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catitum Snapchat's face swap filter is really cool!! I don't give any shit, I don't take any shit, I'm not in the shit business.
NWCompton The bottom of a shallow grave. So the face-swap filter on snapchat is pretty cool. If at first you don't succed, give up, you failed.
RoscoeFoley Cheshire, England @abrightmoore this is a cool filter. I'm guessing this isn't its final form? Father | Gamer | Hard work never killed anyone.
abby_stevensonn Hamburg, NY Ok we get it the face swap filter on snap chat is cool but it got old real fast HC '19
bIackprints Houston This filter is cool daMN DANIEL
__itssharon Allen, TX this filter is cool estΓ‘ lit
StephSchefsky Wisconsin Wow this face swap filter on snapchat filter is so cool! Wish I had friends to use it with !!!!! Eat cake for breakfast.
kaylinn_kennedy Can't tell if face swap filter is cool or freaky ☹ I've got more legs than a bucket of chicken
nickzamby The face swap filter on snapchat is soooooo cool! Smh screw you guys GLHS '18 XC and Track
ImOnlyJoshN Hogwarts Wooooooowweeeeeee this filter is soooo cool!?!!!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ @alecazam6 SOCIETY MAN! SOCIETY!
qbrendaa_ Montclair, CA This filter is cool 18| dark and twisty
danielnyari New York City Ok the face swap filter is pretty cool but tech nerds; how about a life swap filter? Come on, I'm dyin' here hehehe h Designer in the streets, Zizekian in the sheets
itsjustarchie Park Place, Norfolk, VA This filter is too cool for school songwriter | activist | founder

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