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thereturnofg those people in the pic and like 4 other people are the only people I fuck with HEAVY. Everyone else is cool or irrelevant paranoia keep you safe at night
THEJulianThomas ..everyone else is cool too ig šŸ˜’ lol CheerleaderāœŠ Chicago Bulls, Bears, White Sox, & Blackhawks ALL DAY. EVERY DAY!
nerdpalooza my fav MCR pic is the one where G and Mikey are all cool and emo and everyone else is trying to eat Ray Everyone stares but nobody ever sees you.
Broadwaybandit5 @Great_IsNate I'm a little skeptical on Carrie...everyone else is cool. I'm....me. If you tried to put me in a box, it probably wouldn't work. I just can't be contained! I'm a huge Broadway girl, & break out in dance for no reason!
enterthefish there Me: *sees that everyone else is cool and has pals* Me: lmao its cool ill just watch Star Wars again hi I'm Zack and jaws was never my scene and I don't like star wars
MrDatOtherGuy North Lakes, Brisbane Basically everyone in ayylmao chat you are all great people to meme with And also anyone else who isn't in ayylmao but is cool anyway If you found me, great! I post stuff and have a YT that is somewhat entertaining. Hope you have a good day!
awkwardly_cool LA X NYC I'm the only American in my group of friends tonight. Everyone else is either Italian, Australian, or South African... IG: @j_e.ai
bellegoldfrench Kinda feel like I should change my lock screen because everyone else's is cool and I've had mine for like 2 years Oncer, Rumbelle
Johzah_ Kingdom Heaven Bmo is the only person in 7F that is cool, everyone else can kill themselves Angels Will Fall. Co-lead of @WereDivinity
Deliriumish @StitchersTV no. I'd probably trip, fall, and drown in the tank of water, while everyone else is being lovely and cool #Stitchers Felicity Smoak and Delirium are goals. #Arrow #TheSandmanTheKindlyOnes
KingDesWoodfork ig: m0mmycat They only say Trump is bad and Bernie is cool because that's what everyone else is saying. They haven't even kept up with the debates. No, for real. My hair is tangly.
tuxdude143 New Zealand The online additions they made to golden are nice as well. Sending sos's and seeing what everyone else picked using the voice system is cool 17 | M | New Zealand | INFP | Experienced button masher. | Tweets random shit usually about video games, music or other stuff Works part time @techvananz
UKBleedingBlue KY & Southern California @Claudia_WMS She's as cool as the other side of the pillow - everyone else is running for 2nd place Equine, Financial, & UK Fan UK Basketball: We had it before you, we had it during you, we'll have it when you're gone #WeAreUK #BBN
bruinz0477 North Of The Wall. Not so. Just @realDonaldTrump isn't allowed. Everyone else is cool. I am big. It's the pictures that got small.
TKarrde23 Los Angeles / Wagnaria you can make everything else about the character all crazy or cool but then the face is just the same as everyone elses no matter what #BiriBoyz Cultivating mass in a room with no eclectic loutwits while waiting for the gum I like to come back in style. MAL: //t.co/MGH2ClFYKh
irwando Redmond, WA, USA @MaggiBot @BlueCatMeeple @MTitelbaum Cool. May come say hi late after everyone else is asleep :) The Magnificent One himself
callmeejess_ You're just as nice to me as you are to everyone else, which is cool but how do I differentiate the way you treat me? Sdsu. trying to live anything but a mediocre life. insta: jessontherocks
Emilyharley_ Edinburgh absolute dream Saturday night , sat alone writing an essay whilst everyone else in my fam is out X cool , love that guys ,thanks, love life snapchat - emilyharley1
taylorswift527 Indianapolis The only place where it's cool to be the same as everyone else is in junior high. - Taylor Swift Everything about Taylor !!

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