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ShucklinSSB Corrin is fun, found some very interesting things with side/neutral b, bair is really cool PM Squirtgawd player. Complete trash at video games. Forever reppin MN, currently attending UW Stout, head of Blue Devil Smash. Other twitter at @KindaAScrub
FluffieDog93 @CutiePittooty I like Corrin more tbh Baeonetta is really cool,but so weird Timm aka Deutsch Laugh Man | Competitive Smash Player | Mains:Ryu,Cloud,Mewtwo | Emmeryn is the best Waifu | Dark Type Trainer | Stylish | Male,14
GardeBlaze The city of San Antionio, Tx Newcomers Robin and Lucina are cool, DLC Roy is cool, and newcomer DLC Corrin is cool too. How do they manage to be consistently cool?! I'm that one person from YouTube who does Let's Plays, Vlogs, Pokémon battles, Turf Wars, ect. I also rule the Kingdoms of Milk, Pasta, Chicken, and Cheese.
W0NDERwaffle3 In your closet. ;) @EtikaWNetwork I was upset that we didn't get KingK, and I didnt like the new chars. After downloading them omfg they are cool, corrin is 👌🏼 Do people even read this shit?
MariRambles Internet Corrin and Bayo are super fun. Bayo's dunks and combos are crazy satisfying. Corrin is a goddamn spear-water-dragon, weird but cool moves. Lover of games, anime, sweets, and all things fluffy. Maximum dork. #Support4Lyfe
SmellyYomon Grass Valley, CA Corrin seems cool. Up B is a powerful kill move. Doesn't quite play like a FE character. Kind of reminds me of Meta Knight. —— ɢ ʀ ᴀ ᴘ ʜ ɪ ᴄ • ᴅ ᴇ s ɪ ɢ ɴ ᴇ ʀ —— HOBBIES//Fashion, video games, SSB4, music, decor, thrifting, amiibo. FAVS//EarthBound, Sigur Ros, The Fifth Element, RPDR
CFreak14 Raxacoricofallapatorius @danfornace Corrin is cool, too. Top players are underrating him imo, but we'll see. I main Toon Link in Smash 4, and Forsburn in Rivals of Aether. I like wavedashing too much.
ianpl24 I got them. Bayonetta is pretty cool but Corrin, despite my doubts, is main material. Some dumb loser who like vidya games and animation.
dreadbore yeehawtexas corrin is fucking cool future single dad
PheCantRap Sandusky, OH So Corrin and Bayonetta seem cool Bayo is not easily accessible and I'm going to need time to learn her alot more than Corrin probably I'm here to promote a healthy lifestyle consisting of drugs, guns, and offensively loud rap music. Zany-Phe of @Car2nHooligans https://t.co/Gl7rbGdPWj…

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