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EmilyRetzer Drew is cool !
jakewyattriot Louisiana, USA been a long time since i drew something that didn't have to carry a story or sell a concept drawing just for the cool of it is so refreshing draws, writes, animates. makes a comic about swords. creative director at @moonbotstudios. profile photo by @saratoga, modified by @PlinaGanucheau.
alexandrasketch Australia @heatherlime this is so cool. I love how you drew his nose! Freelance illustrator. Available for work: alexandrasalasch@gmail.com https://t.co/uDrnb9tdYA
Drew_Anderson37 Regis Jesuit High School I think @calmccoy189 is cool too. RJHS '18
fbr1881 Al-Khobar THIS IS SO MUCH AWESOME! @rmadyah drew my lovely Ruby 😍😍😍 X3 This is so cool! Thanks a lot… A proud Artist and an Architect student at KFUPM! For business: Abdullah.aljudaybi@gmail.com
lovelyhoying xe/he/ey i drew ricky bc his hair is cool @troyesivan: I'll see u in court sweaty
drew_halvo San Diego, CA @seawayband bring back those everything is cool man long sleeves pls I'm a badass because I'm nice
1D_fan4222 Thought is would be cool if me and my friends drew late late on our left arms in honor of Harry @Harry_Styles One Direction for life Niall is my fav liam Louis Harry
IncredibleSuit London, England Sexy-looking "graffiti noir" Blue, directed by @joelygreengiant, is looking for kickstarting help. RT if you're cool 'Editor' of film blog The Incredible Suit. Writer of filmy words for Empire magazine and other sexy outlets. Unhinged James Bond fan. Pierce Brosnan upsetter.
bmx_nate Your Mom's House I definitely just accidentally drew a swastika..Trying to come up with 948 different designs is hard. The Nazi's did have a cool logo tho... Life is about finding your true love. Mine? Cars and food
DaskAlec This is fan art my little sis drew and colored of @Jack_Septic_Eye just a few moments ago! She's really cool X3
kid_kully Vancouver, Washington @Parissa_Rad this is really cool, you drew this?
camp_DREW_bell Corvo or NoGo Just added a bunch of MLB players on snapchat. 2016 is cool... I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious...
Drew_Lab New York City Wow, this one is so cool! #SciArt #2016MMM Lecturer at @Columbia University. I study fish ecology and biogeography. I also head up our MA in Conservation Biology program. Feminist. LGTBQ supporter.
Drew_Breyfogle SUNY Oneonta Hey Arnold is cool and all... But how does he get a shirt over his head? Fun. Smart. Handsome. Liar.
aradiiaa1 Florida, USA Drew my #OC! Her name is Carmen Rivera and she is a precious ball of sunshine who likes to pretend she's all cool 😙 Just a 17 y/o artist who enjoys Homestuck and Undertale! This is where I post personal stuff about my not-so-eventful personal life.
switzke header by @tomselleck69 @uhhhrude I don't know who drew it but this is cool sean witzke / writer / @_HenryKrinkle / https://t.co/cjgiocGFPV / A MESS

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