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Emiilllyyyy__ Adele is cool. I aspire to be adele. I'd live in her pocket. Morgan Freeman is like riding a bicycle.
brittlovesK La Habra, CA Beyoncé is cool, but Adele is FIRE 🔥 Kenley & Kayden.
TOPolk Greensboro, NC @GatheringWool a lot of the AOTY winners since the mid 00s have left me confused. Adele's "21" is the only one I'm completely cool with. Clemson '04, MBA '08. #WWE Shareholder. Nintendo Brand Ambassador. Avid user of Spotify. NNID: TOPolk | PSN: TOPolk2 | 3DS: 0946-2352-8984
SaulSaul21 The cool thing is, even after all the mess, she picked it up & brought it back, full force. That's what talent is. That's why I love @Adele your remedy..
Amazewise Singapore Adele is cool af. Luv her. <3 Songs are lyrics that describes how i feel.
Mel452 Sydney, Australia Catching up on the #GRAMMYs - Adele is a flawless act. ⭐️ Lady Gaga w/ Bowie was cool. Shed some tears bc I cry w/ any Bowie song atm. Love films & all that is the biz of the film industry. ‘Live in it. And be positive. And live in the now.' - Kristen Stewart ❤️
dCampJesus These performances are cool and all but Adele is gonna come on and shit on everyone and it's gonna be beast Director, editor, producer
FlicksbyScott @iamkingkent Adele is cool...Taylor Swift is made out of Mayo and Demons..she can't be trusted hip-hop head..photographer..podcast co-host..creative mind..I mind my business https://t.co/UOrGcRPeim
boybandsandlife Lilly as in my little bong, Adele as in of course Adele is playing and light pole because I am parked by a cool old school light pole
KALLIente_ #CowboysNation Adele is one of those celebrities that I'd really love to just chill with, she seems cool af… 22. #MTSUalumni ❤️ Aiden
DatDudeMcGrew Columbus, OH Adele is bae tho so it's cool. Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose.

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