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dwarfFrandguy WithLove StandingWithIsrael @katahay Hi Kata, Please go and follow @Dara989512 . She is a good fan of yours and thinks you are really cool :) I'm a dwarf\little person.I'm Canadian- American.Assertive.Friend & supporter of IsraeI.Frand of Christina Grimmie. Hobbit name is Drogo Sandybanks. Thanks MB:)
pablothejanitor New Castle, IN Go follow her! She's not like me and is actually pretty cool lol Kanye made an album about my life
Genghis_Connor Olympia, WA This is very cool. I got a follow from @MrRussellDavis. (Just don't tell @aconnorbury. She doesn't let me watch @BarRescue when she's home.) All about laissez-faire and free markets. A bit to the right of Attila the Hun. Does not suffer fools or weak #beer gladly.
devarshiajoshi India Hey @imkishanjoshi do follow @jennifer1982_ her tweet are very cool and she is humble person worth follow her human IG:devarshijoshi snap:joshidevarshi whatsapp:+91 8469667788
abrar_is_cool New Haven, CT @Myrna_reo follow her she is so pretty, follow her i promise u wont regret it, she is good at tweeting
appropriatehes 8/06 + 8/08 + 8/23 + 12/1 @AvoidingAcedia is my mom guys, you should follow her because she has a really cool homesteading page. do what makes you happiest in the world. be you and nobody but you, you're worth it. what did we do to deserve Harry Styles?
AlwaysPony Did an art trade and this is just amazing thanks alot and please go follow her! She has really cool art! ☺️❤️ @alic…
twinkle_star_11 Illinois, USA Everyone go follow @MyaMyaDaily she is so cool and also a great person to connect with so go follow her !! 👍🙌 BACKSTAGE WITH UR FAVORITE CELEBS ! Networking with celebs & they team #SocialMediaStar! Sweetest person ever #TeamRebels
realKatieFromLu Rapefugees-occupied Europe Follow @virgehall, she is cool! #WhiteWomenAreMagic I'm a human rights activist. Every people deserve a homeland among their own kin. This includes White people. Stop #WhiteGenocide.
realKatieFromLu Rapefugees-occupied Europe Follow @virgehall, she is cool! =) #WhiteWomenAreMagic I'm a human rights activist. Every people deserve a homeland among their own kin. This includes White people. Stop #WhiteGenocide.
ElleQCasting Atlanta Everyone follow my friend, Celebrity Chef & Lifestyle Expert @ChefAshleyInc She is going to have really cool blogs with recipes & DIY Casting Director/Producer...lover of Film, Television, Theater, Music, & my sons :) Check out BossipTV Casting by......ME!
NaomiTamsons Bangor, Wales FOLLOW MY MUM @emmapritch4. She follows back, and is cool af. Actress/Singer/Model/Liar. Law graduate. Likes cheesecake.
kelvin_oleary Albuquerque, kent @tescomobile she is but she doesn't follow u guys (told ya she's not cool lol) so won't see this lol not even sure she uses twitter now 😂 Leader of the misunderstood generation, pokemon playing, JD drinking, pizza lover, wrestling fanatic.
aniela_rekawek London Follow @hopeelauren she is so nice😊,Gorg,stunning😍,her figure is literally amazin👌,cool tweets😎 go&follow her u won't regret it trust me xxx 14 || Photographer || Turn Notifications on || Instagram - princessaniela.xo ||
slowtownjsh fairly local HEY GUYS FOLLOW MY COOL AMIGO @caitlinmaes SHE IS AWESOME AND HAS JUST MADE AN ACCOUNT i saw my meanings for life on 25/02/16. I met The 1975 on 28/02/16.
brittanymate diamond, ohio @TheEvilQueen108 hi can I please follow me be cool I did I am fan of once and evil queen /regina she is my fav i am a christian i believe in god, single,fav color blue,once my fav show regina my fav character,love art and drawing ,and poetry and rp :) #Smiles
ImNotAdrien Paris, France // Hi guys! Please follow @SaltySeraph because she is a friend of mine. And she's cool! 😸😺😻😽 DO IT FOR ADRIEN! 😹 Bonjour my loves! I'm Cat Noir, the hero of Paris. My partner and crush is my lady, Ladybug. She's so beautiful :3 Also, I'm totally not Adrien Agreste
_SUNSHlNE fl / ooc. [ kwangadm etc ] can i follow america,, 👀👀 is she cool with that. scREAms hey yo tony ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) where'd u get that fresh pepperoni
nabalazs Székesfehérvár, Hungary GUYS GO AND FOLLOW @msrivoria SHE IS A GREED GODESS ALSO SHES COOL N STUFF Dreamer, nerd, socially awkward. I like to think I'm a dragon. I tweet what's on my mind.

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