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CardChronicle Louisville, KY College basketball is cool Founder/manager of //t.co/zyxEMIbBNH. College basketball editor for SB Nation. Co-host of Ramsey and Rutherford, Monday-Friday from 3-6 on 93.9 The Ville.
fuckdoyoudo Earth College basketball is cool. Hank Moody minus the whole getting laid part. #KKM
stevenmfitz Is there any other city that has 6 Div 1 college basketball programs in 5 different conferences? I think that's pretty cool Livin' the dream. All Day. Everyday. Arsenal. Phils. Birds.
rossgelber Charlotte UNC and Purdue each won by 31 points today. College basketball is cool 'Hey that Ross guy is pretty cool.' - Somebody I overheard one time.
HussongsVegas Mandalay Place, Las Vegas So there is some college basketball happening, we have some TVs on and the adult beverages are cool and refreshing. #justsayin #BBall The famed Ensenada bar is now open in Las Vegas. Join us for strong drinks and great food. Located at Mandalay Place between Mandalay Bay and Luxor.
AveryyReeves insta/snap yonas_reeves College basketball is cool and all but if you think it comes close to college football I'm sorry you're stupid Go cocks
grant_cool_fun @lvshak because it makes no sense. Watching good NBA basketball feels like studying, watching college is like pure mindless entertainment listen to me now, believe me later

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