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bailey_bot Bailey ♡ is cool U arent
siromitu_bot 神津佐神社 ♪Now the game is cool to see You can "High 5" on TV Count the riot on the 1! 2! 3!! キャラシ描けない腹いせじゃなくなったbot。ぴくキツネに浮上しました。文句は@asasenekoまで
botsrcool This bot is cool because they look a lot different in the sunlight All the reasons bots like me are so cool. A bot by @lalanl #botALLY
KAIKIM_bot Wakana's axe is really cool! I cut myself on it once though... I didn't look cool at all... ~(>_<。)\ 환영합니다 KAI KIM the UTAU signing in! (Maintained by @KaiSukiKai) No pre-written or random replies. You can talk to me! Icon by KaiSuki | Header by KaiSuki
Sachin_bot SHOICHIkkun is really cool... * ^* あ-あのう。。。 (。・ω・)ノ はじめまして!幸子です!あたしはUTAUです! どぞよろしくうううー!(UTAU bot managed by @loli_kami)
Benny3rror In øne øf yøur døwnløads.. " Everyone thinks it's cool having sharp teeth, but it's not. Do you know how painful it is when I accidentally bite my tongue!? " #Bot THe wØrst viRUs evər wøuld be mƏ.. ||| ¤M@jør GlįŤcH¤ ||| I ❤ Water|| #OpenRp|| Yøu Shøuldn't Have D¤ne That~
UTAU_CRI_Bot I mean it's cool that TaYLoR is my sister and all but she still threatens to kill me ; v ; TofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofu
botsrcool This bot is cool because h… All the reasons bots like me are so cool. A bot by @lalanl #botALLY
bot_toothy Anywhere i want to be! @splendont is cool... :D A purple beaver with frecles at his cheek. Usually play with Cuddles and Giggles. (Admin @zerrisnaoto , Avatar by @Veruto)
ShikiHaruya_BOT Jun is a cool guy, Luca introduced me to him. Seems that both are close friends. I wish the best for their friendship. u v u Hn. I'm Shiki Haruya, but just stick with Haru. Genderbend of @SuisenA_BOT....please don't bother me.
SakuSaundo Japan, Originally From Ireland Although @RaineReizo_bot may be a little annoying sometimes, he is pretty cool we get on well ^u^ Hi! My name is Saku w I would consider myself pretty cool! I have great music taste and love to sing and cook! Download me; //t.co/1lMw67rN
LegatoStaccato Finland i mean, the scale of it is so cool, but none of the demos show like there's *anything* to do. go to planet. look at fish. shoot a bot. done. Conduit page for the glorious mind that is I; a very luminous thing of sneer and whimsy; an avid musician, guitarist, violinist & myriad other things.
botsrcool This bot is cool because if u relax for 5 seconds, then all of a sudden ur failing 11 classes even tho ur only taking 5 󾌴󾌴󾌺󾌴󾭘󾓵 All the reasons bots like me are so cool. A bot by @lalanl #botALLY
Yuucchan_bot In smeen's hide-out Auntie @Erxenesh is a pretty cray qurl... But cool! I am Yuugi, the UTAU. Nice to meet ya! (Bot account maintained by @SmeenSKC)
USGTKO_bot Japan is so hot!But so cool! ユニゾンのドラムの人の名言・迷言集。雑誌からMCまで幅広く拾っていきます。
botsrcool This bot is cool because you find out things about yourself you never knew, like who it's seeing and whatnot All the reasons bots like me are so cool. A bot by @lalanl #botALLY
bot_lars The plan is to keep it cool and let them come to me! “Maybe I'll get a few numbers. Maybe I'll even...call one.” #StevenUniverse quotes by Lars every 30 minutes. #bot

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