Big Brother Is Cool

Big Brother Is Cool

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JDMorgan NY @ClayneCrawford @CCF_Birmingham Super cool. Wish I could be there. This charity is such a great one. Amazing stuff you’re doing for our veterans, our hugely, well deserving veterans. Next year, im crashing and gonna man a bbq! Have a killer event! Big thanks to you and yours. You’re the real deal brother. Official account of Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Ayumitsuu In the Regal Rabbits JP trailer, Bruno says, “Should I compliment Veronica’s bunny costume, or...?” And Veronica says, “Big brother’s bunny costume is cool.” I thought it was adorable. I hope they have a similar line in EN, even though it wasn’t in the EN trailer. #FEH I love Uther, Hector, Lilina. 💙💙💙
Texans_4_BETO Texas, USA @SassyGirlboss @Gallaecian @rockinrob7970 @shoots711 @NinesMarie @DMansini @marysrockman @Str8Up3Olives @StellaFactor @xiggy89x @DeViLhErSeLfIE @SelfImposedXile @un_belizable @TPapsdorf @Kiwiheather @Ironhorse76 @mbeethriae @Brodie_Dog @LuluLemew @brando5112 @SchrodyBach @k_poetess @RVAwonk @Bray_NYC That place is just so cool! We played other House Of Blues locations, but something about the Chicago one. Deep, close ties between Chicago & Texas blues players. Why we get so many of them here. Like a big brother and sisterhood going on. Texans Supporting Beto O'Rourke For U.S. Senate! The Future Of Texas! Make Texas Blue Again! #BlueWaveRevolution #MakeTXBlueAgain #BetoORourke #Texans4BETO 🇺🇸💙
burnunit Minneapolis, Minnesota DEAR MILLENNIALS STOP ADMIRING JOE BIDEN. HE SAID SOME COOL SWEARS AT OBAMA ABOUT HEALTH CARE ONCE BUT HE IS NOT OUR FRIEND. PLEASE. HE IS NOT THE ONE FROM THE ONION HE HATES YOU AND THE FUTURE. LOVE, YOUR LOSER BIG BROTHER, GENX JONO science fiction poet, official systematic theologian of the revolution, queerdo. he/him/rule of threes. My employer is 100% liable for my tweets.
KenzieEstrada_ #Team Underworld She is also part Kitsune and Hell hound being the honorable younger sister of Cerberus himself and her silly Kitsune brother Shiro!! Wonder where she gets her cool fighting skills from? Her big brother Aiden ( Who reminds her of Yakuza!) ... My name is Kenzie I is 16 and adorable! I is Jr artist and I love Anime, Ghost Adventures, Video Games, Rock Music, My Fav Youtubers And my boo Lucio Estrada💕
Flat_What Oscar, Mob and Deku would be like "youre so cool" "no you're cool" "no you" while Genos is an awkward big brother to them 25, Italian, she/her, artist. Italiano / English / 日本語
kotasprings Creating Myself🌌, MN The broly movie was amazing! Gave me fire! Vegeta is dope! Goku is kind, friza is a snake bottom bitch, and broly just needed a big brother, which Kakarot is.. and whis man, whis is just too cool. We are created perfectly💎-Child of The Creator🌿: Influencer📚~ Rapper🎤-Businessman🗂~Territory Manager🚘~Prince👑-Snapchat: mnsbest.🐾 Deity Descendent
TimothyMagick Earth @wayoutstuff @tylerhoechlin is the Superman we’ve been waiting for. He is everybody’s totally cool and supportive big brother who always helps you move and will pick you up at the airport or in the middle of nowhere at the drop of a hat. Multi-disciplinary maker: actor, playwright, director, poet, visual & plastic artist. D&D player, DM, 3rd Party content creator. Pronouns: Timothy/Timothy’s
MikeyTigerLicks Toronto, Ontario @em__BB Damien’s cool, calm and collected demeanour is everything. This is what future HG should look at as the blueprint for Big Brother survival. Live and learn kids Horror movie aficionado. Halloween is everyday in my world. Canada is home!!! #BBCAN7
kinderdoys Roleplaying purposes only. @MIERNGYU It is not okay for someone to spread their hatred on CuriousCat, big brother. That's an action so cowardly and that's not even near to cool. People should stop misusing CC, really. 1999, 173cm ⋆ I'm Kim Doyeon. I joined a girlgroup named WEKI MEKI and I have been loving my job ever since. A note: I'm loud most of the time. [was doyeori]
isabetabug Philadelphia, PA @JRosenworcel @guster What what?! I already am a big fan of you and all the work you are doing for the @FCC ✨ and now to learn that your brother's band is @guster?! What a cool family!!🤩 Bug Ambassador • Biodiversity Explorer📸• Mango Devourer, Twin • Sharing stories, science, & passion! • #bugscope • 🐞🔍 I work in the @anspEntomology collection🦗
JimOShea4 Houston, TX Didn’t get to watch it cause was moving my brother but so happy to see the Fighting Slammy’s got their revenge and are back in the Big Dance! The Fighting Catamounts is a cool name, but Vermont will forever be the Fighting Slammy’s to me. Sorry not sorry Proud @SyracuseU alum | God, Family, Friends, Sports, Texas | THE fantasy sports commish | Unapologetic Harden and Spieth fanboy | LeBron + Tiger = the GOATs
DaveTroyMN Ramsey, MN Happy Birthday Kaidyn! You are such a cool kid and everyone who is lucky enough to have you in their life is blessed! You are a terrific son who is caring helpful and honest. You are a great big and little brother...
Caca22101984 @mr_salmanbash @Rrkfau_6 Definitely they are cool. But Cee-C love and trust Nina. Big brother show is a game but it's also a reality. People need to be careful... Proudly Spartan! God is good!
LegendaryEnergy United States @TJMIZELL And I love ya brother but nobody is really helping. Mass media, celebs & musicians are falling for communist politicians (big government, less freedom) and telling kids that its cool while selling murder & pills. I love hip-hop but it's part of the system of death/control now. 🎥 250 Million+ Views ✨news analyst, hip-hop artist, water enthusiast, philosopher, athlete, revolutionary, real friend ✨
AmareYann La-bas... @Flawlesseva26 Stop blaming you, mess is also poetry, stars and life are born in chaos, keep cool, big brother does not watch you so much, is your father military?💋😌😘 BD, SF énervé ect.. l'#ultracapitalisme n'est pas un #complot mais une #maladie d'origine mafieuse, #cancer provoqué par 1 #cupidité excessive
lilbxnez Underground, Snowdin (Oh.. but right here it says,,,that I can,, COFFEE ASKING HIS BIG BROTHER FOR ADVICE ON CERTAIN THINGS AND PRASING HIS COOL BIG BROTHER LIKE THE GOOD LITTLE BRO HE IS) —"ɢɪᴠᴇ ᴍᴇ ʀᴇᴀsᴏɴs ᴡᴇ sʜᴏᴜʟᴅ ʙᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇ. ʏᴏᴜ sʜᴏᴜʟᴅ ʙᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴛʜᴇᴍ, ɪ ᴄᴀɴ'ᴛ ᴄᴏᴍᴘᴇᴛᴇ" |SF!B!papyrus | SFW | icon: hakkids
HorrorMovieBBQ Axis Chemicals, NY 2 months is a pretty big victory when it comes to kicking the habit. @JaimsVanDerBeek is a really cool dude and provides a lot of positivity to the wrestling fandom. Very happy to see him kicking so much bottom here and living happily. Keep it up, brother. You got this!!! BunnyDad. Writer. Podcaster. Bayside Tiger. Master of The Universe. Dream Warrior. nWo-ite. @mypetmonster86 Wrangler. VideoArmageddon Champion. #FigLife
RFTS4U Riverside, CA What we learned from religion: - jesus was kinda cool - his father kind of a big dick most of the time - satan is alot like his brother -other gods and deities are alright -goddesses can be bitchy but also pretty cool -death forkin rules! We're 'radiation from the sun' some kind of musical group thing. We got plenty of possibly fun/good groovy tunes. We havnt uploaded music YET, but more to come!
AilsaForshaw Victoria, BC, Canada Oooh, Open casting Call for #BigBrother, you say? I only like the US Big Brother, is the only one I watch - me yuvs it soo much! (And #BBCeleb, o' course! lol!) I wish Canadians could apply - would be so cool! 🍁😉😃😎🥰😍 #BigBrotherFan @CBSBigBrother 🥳 #EducationSpecialist #SpecialEdTeacher #Writer #Builder #Blog #Website #GreatMom!
ALGORHYTHM_95 Columbus, OH A majority of the music coming from CHH is very unoriginal/generic. CHH in relation to mainstream Hip Hop is like a little brother that tries to be cool and copy everything that his big brother does. With God all things are possible🙏🏽
JaimeJenAckles Impala @supernatural290 Not yet! I will watch probably tomorrow or Friday. He loves pie too? Cool.😁 The big difference now is that Jack ended up giving up his brother and Dean never will do that. All about Dean Winchester and @JensenAckles 😍 #SPNFamily ❤ #AKF #LYF #IAE There is Only Love Here 💕
SchizKissSis the ellen show hate it when my big brother is so cool and strong and good looking when im stuck spending all day low-key drooling repeatedly stubbing my toe and burping so hard it triggers my gag reflex OSDD shared acct of dumb bitch opossum paria👁️🔪(they) and maternal bat bitch bella🌕🦇(she). 💕 @boigles
Jackolas_Smith Update. I was just talking to Alyssa's little brother and he hit me with a "Kids my age don't really do that anymore." And now I am positive I am out of touch and getting old. Is Big time Rush still cool? I am Jack's wasted life. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. I am Jack's smirking revenge.
Edwinklagat2 @brian_aseli hizo art it is cool brother I think the government should come up with a big very big program to support us artist and motivate young youths to get used to our African culture .maze tutacopy hadi lini A musician
_angs88 Da forkin' jungle in da harlem crooklyn hood to the ppl thinking they sound cool bragging 'nope only pure bred white' 'only pure bred native' 'only pure bred black' are your parents brother and sister? is THAT the big thing you're all proud of.... how you doin'
TSwiftNZ WORLDWIDE Happy birthday Austin Swift! Taylor is lucky to have you as a younger brother and it’s been cool watching you shine on the big screen 🎂🎈🎉 Your best source for the latest and most reliable news, photos, videos & media on Taylor Swift. 📲 Turn on notifications | taylorswiftnz@hotmail.com
kookinsomnia @Joonchild134340 I can relate in a spiritual level My crush brozoned me nd then we hung out, I was like OK cool this is fine I don't have a big brother so this worked out well.Few months later we were best friends And year later he confessed tht he likes me But I wasn't into him and i broznd im. Proud ARMY and BELIEBER💜 To be doctor👀 BTS whore♥️ OT7 RIDE OR DIE💜
hphmic Copenhagen. Phone +45 20 47 99 49 Cool picture of "Big Brother watching you" - and he is armed with an extra camera! Military Analyst at @MilstudiesCPH. University of Copenhagen. Tweets: Defense politics, military ops. & technology, F-35 and Afghanistan. Tweets are personal.
SkidRowRadio_YT United Kingdom @nicolelampert @ProfJeffKenner But Tom 'Big Brother' Watson is totally cool tryin to unilaterally change law and party policy to access member data at will? Abnegationist. Antinatalist. Freegan. Socialist Lexiteer. Smeller of rats, dog with a bone, amateur cat plinth. #JC4PM2019
WONPRlL @BASSlST1993 Oh, cool. Congratulations, brother! Heard that your tour is a big success. I’m doing great as well. I too, just had a gig yesterday and soon enough, I’ll be jumping around Bangkok holding my solo mini concert. It indeed feels amazing and unreal. Dreams really do come true, right? A synthesist, sine qua non of the band Day6.
RichardERoeper Chicago, IL Your brother is a cool guy! And a big poker fan. 👍🏻👍🏻♠️♥️♦️♣️ Movie critic for the Chicago Sun-Times. Author of eight books. Former co-host of “Ebert & Roeper.” Contributor to WGN-AM and “Windy City Live.”
iinvoluted leo + josh -all he remembers is a lot of biblical reading and meditation -not that it isnt good, he enjoys them -josh is like a big brother -leo didnt ever make it to uni/college so josh ends up teaching a lot of cool (albeit useless) facts to him -josh taught history so its + sincerely yours, the breakfast club. // writer // art from @desclaticn or any other accounts tagged #ᴀɴᴅEʟɪᴊᴀʜ.
doctorpottersk TARDIS @alltenrose jon is the big brother how is too cool for school, david is the middle child and michael is the little baby who knows how cute everyone thinks he is i put the fun in dysfunctional -fan account- Allons-y! #Privilegedfork ~Starkid~Jonas~Doctor Who~Harry Potter~
JDMorgan NY @ClayneCrawford @CCF_Birmingham Super cool. Wish I could be there. This charity is such a great one. Amazing stuff you’re doing for our veterans, our hugely, well deserving veterans. Next year, im crashing and gonna man a bbq! Have a killer event! Big thanks to you and yours. You’re the real deal brother. Official account of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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