo Imagine your kid going to jail for trying to be cool 😭 this why i wouldn’t work with that age. I know my limits and those behaviors tend to be harder to reverse esp if home life is jacked too CEO of Aunty Jaylas & Royal Pains 💜👑
NinersBookClub @defnotadino @Granddad_Sr When I was 17YO, I looked at my sister and said "If this is the best time of my life, shoot me now". I miss the person I was but I like how I am now. I'm pretty cool. WednesdayBookClub, where we talk about books.....On Wednesdays. Do no harm, take no nonsense. Secretly juggling geese. She/her
LioNoemiii Ghost‘s🍞 here is 🔝hi!im Noemi i do sharing 【COD stuff/Robert Pattinson/any other painting /my life】here💖 support and com I spk Chinese,understand a bit English and Italian(not very good)thank you for talking with me about anything cool😭💖💖 20+/中文/ a bit English Italiano/Commission closed/INFP/RobP/COD /art work movies/小号@Noee6666/🔞📷 🎨 🚫do not repost without promistion
CourtneyEJacobs Los Angeles, CA Told my husband that HBO was developing a limited series about the texas drug-ring bust that put my aunt’s first husband in prison for life and he said “that is so cool. That’s like better than true crime …that’s true FAMILY crime” and y’all, I married good. Head of Public Services, Outreach & Community Engagement for #uclalsc. 1/3 of the @3dhotbed crew. Loud librarian. All views (especially the loud ones) = my own.
ToriSeabrooke @chris_leduc Cool cool cool 😅 I was like “been here my whole life and have no clue wtf Safeway is” JAX|ZTA|JAGS|ISU
shibakazs My only :((( in life is that there's so many really cool canes out there but not a huge amount of cool looking crutches, the options for underarm and forearm crutches is so limited Kaz • male (he/him) • nsfw/gore tw • art acc: @thearuxes • items & merch shop: @estherenee • more about me in the link | rt heavy!
thestuffofmemes normal island This is, though, the second time this decade when I — an atheist, fully materialist, all my adult life, and I mean the cool sort, who didn’t opt for godlessness without first comprehending how terrifying that concept truly is if you sit with it — felt a swell of faith in me again Writer | Bylines: Huck, Dazed, ThinkProgress, Guardian (US) etc | homelessness survivor |♿|🏳‍⚧|🏳‍🌈|⛓|🖖|🎲| polyamorous | dog whisperer | Abolish golf

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