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Mirieli23 No need to get defensive, it all depends on who u are and who your SO is, it's about trust and comfort. My husband is cool w/ ex's & me his
mandclau I have an ex Navy Seal trying some samples right not? How cool is that?!?! #ketones #pruvit #healthy
_Pikocat Southern California It's cool to see that Akuma has EX meter in Tekken. Resource management is something that I've been wanting to see more of in 3D fighters.
meowchell_ Is it just me or I'm just really cool with my ex's? I'm not one to keep grudges it's cold & so is my heart
madeinchelseaz Tucson, AZ You acquired cool music from your ex's your true self is lost byyyeeeee I tweet for me
Irene2raw Sac, City of Trees He is the only ex I'm cool with cause he the only one who didn't fuck me over 🖕🏼😒 Popeyes Princess. Ain't afraid to get a little engine grease under her fingernails MuscleCars&DieselTrucks❤
WaR_Extruh Culofornia @BerlynnKae_eX uplink after all the HP is fine.. is that cool? Code Extruh for 5% off @CinchGaming & @BossBoxes | @zAlone_ is my Son | Proud Player for @Culo_Nation and Team WaR |
Lynae_Wright lower alabama Word around town me & yo ex is cool it's like a movie I've seen a thousand times I hate the end but I still hit rewind SC: lynae_21
audZILLA_ FBook Friends Day is cool…except when u let ur friend stalk their ex on your Facebook and he comes up on your collage rendering it unusable
NiewSmilie 215✈ 202 Word around town me & yo ex is cool😍💦 ||Southwest Philly|| 30th st|| rapper|| 17|| ig Smilie_Toodope|| facbook head honcho|| # 240-701-4549||book me @ lil.ellis@hotmail.com
queenaalyce houston, flexas. when that one ex you disliked for the longest is actually cool now 😂 @amourcaasi
M_EPresley memphis word around town me and yo ex is cool. 20. University of Memphis
12savage_ ColdCity,Tx Word Round Town Me And Yo Ex Is Cool😂 #ThatsWhatWeDo. Chels❤️
SammieLynn0899 word around town me and your ex is cool 😎 sc: sammielynn99
burucchi Brazil. Or maybe the Internet. That said, Deathscythe Hell SD EX is a pretty cool thing. Shame about the SD EX line being STICKERS EVERYWHERE, but yarrrr. I want to be a galactic pretty boy. And a mahou shoujo.
JurnTee My ex Bestfriend is now cool w/ a chick that wanted me dead at one point...lmao never would I ever. You bitches unloyal Business/Promotion Inquiries Email: Jurnee.hood@gmail.com
kjhanley_ is it cool or lame that the last celebrity i saw in the flesh n was srsly happy about was adam gabriel from ex on the beach .............. ~~~middle finger emoji~~
PCH3lp NYC & Worldwide Sounds cool...I'd give it a shot. Maybe. Would you? we solve technology related problems and tweet about it . have a problem? ask us! #PCH3lp
JackHarrop97 James on ex on the beach is cool as fuck snapchat - jackharrop97

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