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Cheese Is Cool

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_yuknew Posted Get the sugar and count to 10 😭 works every time with or without the cheese is cool with me owner of Real Fantasies •Turn your Fantasies into Reality 🦄
VileGoddess i read this as “yeah cheese is cool” and it didn’t change the meaning at all Some people think I'm funny, but I'm not, I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking. •Parody Account of myself•
willfriedle The BatCave @daniellefishel You (and Captain America) are incorrect. The right answer is obviously: 1. Cheetos 2. Fritos 3. Nacho Cheese Doritos 4. Original Lays 5. Cool Ranch 6. BBQ Lays Thank you for playing. #ItsTheBackYardDebateAllOverAgain In my head I’m the host of The Great British Bake Off, Top Gear and Jeopardy. In reality I’m probably in the shower.
therhythmrebel Hampton/NN Virginia My pet peeve is to not f*** with people's families ..... I don't want another mother...father brother.... Cousin etc....i used to smile and cheese wit folks but I'm cool on that at this point in my life For booking/interviews contact aaron.hamilton08@yahoo.com
sauteslut Nashville, TN @Amanda_Face101 scale this recipe down for the cheese sauce. it's from the restaurant so it's for a big yield... boil pasta and add TVP, zucchini, and dry wakame in the last 3 minutes. strain and add as much sauce and you like. the price for this recipe is you gotta actually make it, cool? vegan for the animals. misanthrope for the people
amaliayusri07 I never find the cheese challenge funny. Maybe I'm not easily amused or not cool about it, but no, food is for you to eat. Not to throw it on someone's face, even if it's your own baby. Respect the baby and the cat. a tsundoku
BoldBeautiful__ Hope and Douglas are getting along great in the kitchen making the macaroni and cheese Douglas says his mom tells him he's a chef hope says you're very cool kid Douglas says you're a very cool adult then he asks her do you know anything about heaven he says his mommy is there IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FANS ! All they do, they do for you. The fans ! That's what it is all about. Thank you CBS & Actors for the all the photos.
jamesid Philadelphia, PA @plentyofalcoves Very cool. Anna is a pesc, and Ive been moving away from meat in general and trying to have mostly vegan meals. We made vegan mac n cheese tonight. Game Dev | He / Him | Making The Legend of Bum-bo with @edmundmcmillen | Programmed Fingered. Created ads for Binding of Isaac, Lakeview Cabin.
crodrig504 @McDonaldsCorp hey mc Donald’s this is not cool.... took a bite of your quarter pounder with cheese and bacon ... which is advertised “ cooked when you order” but it wasn’t cooked ☹️ and it didn’t even have the bacon 🥓 on it double sad face ☹️☹️
CoolNinjaLance @StubornPaladin "We definitely should!" Lance closed the bottle with a click and started to kindly distribute the shampoo all over Keith's hair to end up massaging the paladin's scalp with his fingers. "Well, truth is you are smart and kind and cheese balls cool and I love you." I don't need pants, I'm a mermaid! 🧜 MS/MV pp: @_kiilea
patdowns1 Little Rock, AR It is #springbreak this week. I thought I would have a #cool lunch today. #maccaronisalad😄❤️💋 , @kraftrecipes cheese slices. #watermelon🍉 with a little spinach and tomato salad soaked… Blogger/Lifestyle & Food #sweetyellowcornbread
JayOttr London, UK @cheese_beast I'm currently working on a 3D model commission - it would be super cool to offer actual models. But I don't have the space~ My flat is tiny and already full of stufffff. ¦< You may know me as Loki or Jay; dandere, otter, pierced, skinhead, 3D artist, photographer, cat dad, gamer, cyclist, climber, chef, meat activist... ¦)
Who51988631 behind you @KevOnStage The way I rank it is Cheetos Fritos BBQ Cheese doritos Lays potato And cool ranch doritos I got that spicy social anxiety so I made a twitter
LPicalausa London, England Really cool podcast with @pschiller, make sure to listen. What stands out in this podcast is how down to earth @pschiller is and the fact they listen to our feedback across all digital channels. P.S. cold mac&cheese is great indeed. 🇧🇪 in LDN 🇬🇧. Helping people live differently, Account Manager @Foolproof_ux. UI Design as a side hustle. Previously @MediaMonks
folkvillain CREEPY CASTLE ON THE HILL good morning and welcome to cooking with karnstein BUS SALAD BREAKFAST -bag of premixed lettuce -a dressing of your choice -salad accoutrement (that’s french for croutons and cheese) PREPARATION: 1. combine 2. shake 3. hope your bus driver is Real Cool about stuff BLUE VON KARNSTEIN ⛧ THEY/SHE ⛧ NB LESBIAN ⛧ LVL. 21 ⛧ PUNK VAMPIRE ⛧ DRAGON QUEEN ⛧ SILAS UNIVERSITY GRAD ⛧ I AM A KNIFE MAN ⛧ PUNK'S UNDEAD ⛧ 🔞
Rosiecvec @dadeepspit @kthalps @RaniaKhalek This is just “so cool” to them. I mean, when you live at home, and mommy’s still cutting the crust off your grilled cheese sandwiches, other people suffering doesn’t really faze you. It’s all cosplay for them. Mom. Wife. Teacher. Lover. Baker. Educated, Coastal Elitist. I curse a lot, so have your smelling salts handy ❌, & 🌹= InstaBlock. No time for BS. I mute fools.
WaterDrinkerH2O this is not a remy kin acc i have fashion history side blog & it is where i get pics & resources ,i never post on tumblr ,only reblog. i reblog many cool historical fashions & history facts & also book/tea aesthetics sometimes !! macaroni-fashion-and-cheese james, bisexual rat, 17y/o. insta: WaterSipps
popmarts nh Green bean casserole is the greatest scam going. People just getting rid of their disgusting green beans and pouring cheese and garlic on it, tricking them into thinking that greens beans are cool and yummy. But they aren't! They stink! Just trying to get back to the glory days
ElizaJBarr Sydney, Australia @cameron_adams I Fought The Law is excellent but unfortunately the venue cited in the yarn is deeply cheesy and that's almost too cool. Like, we're talking Grease mega-mix cheese. Journalist, News Corp. Music enthusiast. Saved by grace. // Insta: @ElizaJBarr // Story? eliza.barr@news.com.au.
clgbutterfly Conroe, Tx This is truly bizarre and wickedly cool. Mother, Steamstress, Historian, and all while holding down a full-time job!
Dutiful_Murdock Youngest and I made cheese and ham muffins! Only downside is waiting for them to cool sufficiently so that we can have tea :) #sundaybaking #igotleftwiththewashingup Tree-hugging leftie liberal. I like tea, books and duvets. 'Nuff said. she/her
jadeo09 UK @MrAmazinglyAce @drunkvegans @MMBTycalibre @aldivalalmashi @Bron1954 @ZeroCarbSarah @travis_statham @ukmav @cerebralsymphoy @nosferatusaint @hilltopgina @GoVeganAndDie @PlantBasedNews @KetoAurelius @CarnivoreKeto @Dave06031956 @Cynwel73 My bf is like that. I like tofoo or cauldron the the best raw lol. I made cottage cheese with it by mixing it with plain (v) yoghurt (or oatly creme fraiche) it was identical!! Can cook it and cool before mixing it with yoghurt though :-) Passionate human rights and animal rights supporter. Leftie
Jr22944310 CT/NYC Sex is cool and all but have you ever had the Mac & Cheese bites from #CheeseCakeFactory ? Oh my... •#ChopOn • #GiantsPride •Executive Partner, InRhythm
Private_pwnge Behind the local Denny’s @tocopuff While it’s still the least broken of the DS games, it’s still SUPER easy to cheese, like with Hellfire or anything sub Gladiator, well at least you get blindsided by that forkin torpedo fish and it clears out you entire front line The maps or cool tho so is all goooood My real name is Ayden👏. I like Fate/, Fire Emblem, Fallout, and really just RPGs; Find me at Private_Pwnge#5283 on discord
PavPR20 Pennsylvania, USA Per Diem at @ROCKLITITZ is such a cool place. Staff and food was INCREDIBLE. This Duck & Tomato Mac and Cheese was a true weekend highlight! #food #lancaster Constantly looking for my next adventure. Passionate building brands at @BrandYourself. Dream Chasing with @MichaelWavves. Football Fan. Lover of Life
qdobagoodingjr Milwaukee, WI @ChrisLongKSTP @RamieIsTweeting In the age of Uber and Lyft, it’s kind of an old guy take to say it’s near cool stuff. Your food is about the same as any other stadium, MN doesn’t really have a claim to fame as evidenced by the fact that they serve cheese curds there. So sight lines I guess? Comedian Ryan Mason. Host of Welcome to Reality podcast. Bucks fan. Opinions are my own. Insta: ryanmason18
TanukiDanShow Little Rock, AR The cool thing about being stuck in bed is I have leveled up a ton at some Mario Maker super expert. I also rediscovered my love for brocolli and cheese! I am Tanuki Dan! Twitch affiliate and musician, watch me at and I'll sing an improv song just for you
dprdreams ᴅᴘʀ ♡ h1ghr ♡ IMJM ⏁ ATZ ♡ cheese & wine bc that ctyl is so clear and he says iite cool after
RevCiancio NYC $3 pizzas!?? HECK YEAH! Get to @tomatoandco2014 in gsplaza and get yours now! . Want to go beyond a basic cheese pizza? The concept here is pretty cool. . Made with all fresh ingredients,… Marketing, social media, hospitality, location, craft beer, food ... mostly burgers. Founder @burgerweek. Love @CaraLynnShultz. Dir Industry Insights @yext
Hope_WS Winston-Salem, NC This is a pretty cool study about two of my favorite things- cheese and music... who knew you could change the flavor of cheese by changing the soundtrack? 🧀 🎶 H.O.P.E. of Winston-Salem is dedicated to reducing childhood hunger and encouraging healthy eating habits.
Triineo_ 🇨🇱 pfp by @teanaakooo 3. He may seem cool and all but he's kind of boring 4. He's a lazy boy 5. He likes to wear random outfits 6. he is 5'1 7. he doesn't like soup :< 8. cheese [I draw and stuff] 🎨 💚-- my uwu's: @undeadking345 - @Kelanrn - @fwuffyJoey - @teanaakooo --💚
_glittermoose Richmond, VA cool cool cool, they ordered pizza for lunch and not a single one of them is cheese or even a pepperoni where i can pick the pepperoni off, they are all triple meat pizzas or have bacon under the cheese Ethan | formerly Tizzrah | Trans / Queer / He/Him | cats, coffee and complaints | horror movies and video games | at the end of everything, hold onto anything
SoulistaPhD New York, NY I'm late, but here are my chip picks! And this is the definitive list. All other lists are inferior!! 1. Nacho Cheese Doritos 2. Cheetos 3. Cool Ranch Doritos 4. Fritos 5. Classic Lay's 6. BBQ My BOOK #DressedInDreams: A Black Girl's Love Letter to the Power of Fashion is AVAILABLE for PRE-ORDER!
AmandaRuth10 Seattle, WA Listen up kidlets, cracking an egg on the head of a pol who wants to bring the worst type of racism into the public arena (& filming it) is so much more an effective (and f'ing cool) way to be an internet hero than throwing cheese slices at babies. #eggboy #resisit Go for glory! Seamstress, pug lover, mother, wife. embarrassed about our country right now. Best thing about tRump, people have revealed their true souls. Now we know.
InWisconsin Wisconsin #WisconsinCheese is always a hit, but especially at @SXSW: “Maybe someone says, ‘I went to this cool AI panel,’ and someone else says, ‘yeah, but did you hear about the Wisconsin Cheese?’” In Wisconsin, you're free to THINK bigger, encouraged to MAKE your mark and poised for great things to HAPPEN.
jinxeekatt Phoenix, AZ Breakfast all day is cool and all but what about bacon cheese burgers at 8 AM? #alldaydinnerpls Woof in HGC, DoA Dungeon Master, tank for gilliShark, ESports fan, Arthas main, cat lover, and chicken nugget connoisseur. inquires @ Jinxeekatt@gmail.com
The_Subhuman @branded_sports ill tell you what...i saw nacho cheese doritos #2 and was ready to throw down. figured you’d choose cool ranch #1 when nacho cheese is far superior. however, you blindsided me with the ABSOLUTE CORRECT answer with chex mix bold in the #1 slot. you know how to rank chips sir.
HeyGeek Seattle/NYC. it's a long story so... wtf? I can have cheese with no problem, but yesterday evening I had a little thing of chocolate milk (it was so good!) and spent the night with lactose intolerance cramps and pain. but... cheese is fine? weird? anywho I didn't sleep at all so that's cool. /grumbling thoughts are not my own and were likely tweeted by @j_tak 5 minutes earlier or suggested to me by @BCU79 3 months ago.
mattysal_ Pluto the forgotten planet And self hate you’d realize how every day is a chore bro I’m tired. Free Tom, ranch over blue cheese, and bmws are cool asf ||producer/songwriter||
SeanErnst @shaun_jen It’s too bad focused on the old show. My daughter loves the newer show and it’s surprisingly watchable. There is an episode where weird Al is a guest star and plays a pony named cheese sandwich. There is a cool weird Al song and everything
HeidiHoholek Green Bay, WI This video is 😂😂😂 and for the record: 1. Nacho cheese Doritos 2. Cheetos 3. Cool Ranch Doritos 4. Fritos 5. Plain Lays chips, with a dip 6. BBQ chips, I like eating them with chicken Packers & Brewers fan, 5k & 10k walker, scooter enthusiast, farmers markets, & seeking new adventures!
JonHammsGirl Memphis, TN @heyhi_mandy @__ceremonials @JShep41 Italian tomato pie is an Italian-American baked good consisting of a thick, porous, focaccia-like dough covered with tomato sauce. It may be sprinkled with romano cheese or oregano. It is not usually served straight from the oven, but allowed to cool and then consumed room temp Just a small town girl that has a big love for Tarheel basketball with a healthy side of Grit and Grind!
StyleSuite4 Florida @byjoelanderson Millionaire pie is cream cheese, cool whip, crushed pineapple, and pecans dumped in graham cracker crust and chilled. My wife makes it every Thanksgiving. But i feel ya. Sweet potato is #1 in my family. A product of Duval & DMV blended. Air Force Vet. Owner of Style Suite, LLC. 1st Team All common sense.
Mia_Miaaa Chicago. @HeyHeyItsPeyyy @AriannaAKJ @LorenzoThaGreat Cool Ranch, Nacho Cheese, Cheetos, BBQ and Original can equally get it and Fritos is last R.I.P Marquis 💙
mitchell_redd 4) (actually 4 I like, haha) Oxford Canteen. This place is really cool. Their new location is rocking, and they have a bunch of healthy options. Brisket grilled cheese is great; burritos and soups. Staff also great 5/ UGA // Ole Miss Alum
dadderley Centreville @odetteroulette @LindseyGrahamSC cool, welcome aboard... When the going gets tough And the stomach acids flow The cold wind of conformity Is nipping at your nose When some trendy new atrocity Has brought you to your knees Come with us we'll sail the Seas of cheese - Les Claypool of Primus “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”
SnitchShadow4 This is not the first time I’ve gotten a @panerabread steak and white cheddar panini without cheese 🙄🙄 at least I know enough to check before I leave every time. For an $11 sandwich honestly it’s not cool 😐 It's real for us.
HappyFrideve England, United Kingdom “A third added: "F***ing idiots throwing cheese slices at babies faces, wow you're so cool and funny, what you really are is a piece of s***. And? #happyfrideve I navigate the mundane M-F with quirky stories from the world and give you the best of my week. Remember.The weeks will fly by if you believe. in Happy Frideve!
JohnnyBCool Beaver, PA This is why I love late night Twitter. Inhibitions lowered, maybe things said you'll regret and delete in the morning. Maybe one more beer. Cooking ham, egg, and cheese on bagels. Late night Twitter. Social media tested, Johnny B Cool approved. I don't sell cars, I help people buy them. On the off time, I'm a beer drinker with a golf and poker problem.
HentaiHighlord @yourThot_ Ham AND Cheese, Don't forget the cheese Also Japanese is pretty cool I guess not sure tho Fapping to well-drawn hentai is my hobby

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