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yunglynnx New Orleans, LA not everyone is going to have my mindset and mentality, but that's cool. future nurse & cosmetologist
abigailxxxliz humbled and grounded @KevinPeterzz it's cool everyone is coffee enthusiast // good vibes or go home // 18+ only // #wwdd
RealMainEvent My Mind Everyone my age is married & I am like cool where are my donuts? #FactsOnly Just read the tweets. I eventually make sense. Only follow back those that interact. #UFC fan.
Daley_03shawn Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI Everyone thinks Hawaii is cool but, we don't have a Krispy Kreme or a cookout, or a panera bread actually or a chipotle 🤔. My life in emojis ✈️
Sheggings Salt Lake City, UT Maybe the haters are right and everyone in quidditch is as weird as they think and not as cool as we think. This is my Twitter dedicated 100% to quidditch thoughts and random musings. See also: @Danson9
lightbringing oc bot run by @kuudererere Why is everyone's sigil of summoning so cool and mine is simple and lame. don't call me lulu or i'll kick your ugly ass to hell
Rorschachmedian To a karachite islamabad is more like one small mohalla. Every cool kid knows every other cool kid in town. Everyone goes to same cinema. Time is running, run along
austinMFhinson DFW My birthday is srsly gonna suck fml everyone will be @ work cool ☹RAD & SAD☹
allysienkiewicz Middletown, NY Being shy/quiet is actually pretty cool because you find out stuff about everyone. 😂 bchs'18
creamystarfish Las Vegas, NV I hope everyone is familiar with how super cool @radsnuggles is George Michael stole my sunflowers along with my heart. Cis he/him.
saurenlantos SF / IV / SB Everyone around me is telling me they're excited that I'll finally be 21 on Wednesday and I'm kinda just like "ya.. that'll be cool I guess" Instagram: @saurenlantos
evanjanssen10 Ackley, IA - Ames, IA No really ames it's cool I really didn't want to have any electricity when everyone is gone. #wheresmyflashlight Iowa State Mens Basketball. History Education major. Psalms 19. ..and to God be the glory..
SpreadLoveFresh Houston, TX BBC Radio 1 is cool n all but bro use to really have the jams before everyone was on the soundcloud wave Designing | Branding | Marketing | Worldwide AdidasOriginals • ugottaloveyou®
americaschavez melissa | she/they @inkyubus13 literally everyone is "follow the law, don't break the law, no one is above the law" unless "cool" superheroes are involved ⠀⠀⠀⠀Creator of The Rare Pepe Anal Bead™ Sin

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