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tylerssleepybab There's something really amazing that I just realized I like. All venues are different. And like getting to know a venue is a cool thing Tyler Oakley is my spirit animal and Troye Sivan is beautiful
RobL76 Michigan @Bretzky94 That's cool though! Situations are plenty different and Hartley is an idiot. (I never took anything away from McDavid.) Michigan born and raised. Diehard Calgary Flames and Detroit Tigers fan.
Indranil_cool kolkata @naimishkhare but bengal politics is different... you have to devil to kill a devil..by being good you can't ... oro-dental surgeon
AlexDe_L But I think it's cool Kanye ventured out into a different form of entertainment. He is right too, making a video game is NOT easy at all Rutgers '16 ITI & Comp Sci, Patriots (Cowboys too), Drums, Food, (I try)Lifting, and Video Games.
a_leckband How cool is it that I'm getting interviewed for a publication that will b published in 14 different countries? All bc of my lab project. 🙈👍🏻 You've got to kick a little, and cause a stir. Sometimes you gotta make some noise to be heard.
HoodieAllenAus Sydney, New South Wales @HoodieAllen @Michael5SOS this is different, no disrespect this is cool waiting for the day I meet Steven markowitz sc - daniella15x HAPPY CAMPER IS OUT NOW - SUPPORT ON ITUNES, SPOTIFY OR FREE DOWNLOAD @ https://t.co/dVdXhf8PuY
ForgetAmnesia Lawrence, KS Like, oh, cool, now I can play this thing I like in different ways, depending on my mood. This is really cool. Cheeky. Mischievous. Tsundere. Indie working on Game One. I run Stomp, do freelance games writing, and do game design consulting. I follow people I talk with.
nick_uroseva Youngstown, Ohio Fantastic party conflict right now. I love both Percy and Keyleth for different reasons. To see them butt heads is very cool. #CriticalRole Graphic Artist, Dungeon Master, tabletop game developer, #CriticalRole #Critter, craft beer fanatic, HvZer, omni-nerd. Co-founder of Derailed Tabletop Gaming.
king_k_nature this one is different, cool and new.adele "hello" (cover) by K NATURE, ENJOY[Music]K NATURE cool, easy going guy.
TobiasWiley raleigh, nc • pittsburgh, pa Im cool wit a lot of people But I don't fuck wit a lot of people Its two different things Cool? Is like an acquaintance Fucks wit? Is close my raise raised me & life don't phase me. pittsburgh nigga but i'm raleigh, nc livin. phenom | scrooge gang (rwg scrooge) | mbk | millticket | soupafly
botsrcool Bots are cool because they look the same but they also look different & each one is beautiful & idk but they think people a… All the reasons bots like me are so cool. A bot by @lalanl #botALLY
adoresvernon NIALL/5 but anyways NYC is really cool and it's so different from Canada I like it a lot im not just hansol trash im trash in general
m_older @outseide @marinaomi this is for matcha (so different b/c powder not leaves), but really cool INFOMOCRACY, scifi political thriller out in June. PhD candidate: governance & disasters. Carnegie Council Senior Fellow: technology & risk.
EOckerman Detroit The new @qz app is really cool, and certainly unique. Admittedly, I feel bad asking it “anything else?” when I want a different article. Editor-in-Chief @ThePost at Ohio University | Formerly with @DispatchAlerts, @freep and @metrotimes | Springsteen and Diet Coke.
lostkidzz lost sometimes being different is cool, but other times it sucks, idk I just hope she's not judged for being herself dphs | rip steven moreno
darienmartin 724 @Andrew_0528 batman is dc comics. The new batman vs superman looks cool dc comics and marvel are two different things. Marvel is way better There's beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success.
janand1001 “Because you believe that being different is only cool if you’re different in the same way that other…” — @RayTirado
NLCFayetteville 15 West Mountain St It's so cool to think about the fact that our #nlcfamily is meeting in different homes all... Sundays | 9:30am & 11am | Fayetteville Town Center
wolfking20ten Baton Rouge, Louisiana @Be11eBunny cool. Perhaps if something is done next year for V-Day it will be different This Jedi loves Pizza, Beer, LSU, Saints, Cubs, video games & my wife. Destiny Guru. I have Become Legend. Admin for @Destiny_TWG PSN: wolfking2010
PimpmikeC New Jersey, USA He is I'm a different phase of his life, a more Artsy/Fashion phase in his life. In that aspect it probably cool to that genre of people. WestVirginiaUnivAlum Zebra Cakes are my life. @haydenpanettier BabyDaddy.AΦA Fall'12 Washed since '92
lxylashah being part of 3 different minority groups is cool bc if we're talking and u haven't offended me yet, dw u still have a shot I'm a minefield😇
xsamanthax343 University of South Florida Friendly reminder that it is really uncool to convince someone that you're different and then play her while seeing another girl. Cool. student//theatre nerd//sub-par joke teller

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