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FawadRocker Peshawar Kpk @bhogleharsha Younas khan is really cool dude in Pak team no aggrition classy player of Test Student of International Relation,Social worker,Photographer,Modeling,Rapper
briananicole023 Not to sound like a dick or anything, the dude is fucking cool and super sweat. put love into every action
Hollasheny Old Trafford The Segun I know is a very calm, cool and calculative dude... whatever bewitched him into that suicide mission is still beyond me! ~ A man's description of himself is hardly a true reflection of his personality ~ //t.co/IwlMytkWoL…
instantkarmabln Yoko Ono: "I had nothing to do with breaking up The Beatles. And I think Paul (McCartney) is a pretty cool dude."  rabimmelrabammelrabumm.
DiazFCD21 Kaufman, TX @hunsaker_h I heard this dude is cool to go with, Maybe I'm Amazed... Forever #DallasTX
queermarik ygo hell chiba mamoru is that dude u think is super cool and then when u get to know him u realize hes the biggest fucking loser clint/marik || 18 || he/they || matching with @queerbakura
bryce_michael01 Hopkinsville, KY @Culver_Colby57 @KobyBatts @neely_g wrestling is so cool dude... Definitely my life's ambitions SC: bmhans Instagram: bryce_michael01
bayonetwork_ Troutdale I love being a mom so much, like holy shit dude. I made this tiny version of myself and the person I love. How cool is that?? I am full of shit, I'm a plagiarist.
_3Geezy Why is it cool for Gronkowski to party in public but when my dude Johnny Manziel do it, everyone loses their mind? CO raised, Florida living. #DreamChasers IG: _3Geezy
nwiggins11 San Diego @bostonfan17846 Yeah dude it sucks, the class overall is pretty cool tho and that's cuz the professor is super awesome USD '19 Matthew 6:33 Ducks Red Sox USD and Michigan fan American Outlaw: San Diego Chapter Superhero geek #dreamville #blacklivesmatter #Feelthebern
MollyMiller951 @wicked_setters dude, hubby is so cool to indulge my 80s film addiction. Self promotion grates with my middle class conservative raising. I have no issues telling ppl how amazing my husband and kids are. I block twat-bots
MikeSteinmetz4 Madison, OH @SydneyHyrne cool dude. You're underage, teen drinking is very bad Full time ghost hunter. | In love with Jack Reger | Founder of frat AKD (Alpha Kappa Douchebag) | @taylorstarke is an adult
Jakoblarsen13 (916) @QuinnFong14 is a cool dude fuck morality
K_Wilddd @allaayisrad my boy @PBandJ4MES is a pretty cool n funny dude. 🤔 I'd rather die - that's the motto nigga
GregoryTheGr8 So Cal Crazy thing is when he got caught it was lightweight in the media now dude has been back for a cool min... A Baller on a budget, word to my boy Jason Pitts...
ShipeSmash Minneapolis, MN Dear #PROTECTO @paulkman is a pretty cool dude too. He played the mellophone but I promise he doesn’t bite. I think. 270 on 8! Go Gophers!
JenoaSandlin Oakland, California Max Bemis is ultimate hot cool dadbod dude Jesus, knitting, films, and meeting people. Intern @regenerationOak || You'll usually find me with coffee. || 1st Corinthians 16:14
sheharyaranjum1 Hi @Halo cool dude here asking kewl question...why isn't team doubles a permanent playlist? It is a core playlist that defines halo for many sometimes when no one is looking i whip my hair back and forth

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