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frckalex casa de papi Bernie sanders is cool n all , but how he finna pay for all that shit @50cent: Ok ok I really want a blow job damn what's wrong with that. just give me a little licky licky. Lol
TheNewMeat California I know it's not cool to care about politics and the direction our country is headed in, but I really kind of like Bernie Sanders. Cartoonist behind Malleus Maleficarum, Misunderstanding Comics, and webcomics Murry Purry Fresh and Furry & Guttersnipe! Gentleman Pervert, Skeleton Bigot.
Preston_Lacy Huron, OH / Los Angeles Bernie sanders is unelectable, he says things that sound cool to young people but aren't possible. director/producer based in Los Angeles, MMA, lifting, comic books, and super heroes. IG:preston_lacy snapchat: prestonfowler1 #YoungHollywood
dances United States Bernie sanders is cool and i am for everything he Says but sorry presidents don't pass laws Maybe I n 8 years but not next 4 too far left IM INTO FOOD MY CAT CHLOE snapchat: dancesbaby
gabzmascari bernie sanders wife went to woodstock. how cool is that kids !!!! ☯♉️ 12/11/15 miss you vape god. DePaul '20
NotCormac Trenton State Hospital i am a bernie sanders supporter hashtag hot take hashtag feel the bern hashtag ntr is cool Professional autism activist/snake hunter (((yeehaw)))
ComaDolls Indie-anapolis Hillary Clinton. .lol All the cool kids hang with Bernie. Bernie Sanders is The… Coma Dolls bring a level of passion and angst to Indie-rock not seen in many years..maybe ever.
akan907 Anchorage Alaska This is a really cool story about Bernie Sanders. This is a true man of the people! #FeelTheBern Professional of the Invisible Art. Don't Panic!! Everything = 4⃣2⃣. Do they speak English in What?!! Film Editor - Twitch Streamer - Jameson Expert
that_shadydude LABCABINCALIFORNIA The cool thing now is to say you support Bernie Sanders, like with Ron Paul back in 2012. If you don't see it, then it wasn't meant for you to see. If you wasn't born with it, it wasn't meant for you to be - X
mbabyharv Bernie Sanders is so cool. Me and him just gonna whip when I'm older. Fuck you Trump you bitch hoe ass nigga wish a nigga wood like a tree in this bitch
lauraquetzalli Xalapa, Veracruz @halsey is more cool "Bernie Sanders Groupie" 😏🙃💙 Estar o no estar, he ahí el dilema. BELIEVE ✌️☺️ Conocí a @enrique305 30/05/14 & @twentyonepilots @joshuadun @tylerrjoseph 21/11/14 Stay Alive I-/
periwinklemoons Belleville, Ontario Love Bernie but an electable President he is not. Bernie has made being a 'liberal' cool again. He has done such... Love politics,reading, yoga,writing, theatre, movies, art, sports & long dog walks, purring cat;puzzles, Sudoku.Currently sidelined.High school teacher by trade
Rusted_Van a rusted van⊿ the Corbyn poster in this article is rly cool :0 Why Bernie Sanders is No Jeremy Corbyn ikta asca mai2 nns 773 myan 373⊿
widnoon It's really cool that huffpo is giving more coverage to Ben Carson than Bernie Sanders. More of a wronger than a writer. My body is my poetry. All my gods have horns.

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