Fighting is Cool.

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SweetNAwful Los Angeles @jocelynkimchi I always think fighting is cool but I never know whats going on enough to just jump into it :p A junkyard the Company forgot to put a girl in. I'm bad at this game.
MattsBestTweets NoVA/DC Fighting is cool I like burgers, I like fries, I like hangin with the guys
JayGrooms Ohio / Kentucky Fighting with your hands down looks cool but you can't think your chin is stone. It's just a bluff Coach of Kraken Fight Team | Catch as Catch Can Wrestler | Wrestling Connoisseur | Strategist
theKCroyal The Air Capital It's cool I'm sure Connor is used to fighting drunk @jimrome British is my second language. if I followed you it's because you probably tweet @jimrome
ND5533 @BrandonShanker @LatinHawkey its entertainment not fighting. You may not appreciate UFC and that's cool but yes it is a real fight.
JustinYeeSpark Somewhere Fighting is cool. I like watching fights. Probably bored.
YokoCeron Mérida, Yucatán México I became a KNK and Youjin's fan^^! This song is really cool. And @KNK_YOUJIN voice is beautiful. Fighting! Mexico [^_^] _ Dogs + Family + Friends. _ Books + Music + KDramas + Movies _ Anime + Manga + K-pop…
LazyPinecone @katribou One example to me is charlotte, she's a pretty cool but I raise an eyebrow whenever I see her 3d model in fighting scenes An artist who is proficient in wordplay, dad jokes and cheesy pickup lines.
JVFarrell Levittown/Cortland So cool that a Levittown Macarthur guy is fighting I solemnly swear I am up to no good
christina__ruck NYC this guy is fighting out of robbinsville thats so cool/weird/what #UFC196 nothing will work unless you do
uswnt_hype brooooon @soccerbuddy39 and the fighting is pretty cool too i would give up pizza to meet kelley o'hara
GALLO12_OR24 shelbyville ky This fighting shit is kinda cool!!!! @kristenmf_18 #UFC196 EKU | volkswagens |Army
krysboydthink Dallas, TX I am a bit deflated that Banksy's been outed. (If it's true.) But the science is cool. Host & managing editor of Think and reader of many, many books.
shelbyseybold Madera, CA UFC fighting is actually hella cool lmao I hate myself polo and swim and I love Kylie and tristan
DIRTYINJUN PIXBURGH Cool to see an afghani dude fighting at this level. I bet his story is crazy ♦Hoka Hey♦ ▌Lyrics-Beats-Videos ▌ https://t.co/68aEOZxNP5

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