Daylight savings is Cool.

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khalanerrz Bc of daylight savings, my 10 pm story is still on. That's cool lol
Treyyoung8866 Daylight savings is cool I occasionally do sick shit
jamiidouglas Ottawa, ON Daylight savings is not cool when you have to work early in the morning and you can't fall asleep.... Life Enthusiast || CU || October baby || Sens Army Imperfections create character.
patmerloff bk daylight savings is cool! daylight savings is neat! spring forward to an hour of lost sleep!!! it's ok to cry
ZachMooreDesign Los Angeles, CA Thank you @ETCInc for building a controller that knows when daylight savings is.... now if only my car were that cool. Lighting designer and general theatrical person, based in Los Angeles, CA. Occasionally seen in theme parks.
Joshplus3 Honestly ,This daylight savings time is cool .But like. Later in the year. In May. You can stay out later.But today. It was hard to wake up. Husband.Father.Laker fan
estevangalvez Washington, USA Daylight Savings Time is like that cool friend you only see every once in a while who makes you change all your clocks don't cry because it's over, cry because you forgot to take selfies during it // 20, comedy writer
erinemarkham Daylight savings is cool. not a student
willging LA @fobraonain cool. the LD is on an hour later in the most US time zones due out our adjust to Daylight Savings Time. no worries. here we go. just an average joe with moments of being above.
markala_morton mars is it cool to blame sleepin til 6 pm on daylight savings time or big head big dreams
EthaPope5 The Basement Collective Daylight savings is cool cause light i'm ethan & I enjoy a simple but happy life with chocolate milk. I do vocals in a band. we all like music. fuck @_frankenbean https://t.co/VW2gBAj7xU…
DRoDeNiro German Born Balkan Blooded I'm cool with it getting dark later... Daylight savings is coo What a time, to be a Slime. - In God We Trust, In Thots We Lust. #PatriotsNation #ForeignGang IG: DarioBrkovic
Scott_Captian Daylight savings time is really cool ½ of the time I'm Ol' Hob in the streets, Ol' Hob in the sheets. I'm... I'm just the Devil.
ArcaneSylph some spooky place daylight savings time is never really fun, but i guess having more sunlight is cool. it's not much, but make yourself at home. //t.co/EXIoYGZQx7
LastResortHumor Wayne's World Daylight savings time is cool because now I'm awake when all the birds are coming out. It's like getting to hear a band warm up before a set I draw stuff and complain about movies a bunch.
Jennife18761360 Not cool when you're future baby daddy wakes you up at 6:30am on daylight savings time! My a** is lazy all day now
chipfranklin San Francisco, CA This is cool. All my clocks automatically go to Daylight Savings Time, although it takes them six months to do it. Content Grinder, host KGO Radio 12-3pm SF, Musician, Comic, Writer, Filmmaker, Winner of National Edward R. Murrow award for writing radio and TV.

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