Coll is Cool.

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tbhcookie lost in reality @colliscool @Michael5SOS is this how you got coll is cool did you time travel to the future then use Michael's tweet save me from myself
FRNK1ER0 Mars Hotel @lukeybaes5sos coll is cool 2.0 I love you David Bowie|| MSI followed 2/7/16|| coll followed 1/29/16|| Easy Peasy pumpkin Peasy, pumpkin pie|| i h8 @JBB_GASKARTH
Habanero_hes Hence the name Coll is cool happy:))
itsmgca ❄️ ❄️ arg ❄️ ❄️ @Michael5SOS no,coll is cool @colliscool coll is cool fav me 4 times and i love 5sos
menswearcths @colliscool @Michael5SOS I don't think he's talking about you @ coll is not cool intersectional feminist :*・°☆
ashley_loves_R5 conner followed 12.29.15 Coll is so cool n im just being lame Conner is a flopato :) mikey is so adorable I die
badlndshemmo @colliscool @Michael5SOS coll is not cool, coll is warm sad but rad//currently screaming bc halsey follows
fooIsIrh my house duh @Michael5SOS coll is cool shes says : babe you look so cool
Cliffordfringex texas @colliscool @Michael5SOS lmao this is totally about you coll I mean coll is COOL ✨just a lil bumbling loser✨
xsophia_11x |-/ @colliscool @Michael5SOS bc coll is cool bands bands and more bands
takemetoluek sc : lucasta_hills @colliscool @Michael5SOS coll is cool. I Daddy kink this song to you.
malumsmyreject @colliscool @Michael5SOS lolz coll is cool chipped nail polish, loud music & larry hugs ⚀ in the place that feels the tears, the place to lose your fears ⚁
messyissa issas arms in a fantasy world @colliscool @Michael5SOS coll is so cool yes if you loved me, why'd you leave me?
crybbyxo Brownsville, TX @Michael5SOS coll is cool. just your typical fangirl that ships shit.
SelenaHemmo96 @colliscool @Michael5SOS coll is cool #phantrash right here
httpcalumbass @Michael5SOS coll is cool my name?... Calum moans it all the nights.
calumslipring_ TX. @Michael5SOS COLL IS COOL i just want some friends please
1003_emily @Michael5SOS Coll is cool I'm trash.... -Phan trash -Tøp trash -Michael Clifford trash -Danny and Paul trash
colleenttine limitless @Michael5SOS coll is cool god knows the world doesn't need another band // coll me faveo ni nos vimos
invisiblelrhx by the food @Michael5SOS coll is cool @colliscool hi friends (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ //rowyso hartford 9.5.15. coll is cool follows me now omg
mythicalpal @Michael5SOS coll is cool love me like you did, i'll give you anything.
castawaybadland calum as a pear tryin to an outline of coll is cool and its so fucking hard lil meme loving fuck | loves Calum Hood | #TeamFollowBack | #5SOSFAM | 1/4 Silent Pilot | 0/4 5SOS| @angelicmarais is my bae | i turned calum into a pear wow
5quadwtf in wendys @groupchatRT COLL IS COOL ❤️12/8/15 met 5Quad❤️

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