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RetroRam Amsterdam @JikissGamer Oh yeah I mean we all had a selection of older toys that were great, but you knew they were older toys and that wasn’t cool. Like if enjoy Andy pandy and watch with mother, but what I really wanted to was turtles and thunder cats. I am Retro Ram. I speak my mind, not yours. Possibly sentient, but just as likely a figment of your imagination.
Wh1te0nRice Texas, USA @MrAndyNgo @KCStar Andy Yes. Is there one?? If so, and you were best friends,, that would be cool.
Lofounds78 Massachusetts, USA @Katscratch10 @BeckyLynchWWE @mikethemiz @ShawnMichaels It’s pretty cool and the owner Andy is such a sweetheart. I was there a few weeks ago for the Dolph comedy show. Two passions...pro wrestling and Daschunds. Realtor for Cornerstone Realty Partners. Contributor @divadirt
Infamous_Andy Morgantown, WV Me: put some cool stuff in a star wars movie like they did in "the force unleashed", you know cool shots with vertical movement and slicing of large vehicles/animals? Lucasfilms: uh no, that's not canon... Disney: what if twisting flip with lightsaber Lucasfilms: i love it! 21| Rood | art mans| ♑ | 👻andy_ruik👻
LarsHano church on time and still nobody wants to be last in line andy and yet he insists at gay freedom is more than just eating at cool sandwich shops in Los Angeles and putting on the "airs" and still Gaucho is a good meat and potatoes place.
GabbyEstrada9 Janesville, WI My favorite picture of andy biersack he is so hot and i love his leander jeaket is so cool on him and i love his hair is so cool ge 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Music Metal Movies Arts Celebrity
cucapr2010 @KeithChampion30 @Bethenny @BravoTV @Andy #RHOBH is so boring, we stopped watching it, too much #MeanGirls, my two cents: stay with #RHONY and watch #FosseVerdon on Tuesdays, it’s really entertaining and cool
Andy_Makes NYC Making some progress on vector PARTICLE MACE using the Vectrex displays that @qrs gave me! Right now I'm drawing way too many lines and it brings the whole thing down after about 15 seconds, but it looks pretty cool right before collapsing! #gamedev #screenshotsaturday Professor of Game Design at Long Island University Post | Creator of @PARTICLEMACE | VP of @DBAArcade | A game designer who moonlights as an artist | he/him
Andy_Bonks Boston-ish @OfWudan Says the guy who ignored warnings about going off site in Jamaica and got robbed. Cool lisp, I mean story, bro. Father, husband, director, actor, company man, beer geek, Scotch snob, UMass alum. No, the real one. #minuteman
AndyMillerC21 Harlan, IN Built-in pools with glass walls are becoming more popular in luxury properties. Clearly, these glass walls are visually impressive and, in a backyard like this, they only add to the cool, modern style. Husband, Daddy, Pastor, and Realtor & Auctioneer at Century 21
ANDY_DUARTE3 San Antonio, TX Pulled up to the pharmacy and said “I’m here to pick up a prescription for my son” and I’m not gonna lie it felt pretty cool 23. In the future, these will be the good ol' days. Texas State University
bobjacksonNYC Washington DC/New York City @andylassner @TheEllenShow This was sooooo cool, Andy. Well done, and well done @TheEllenShow Proud dad. My daughter will help change the world. Navy vet, former journalist & comms dir. too old to be bothered by stupidity. RTs do not = endorsement. OMO
alexmercuri NJ✈️Lahore✈️Dubrovnik As much as I razz Andy (on account of he is a nerd), he is one of the most dedicated and passionate musicians I know. He pulled his guts out for this one and you can hear it. And hell, I do some pretty cool guitar moves on this one, so you Alex freaks will be satisfied Ah...the Noble Ape...—shred @sailorboyfriend and @pompomsquad, thump @longnecklass—hey, he/him’s fine
andyfarina Gainesville, FL A cool story about how things are not what they seem and that even hard days lead to good things as we embrace them. Enjoy! #Zerolimits Inspiration for the freedom & adventure of pursuing Life, Dreams & Health. All through the eyes of a seasoned endurance guy😀
Andy21022 México @TrashForTay Oh it’s all cool! I learned who to deal with that hahaha. And yeah!!! Like Andy!! I love those movies btw 😂 no caption but I am a swiftie | Writer in the dark | Thinker | Lover of great things.
_ChrisEdwards_ London, England @andy_hazzard1 @4squaremiles @TessaRedig @thebesteveralan @brexitparty_uk @zatzi Cool. So let’s all sit on Twitter and call her a loser That certainly makes you lot “winners” doesn’t it 🙄 Marketing | MMA | Bluebirds | Cricket | Defense Analysis | “A bit of a tool” - The Daily Mail 2017 | Tweets are my own etc...
fobdhbot please check our website link And then Andy was like "Eh, cool." tweets a transcript of the fall out boy drunk history video (the tweets loop) (bot created by @lineraway and is run w help from @direpark)
SimoneillAuthor WALES @BradWallActor @TSauerback @LOLoften @Michael_GT1 @DonnaSiggers1 @LondonCrime1 @RMBreen @SamesCarolyn @KOfficialFund @katesfxmakeup @KarlHolton @davepperlmutter @star_catch_film @christina_tutty @NinaIvAndrews @andy_mick_ @SallyHardingact @HenkBrugge @Areformedman @davidjbiscoe great Friday morning Brad, Tanya and cool friends xxx #Screenplays #SupportIndieFilm #Producer #horror #scifi #Fantasy #LoveCornwall
ObjectivelyS Land Humanity Forgot (Iowa) @dewitt_andy 12 and that's cool. Humanist YouTube Channel: Where Ideas Meet Humanity. They/Them #Transgender #enby #humanist #Nonbinary #YouTube
tracoobx Chile @andy_356 Cool! Someday I would like to know Mexico and California! Language Spanish and English, Fan of Troye Sivan🌺💕 I'm so tired !!!!!! LAUV AND TROYE SIVAN, NOW!
megan_greeley Scituate, MA Had a very cool night watching three people who have offered me advice and friendship- Andy Arnott of @johnhancockusa, @katieburkie of @HubSpot & Mike Mahoney of @bostonsci - talk about the intersection of @BostonCollege, Ireland, and business #bcibc government relations for @bostonchamber | opinions are mine
th3r35i5t3r في مكان مهم @AriMelber has an Assange/Wikileaks apologist on, Andy Green from Wired. What a goon. More bothsidesism in the media in the guise of being hip and cool. Like Ari. 🤦‍♀️ No rest till trump's locked up - in prison or a mental institution. MAGAts, berners, don't bother.🥀 #TRE45ON
skidmore_andy @bakermayfield we love you bro excited for the season..we live in Cleveland I've traveled everywhere repping the brownies and we just got engaged and this the shirt she was wearing.I hope you see this and respond if not it's cool just wanted you to know we are feeling dangerous
GeekMid England, United Kingdom @ikkegoemikke @LycaonpictusG @dduk_ @GuyverI @Maveric11000702 @jedimasta79 @Moviesontheway @IamBalashan1980 @COMMANDOELITE99 @AnderssonTessi @MGnPpodcast @MajesticMelodie @TeeMorrisActor @RockFightFilms @Halloween_1014 @andy_mick_ @BlackCaseDiary @TheMovieChaser Cool! I played the first one and Black Flag, but haven't been interested in any of the others tbh. Good to hear you enjoy them though 😊 40 years of gaming experience. Freelance writer - if you'd like me to cover your game(s), please feel free to get in touch: midlifegamergeek@gmail.com
JKMVidimo London, England @Andy_Kinnear @bcs Really cool. And we've created a digital environment that brings Health, Social Care and care orgs together in a virtaul sense, to remove manual overheads, promote collaboration but most of all to improve patient care. Positive disrupters looking beyond organisational boundaries. Providing technology solutions to tackle DToC, Available Beds and other quite troublesome things
Andy_Staples @stormstalker01 @neithan2000 @JoeyIckes Right. And when you walk into Samaje Perine, Joe Mixon and Mark Andrews, you find some really cool ways to use them. I write about college football @SInow. I write about food @SI_Eats. I talk about both from 1-4 pm ET weekdays @SXMCollege (Channel 84).
AaronHerbst2 Kasson, MN Check out our season in review roundtable! And if you just want to skim it, that's cool but read Andy's answer to the last question! It's good stuff! BU '20 probably | Future NBA lottery bust | NBA words for @awawblog @thesportsdaily @ProCityHoops --beats working for a living | aaherbst67@gmail.com
kerriannckark Port Jefferson Station, NY @Bethenny @BravoWWHL @Andy @lisarinna @KyleRichards @Bethenny just watched the WWHL of you and Brandon, You were super cool about these idiots talking crap behind your back, better than I’d be, Ramona is a despicable human being, entitled (why IDK) and stuck up, UGLY HER FACE HER COMMENTS,ASSHOLE, my ex died of an OD. Iwas hurt 4u Mom of 2 Boxers, 17 yr Chronic Intestinal Disease (IBD), Reiki Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, Aerobics,Spin, unable to do anymore but still updated.
yennyrice New York @Andy BEST HOUSEWIVES SHOW PERIOD. It’s such a breath of fresh air! No stupid fighting and they are cool with being themselves on camera
cas_majid Birmingham UAE With these 2 Cool dudes @GrBhamChambers annual dinner and award. Good luck to all the finalists #GBCCAwards19 @Andy_Curium @tobyhporter CEO @WowGroupLtd & @Rawjampeople #CH4 #TheJobInterview President @AsianbizChamber, VC @RMHCUK TechInvestor watch tunes sneaker cricket #MUFC.RT not endorsements
Official_Antony somewhere @iainbruce Yeah, it's been pretty cool, they push you to a professional standard which is challenging... The course leader is Richard Hunter, but have had Colin Mottram, Andy Paton, Paul Ottey, Peter Rudge and Polina Zioga. Filmmaker, screenwriter, film student.
skinguru1 Orange County @Andy how about a @LisaVanderpump and @HeatherDubrow with an elevated new version of RH that doesn’t support mean girl behavior but instead celebrates and follows some very cool women doing great things🙏🏻. We really don’t want to see all drama , u have the power to give us joy I am skincare Guru, animal lover and gardner with an unfiltered sense of humor
AnneAltis Australia @andy_lee @mrmadrigal1 Hey mate i wondered if you and i could talk about AFL footy and who's got nice tits? Yes. Great. As long as it doesn't get controversial or anything, like the arrest of a national hero Julian Assange. Getting paid to subvert a culture is cool Andy cool. Next time I am an Australian who opposes Israeli army personnel brutalising kids in Palestine. An Australian sorry for our role in Syria.
iheartdogsNYC New York, NY @SalvaCambranes @ricof85 @Shillanna @NineDaves @Andy As a dog behaviorist, I can tell u that not all dogs react the same to any and all dogs. There are 2 in this instance—both dogs’ personalities and situation need consideration. Especially if this was their first meeting, so not cool! My account to rant about Trump and trash TV
Grosvenorbroker Chester, Wrexham & Gibraltar. This week we would like to introduce Steve Leneghan! Steve and Andy have been friends and colleagues for over 40 years. Steve heads up the fleet department. His knowledge of the market and cool head under pressure makes him the ideal person to deal with! #business #chestertweets Making the impossible possible for #insurance. Supporting business owners and private clients with bespoke policies.
Red1112Kucera @Bethenny @BravoWWHL @Andy @lisarinna @KyleRichards Oh Boy, that says alot about you. I used to think you were smart and cool. I
BetinaLouise Næstved, Danmark @drew1_andy @JulieRi39597096 @kriSTeenagRAY1 @SharonG40210896 @ISRPromoManager @LISAMW979 @CrystalTiger6 @SunsetbearWendy @TOConnor1212 @HeavnlyAngel76 Wow No. #10 . That's so cool. Good afternoon, my dear and loves . ❤🌸 I'm an engaged woman , a mom to a son , a fan and supporter of @GhostAdventures , a big support of #USA . like it or leave #GACfamily for life ❤
Andy_Meissner Inver Grove Heights, MN I’ve never had a smart TV til now and these things are so forking cool I’m here to say things I can’t on Facebook 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ oh also, check out my YouTube Channel and I don’t know, maybe subscribe? New videos coming soon 😁
SwCherryWine United States @julie_kelly2 @andylassner @DevinNunes Oh Julie, Andy is so cool and so many people like him. This really bothers you doesn't it honey I LIKE BEER. I ALWAYS LIKED BEER. I STILL LIKE BEER, do you? #RESIST like your life depends on it
PaulHoskisson Probably travelling @GavinHThomas @Becca_McHugh @DocAndy_J_Roe @MicrobioSoc Thanks Gavin....we think it’s a cool story and the complementarity across our two groups is really cool...and it’s a lot of fun to collaborate with Andy Professor of Molecular #Microbiology; Scouser; @RoyalSocBio council member; @youngacademysco member #Science #Streptomyces #Frogs #Cricket & #Everton
Grosvenorbroker Chester, Wrexham & Gibraltar. This week we would like to introduce Steve Leneghan! Steve and Andy have been friends and colleagues for over 40 years. Steve heads up the fleet department. His knowledge of the market and cool head under pressure makes him the ideal person to deal with! #business #chestertweets Making the impossible possible for #insurance. Supporting business owners and private clients with bespoke policies.
Andy__Munro Naracoorte, SA @Damion23 Ah cool! My dream is for Maxy and Stoinis to bowl 4 every game, would be so good! 23 - Adelaide Crows and Adelaide United
andy_hall23 Winnipeg Honestly thought that @screamqueendaff was going to show up and be part of @WeAreRosemary and @AllieImpact 's adventures ...I mean the people in charge of @IMPACTWRESTLING are different now right? Just seems like it would be some cool nerd wrasslin history stuff. @CyrusOverHuge ? Superman Fan✈️Winnipeg Jets fan ✈️Canadian Hippy Fluffy NERDY man #GoJetsGo
PhindelaThulani South Africa Tagging my Fiancé @penny_namane She loves taking beautiful picture and with AR emoji i know it will take our lives to the next level how cool can that be #GalaxyS10 @SamsungMobileSA @andy_maqo 🙏🏽 Family is everything
andy_hall23 Winnipeg @Juggalo_Strange @MichaelCole @PatMcAfeeShow apparently NOT as cool and hip as @VinceMcMahon ...but hey ..if @PatMcAfeeShow is hip and @VinceMcMahon is as cool as him?! #IMHIP Superman Fan✈️Winnipeg Jets fan ✈️Canadian Hippy Fluffy NERDY man #GoJetsGo
John__Fletcher @Prorogon @AngryJoeShow cool, but did you get the joke? look up Andy Griffith. and damn that was a fast response... 2 seconds lol
housewifefan3 @Andy And dorinda keeping her cool was very impressive Fan of all things real housewives
SternlyRoss @Midrulean_Hero @TheTierZoo @2gay2lift Have you seen Andy Serkis's "Mogli"? That had some cool character design. Everyone thinks it's weird but personally I love seeing the animals with human facial features and expressions. My name's Ross. I'm a film student at Mercer County Community College as well as a film blogger.
depbob @AndrewScheer Andy, cool it! You are getting too aggressive...time to call another “breaking news” press conference..and let the world know how upset you are ... you were duped my friend... and there’s more to come🙏🙏🙏
juliamillikin1 Central IL Did you all tune in to @BravoWWHL to watch LVP? As usual, @LisaVanderpump conducted herself w dignity and stayed cool under pressure. I’m glad @Andy had her on by herself so he and the fans could get the most out of it. #RHOBHBOYCOTT #RHOBH Pro democracy. Pro Choice. Pro LGBT Comm. Pro education; pro immigration. 🤘🏼Pro Rock n Roll🤘🏼 💞RIP my son Marcus Randitsas 2/21/95-10/22/15💞

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