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Briana_spain even though panthers lost I still think cam newton shoulda dabbed cuz i dont know that's the only reason I like em. dabbing is cool SVHS16--good times & great laughs
The_Truthness TrumpTowerHigh #Chicago© Cam walking off is cool. Maybe not these days... But it's been done in sports forever. Better than tweaking with the media #TBA LemonLady®
matttraynor Phoenix AZ @dahiser i personally thought Cam was going to be able to pull Cam shit and be elusive like the young cool guy he is... Not the case Drummer:blessthefall Brianna/Nugget/Charlie Football Clothing Co: Victory Formation
Kgskins26 New Jersey @MrDoNumbers @NQS88 the real comedy is, this went from Cam to insulting me. Cool bro. It's been real! I've got to catch some sleep They call me Stan but my name is Keith. Been a Skins fan since I was a kid. I get told daily on Twitter that I'm not a real fan....it's amusing.
luv2chillout war ready @luv2chillout just 2 be clear CAM NEWTON IS THE COOL GUY AND PEYTON IS THE AWFUL DICKHEAD please don't run games on me I'm not a playstation
jleimer Dabbing is now not cool. Thanks cam. #whineybitch I go in my own direction.
MarquitaLove 43.0500° N, 87.9500° W @MarquitaLove it feels to lose. Leave Cam Newton alone. Everyone is not going to be "cool" and "gracious"about losing. #SB50 DePaul Alum, stargazer, raised by Love, Spirits and crazy interesting people. Sometimes I bake. Searching....

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