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Ash_Bash4411 Seattle. "Poe! Poe is space cool uncle" -emily #Disneyland60 My name is Ash and I do life with a sketchbook in one hand and a tube of lipstick in the other.
tomorrowsoc St Louis, MO A few cool shots of Star Wars Land and Shanghai is not enough to make up for so much bad. #Disneyland60 A blog and podcast that take an intelligent look at Disney World and other theme parks from a fan's perspective.
sarahannecantu Los Angeles, CA the new Star Wars land @ Disney is gonna look so cool šŸ˜šŸ˜ #Disneyland60 I love you
clippittv Mountain View, CA This is S O cool!!! #StarWars #Disneyland60 With the Clippit app, you can clip your favorite TV shows/sporting events that are on the air now and share those clips with friends and family.
skoobish California Kinda wish that Rascal Flatts were the ones at Cars Land performing "Life Is A Highway," but Little Big Town is cool, too. šŸ‘ #Disneyland60 I eat, live, & breathe books. Music is my love. Writing is my thing. Matcha makes me happy. I post on Instagram more than I tweet. Instagram: @aquietvillage
admirablemotaa California, USA #Disneyland60 is so coolšŸ˜ I love you more babe! - Bethany Noel Mota
jerylmonster Sacto/Reno This whole Star Wars Main Title montage is so cool. And the entire crowd is waving lightsabers!!! I've got CHILLS. #Disneyland60 (Personal account and tweets.) 24. ENFJ. #SApro. @USFCA (M.A.) + @SacState (B.S.). #SJSharks + #SFGiants. Ī ĪšĪ¦. Former #DutchMafia. #FaithfullyLGBT. He/him/his.
SaladBird this is cool #Disneyland60
werewolfcowgirl Las Vegas @tinkkim that is such a cool story. Thanks for sharing! #Disneyland60 Saber Guild. Star Wars. Disney Steampunk. Running (slowly). #TeamHoojb Living the nerd life one day at a time.
thealdywaldy Los Angeles, CA Glow With the Show is so cool when everyone is wearing it. Too bad barely anyone actually buys the gear in the parks šŸ˜” #Disneyland60 Some imagination, huh? | Host for @MakerStudios | Instagram/Snapchat thealdywaldy
Cool_Jasmin Las Vegas Mom and daughter at #Disneyland60 this is what we can do to help make dreams come true #ShareYourEars
jerylmonster Sacto/Reno Oh my goodness. Watching Idina Menzel perform "Let It Go" in front of the World of Color waterfront is so cool. #Disneyland60 (Personal account and tweets.) 24. ENFJ. #SApro. @USFCA (M.A.) + @SacState (B.S.). #SJSharks + #SFGiants. Ī ĪšĪ¦. Former #DutchMafia. #FaithfullyLGBT. He/him/his.
pixarsprincess Idina Menzel's voice is beautiful enough, then she sings in front of World of Color to slowly kill me okay cool thanks queen #Disneyland60 My thoughts are 99% Finding Dory, 1% pizza rolls
Go2TalentAgency California #RainbowConnection is kind of the best song on the planet! And #ToriKelly sings like an angel! #Disneyland60 No offense #Kermit. You cool 2! Lisa & Terry Lindholm's Go 2 Talent Agency (GTA) is the Next Step in dance and choreography representation.
Go2TalentAgency California #Disneyland really is made of magic. I mean, they even can choreograph all their ears. HOW FRICKIN COOL IS THAT?! #Disneyland60 #Magic Lisa & Terry Lindholm's Go 2 Talent Agency (GTA) is the Next Step in dance and choreography representation.
ichiro998 West Coast #Disneyland60 is a very cool concert. Adviser. Blogger. Major social media & sports addict. #Foodie #News & #Politics junkie. #Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. (John 14:6)
Danielle21A tracy, CA @berberchang Their parades are cool. That lantern is nice that Walt has. #Disneyland60 Hey like swimming and the color blue.
pjpetersen5 This #Disneyland60 special is pretty cool so far... Owner of @Petersen_Media. Huge fan of the Raiders, Kings, and Giants!
jaylenoishotter Cool about the #Disneyland60 is how many celebs I've seen in the parks. Know they actually like the parks. And the Cove Bar @Sarah_Hyland Quakes fan who preaches to the choir WONDO IS A FORWARD. #quakes74 https://t.co/twaM1ZK21f

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