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iEual the sota I'm Up and EVOL were cool but this Majid album is special dot connector + pr
Raymond978 Cleveland evol is cool. everyone's still bouta say it all sound the same tell it like it is, than how it could be • SIHS '16
COURTSZN TKEOVR, USA #EVOL is smooth on the cool. Judson Class Of 2016 G/F 6'4 [Take Risks and Prosper.] (#Loading...) #RIPMawMaw 1 Thes. 5:18
moms_luv_haynie Baltimore✈️Dreamville EVOL is cool.. its not DS2.. not close BSU Alum '14.. You're Welcome.. RIP Granny
HOCXCHVN EVOL is cool so far! Musically Inclined.
dxvvntv 757 No slime season, but EVOL is cool
ObsoletePress Monsatanville, Iowa So awesome that @sonicyouth's #EVOL is trending after all of these years! So cool!! Wait....what? Science Fiction, Zines and Anarchy. Professional Guerrilla Ontologists.
taryel1 Oklahoma City... for now Yeah, EVOL is cool and all, but it cannot compare to TPAB in the least. Laughs, video games and music. The power of cheese compels me.
GuillermosMind @MoralesKidd it was cool, but man this EVOL is flames bro A glimpse in my mind is madness
albaldwin54 MKE | DET | PHX 2nd half of 'I'm Up' is cool. 11 for 11 on 'Evol' though
Ish_is_cool Somewhere in the alley THE BEATS ARE UNREAL!!!!!!!! #EVOL
DatGuyDre15 843 to 704 First half is EVOL is greatness Second half is cool Overall, Future got another one. Play my position in the game of life, standing firm. IG: datguydre_15 #JCSU16
TheFreshmatic Sawced Up , Bossed up EVOL cool off first listen but the sound is kinda getting dated like , it's not as exciting to listen to future as it was Ion talk a lot / #FBF / #FGBV1
TheFreshmatic Sawced Up , Bossed up EVOL cool and all but take a break , over saturating is not the key Ion talk a lot / #FBF / #FGBV1
jaygardnerxo houston , tx EVOL is cool.

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