Being ignored is Cool.

What are people tweeting about Being ignored is Cool.

AlecAndell Deer Park, TX Today fucking sucked.. Ironically except my dr's appointment. But being ignored is cool too #FTS Insta: AlecAndell ~ 21 ~ Find something you love and find a way to get paid by doing it - DJ AM ~ Sc:buckarooand
yxm022 Being ignored is cool too... I don't mind HiiiPower
celie_mast being ignored is cool too I guess its all good
Okxxana Being ignored 24/7 is so cool uh huh honey
jayayyseekayeye Who Knows? Being ignored is cool, yep that's my life •Official Member of the Elite Loser Club•♒ •'Do you, do him, do everyone'~AF❤• *WARNING: I TWEET EXCESSIVELY*
_graybae being ignored is my fav. so cool. snapchat: grayson.james14
hollowed_human no where I mean being ignored is cool too Existential crisis
_brixsmith 098 | 757 texts back are cool, but being ignored is cooler. bruton field hockey // @tresquiat ♡ // #UofL20
alondra_0897 Being ignored is totally cool too 🙃😪 18 || If love is a labor I'll slave till the end ||
navyclinedinst United States It's cool. Being ignored is what I love most. Navy Life⚓ I'm in the United States Navy. My Job(rate) is AO. I don't know where I'd be without my best friend as my boyfriend❤
mr_moffett14 New Braunfels, TX Being ignored is cool you know what really grinds my gears..?
MarsThoughts There is nothing more I hate than being ignored, but it's cool. I'm so spiritual I have people considering making my thoughts into a religion.
lexi0213 Being ignored is cool too Oh I’m sorry was my sass to much for you?
Jack_Mehoff1260 Being ignored more than usual is cool too I guess Taken by the best
Rai_dennn Flexas, Texas. Being ignored is cool. ......and if we ever whoopty-whoop, I want all that bleepty-bleep...
LoganInFamous No Gains, Texas Being ignored is cool too lol I don't know how to act my age, I've never been this old before. Romans 8:31. @LovePINK0422 is the one and only LOML
CozyboySanel Being ignored is cool ig 🙃 LONG LIVE YAMBO
em_couture being ignored is cool too rock n roll
Amaraaa_218 Outer Space Bc being ignored when trying to talk about something important is cool too 👍🏾 Hate in your heart will only damage your soul | Love & Good Vibes Only | KJP♡

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