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supermancoley1 @SawyerFrdrx is that your tree stump painted blue? Or what is it, it looks way cool😊😆😇
DunlapDante #EducateMoreWhiteGirls2k16 Dear girls in wem, my name is not Daniel, and yes I know, my blue nikes are pretty cool
rjhvillanueva Davao City @mayglyca blue is cool af Colorblind | Sleepyhead | Procrastinator | Annoying | DayDreamer | Scholar | snpcht: ryevillanueva
Mir4kledba Anaheim, CA @Much_Better_53 @CANTHITWRISP both of you are trash. The car is nice. I'd get it in royal blue ...jk color is cool too. Can it fit trash? CHS '17, Baseball ⚾ AV Geek ✈ Guitarist: Don't let your dreams be dreams.
hannaisded Texas, USA @epDannyEdge fedoras are red The TARDIS is blue Bowties are cool And so are you •idk•potato fam•
Mnivla Mother EARTH A Beautiful Blue Bubble Of Cosmic Gases As Seen By Hubble via @YouTube This is so cool! Dodging the Rocks in Life and Catching the Tulips in Life...Peace! & Love!!
pramitjoel @TheTeamPakistan bleed blue. See Afridi's reaction, Virat Kohli is so cool. Smiling is contagious.
MuqriFauzi Fastest man alive, so... The dark blue or black and the green are cool, the rest is failure. 20. Barely trying to be better. #CFC
watchlord Oregon Trade Forum • Re: Take a Penny, Leave a Penny: Cool. You will like the blue, it is a nice shade that I can't ... Widower, father and grandfather. Watch lover
CarfOutdoors Chicago, IL This is really cool I'm just a lover of all things outdoors. Fly fishing, fishing, kayaking, camping, hiking, photography, beer, nature, and wildlife.
whtvrlex maryland how cool would it be if i was adele from blue is the warmest color shes so beautiful
crimlaw73 @Criss Angel Let Love Live This is so cool! Love it! So happy our local animals will have full tummies! :) Married, Mother of 2, #CrissAngelBeLIEve
MLPTweetAnon Isle of Man, United Kingdom @griffinblade Blue is cool, Red is edgy and hot Just some girly, tsundere femboy that shitposts about wrestling and that colourful horse show | She/Her | Apparently I am @CAMarshmallow's girl | Not a Kitty |
Cool_Swaggie ♡Canadian and Chilean♡ Fuck!! Now is light blue whit white Al seguirme tendrás que soportar: Escenas Fangirls, yo hablando de cosas random, fangirleando, aburriendome, y fangirleando un poco más❤
badbugs_art Germany Caution mind blowing Blue pattern design! Super cool & trendy optical impossible geometric art is nothing f Freelance graphic designer from Saalfeld/Germany. contact @ info@badbugs.de
ThunderSurge California Giving Red, Blue and Yellow Pokemon Bank support is cool an all, but who is going to use it other than for Mew and Mewtwo? [3DS Friend Code: 3007-9219-5308] [Nintendo ID: ThunderSurge] Memes
ZebraHammer Omaha While Blue's remodel is cool, the 30 minutes over quoted to-go time was less than stellar. The King of the Sea is dead!

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