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mikeyp79 central Pennsylvania @simmysamsozzle @iheartmindy What the hell is "kekistan"? And why are you so concerned with my profile pic? And that is a flag from a band from the late 90's. Don't be forking stupid. I was trying to be cool and joke around a bit earlier, but fork that, and fork you. Self-righteous forkwit. Learn things, OK? Son of a Marine, proud American Patriot! Lover of freedom, liberty, & badass firearms. No patience for stupidity or hypocrisy. Or #Antifa soyboys. 🇺🇸
briannaruelas96 Los Angeles, CA Now that you got what you need y’all no longer need me or hit me up that’s cool sorry I had a bad day and y’all happen to make it worse. You wanna not hmu over that then fork you too. At the end of the day all I really need is #MeMyselfandI #NeverFold ✊🏽 L💔VE is HELL 🥀
patstraightdrop detroit If you took the time out to get to know me you would know I'm am cool as fork, layed back, quiet, smooth, loyal, respectful, romantic, sweet, and thoughtful but if I get pushed to the point of ape crap the ending is... coolest person u can know, youtube me blunt and coffee cups and world fastest blunt roller tstreetpat Facebook Pat Straightdrop fork wit me
MoonBlastWolf Hurricane State fork HERE WE GO 👏THIS👏BAT👏RIGHT👏HERE👏 IS A forkING INCREDIBLE PERSON AND AMAZING PERSON TO TALK TO AND HANG OUT WITH!!! however respect their boundaries and don't make them uncomfortable or else I will end you still, THIS IS A COOL DUDEEEEEEE 💙Wolf Hippogriff Thing 💙 Artist 💙 Snazzy Bean 💙 Capri Sun Addict 💙 Loves Chemistry 💙 Stays up too late 💙 Riverclan FTW💙
SzMarsupial they/them - personal account i really have a limited capacity to 'debunk' crap like this these days and preach at length to the converted about 'toxic masculinity' so you know what, yeah, fork it, environmentalism is gay. you want to save the planet? cool you gotta fork dudes now or drown, see if i care. gimmie the beat boys 🍄
DJ_Chainsaw_1 San Antonio Texas @22Words Someone already said "fork you"... so, "Double fork You!" None of those things were ever cool, except the malls! Golf is more for remaining active and lowering their blood pressure. I'm not a boomer but I'm not far off, either! Just being my usual good, great, wonderful and fantastic sort of fellow!
bstudentsdemon These demons and the ddc a cool video here and why this is music to my mother's ears a cool video about these demons here PC w vm a cool video here why these ppl are DISRESPECTFUL All video archives here fork you guys books and more info about these demons here Notes for Buddha students
NeroRBLX @Lewbob91 What you don’t get is fair enough he wants to go that’s cool, but as a PROFESSIONAL footballer, you are under contract meaning you have a job to do, and he chose to refuse to do his job regardless of circumstance he has to abide n not showing up to pre season is a big fork you the ROBLOX kit company everyone else wants to imitate
VycariousLee Philly,Pa Wtf is a leftist feed? He cool with the gays but hates mall shoppers? He had (trust me I can make this assumption) mental illness and access to a gun. fork you. I have the pee-pee tape.
cool_and_normal New Brunswick, Canada all the problems in the world today and you kids are watching anime interpolated to 60fps? what the fork is wrong with you all you love my forking Facebook page huh? do ya? bite me
OmegaSprinkle Bath, England For fork sakes @YouTube do you have any approval system for these things or do you just take money from any forker that thinks Transphobic and sexual harassment is cool? (P2) A geeky woman on a journey to find her self confidence. She/Her
LUST4HIPS NSFW you seem cool as fork and i'd love to be friends but i'm not a nsfw account. is that okay? — of course! femdom | 17 | pansexual (girls+)
iDOPEXBEEZY Charlotte, NC Real reasons why this is a cool hobby to me something I want to win at!!!! not a career Fighting Game Community Ha more like fork African-American Community Whoever touched ol girl after Evo Karma gone snap you back in 50/50 yahh crap off and if she just went for it she STUPID to Df some person with hidden potential and a dream. to show my people I’m far from nothing when it comes to life
bmacxh @rmcclaflin1208 Vegas is cool but expensive. Find the cheap places to eat and show a little tit and you won’t pay for a whole lot of drink and probably come out a lot better than me 😂 I was poor as fork after that trip little bit punk. little bit hippie. little bit extraterrestrial. I make art and sling drinks.
Charlie_B_1489 Chicago, IL @YeEnthusiast @BigSmok20584532 @ElrodJavin @kinokoko @ChristineFox @KevOnStage @LoveThePuck The kimono is an example. There was backlash and they pulled that crap. Also, I’m not willing to go back and forth with a kardashian stan. If you’re cool with what they do fork it it’s your life. I live the life of a loner with a righteous persona...
WamalwaMarlene Nairobi, Kenya Annoying things that affect the queer community but no one talks about. 1. “I’m becoming a lesbian “ ...this is not an actual thing. Queerness is not a choice and it’s not “cool” to change sexualities just bc you can . SHUT THE fork UP . Queer🏳️‍🌈❄️ Lover of the moon 🌙 #prochoice #savetheturtles
jamelbvrke North West, England I’m in town went to the art shop on bold street and I put my music on pause, the guy at the till went to a woman said “i think that gentleman needs help” and she went “I don’t do street art”, seriously what the fork is going on? Is racism cool if you think I can’t hear you?! GOOD FOR HEALTH, BAD FOR EDUCATION 1992-20XX
brxxyshorty depression lane yeah hickeys and sex is cool n all but have you ever fell so deeply in love with someone you gain this trust? neither have i, wanna fork i’m that alcoholic mom friend that downs whiskey like a bad bitch ❤️
JakeRipple04 Texas, USA @madi_mads_ Hey madi it’s Alexis’s brother I know you guys had a fallout I’m not going to speak on it but if you can’t keep her name out your mouth calling her a skank and crap is not cool cause you fell guilt for what you did drop it right the fork NOW you gotta prob leave her out of it
Zorbes Toronto, Ontario @Sisyphusa I read 'Kill all Normies' and thought she was cool... But since I am a human being that is capable of learning, and assimilating new information into my positions... I can now comfortably say; fork YOU Angela Nagle. There's just no excuse for for being on Tucker Carleson. ☭🇨🇦 Lefty Stuff
LitrikSal The Globe To: 1.Although everything is cool, I'm still ashamed of myself 2.Don't involve others 3.Feel sorry for you 4.Don't change 5. you exist? 6.Always burning heat in my chest 7. You guys have cool names 8. crapheads 9.Wish I can always love and support u, but you're less 10.fork you! I'm a special brand that god chose to be young my whole life 《I love myself》
irlgnomebard Guys I literally can’t tell you how much @FateBoundKnight has inspired me to be myself and to try and love myself he is such an amazing role model and I’m so proud of him fork I’m crying Gods he’s so astonishing and !!! He’s so cool and great and !!! AAAAAA ur local queer dm who is in love with Mad Moxxi and striving to cosplay as many gnomes as possible
NoHoesRich To Infinity... @GlockLesnar__ Where the fork did I say to clap for them you fork tard 😂😂 I mean you wanna bag on cops for clout that’s cool and all but you gon be quick to call em when something happens 🤷🏻‍♂️ that’s the way it always is I’m cuffed so hop off my page 🤪
asylumave Washington, USA Yeah sex is cool but have you ever ridden 90 miles per hour on your motorcycle at midnight listening to Tame Impala and daydreaming I bet the fork NOT ↟ · 𝔄/Ω · Photographer · Occasional Music Maker · Aspiring Podcaster · Wolf in Shark’s Clothing · X
DeyvanB Miami, FL No. That crap is not cool at all. Someone you had such a close bond with? fork no. And if your ex thinks that is perfectly okay..then she never had respect for you in the first place.
karebear1392 New York, USA #TheBacheloretteFinale I truly can't believe she had sex with Peter and then sent him home...SMH Poor guy, he is such a gentle and sweet guy. He deserves better,not cool man. You shouldn't pity fork people. I really Peter finds a good woman, she didn't deserve you anyways 🗣️🤷‍♀️ Visionary,good vibes. Game addict. Be the beacon of light this world needs;On the hunt for who I've yet to become. I am a survivor.
cowtung Berkeley, CA @Auptimist Ohhh shiiiit, fork you for this. J/K, you're right and I never really liked him and thought his whole super power story line thing was weird as hell. The actor is cool tho. First principles thinker. My questions are not rhetorical. I'm in search of first principles. I'm building out my models. I'm not your enemy.
onebigstan Kaii || 02/09/17 you must be forking joking? what the actual fork? this is not the only way? it isn’t a real way? it should never be a way to think. think about this, little kids get raped. teenagers get raped. forking adults get raped. raping someone is not cool and is not o-forking-k (trust me) @radianceinstars + “You are the sun and I am just the planets Spinning around you Spinning around you”
fan_couver Vancouver, British Columbia @eff_yo_tweets2 @Lou_Chainz @wildfonts @TheBrewPodcast1 Better now? And yes is Jay Z knocks your homie. Wtf. You think Hova will feel bad for you and try to be your friend. F No he don’t give a fork bout either of you so f him then. That’s why it’s F-J-Cole. Not like he wanna help me anyway. 6 is cool 4x Successful Biz Owner, Gross Sales 400M. retired, Love All Science, Reading & Amateur Writer. RIP my Fiancé
MaloryKaitlin “I want a relationship built on honestly and trust. I will always tell you how I feel and be honest with you and please do the same” *is honest upfront expresses my feelings* “we’ll talk about it later” like yoo.. fork. ok. Cool. douche. *still waits around like and idiot.*👌🏼🙃
meandmines6 Ive been everywhere man @joncoopertweets Yes huckleberry..thoughts and prayers...well fork, as many times as gop and the rest of ya have said it..everything is cool now. You forking moron Old, grouchy and pissed off
VoiceAmor Toldeo ohio @salice_roseee I love you salice I am one of your big fans and I fork with you since day one and you know I hate mf that just be lying on mf and just don’t give a crap and just be a follower on what mf say now that crap is not cool mf better stop and see who they forkin with Facebook: Latina amor Lopez instagram: dulce_amor_lopez youtube: the puente family singer songwriter blogger. Latina
BurbsHunter Forgive people and don’t hold grudges, this is unneeded negativity that does you no good. Just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean you have to be cool with them. People fork up and that’s life, but holding onto the negative energy only hurts you. Owner of @burbsent | Streetball Legend |huntermcneeley@burbsent.com
GoldChainGngsta @GoldChainGngsta The crap that people think is cool, really be wack af and make you look dumb as fork. i'ma swag God , young Basquiat make her squirt on cashmere sheets . Louis Roederer Cristal stains on my wax denim .
nintyapple New England @ben___r Lol APCSP heard that class was the biggest joke ever honestly love Calculus that crap is cool and you know how i feel fork PHYSICS C twitter sucks
sanjerina Oh, cool. Sure. Everything is fine. You certainly aren’t seeing a mental health professional with her own chronic depression and generalized anxiety freaking the fork out with barely constrained rage right here. Nope. 😳 Therapist, feminist, fangirl, spongebrain. Oh, and queer, if you hadn't guessed. (she/her)
ZacFertig City of Pittsburgh If you’re over the age of 12 and think vaping or juuling is cool, grow the fork up and stop popularizing nicotine addictions. 21 year old filmmaker at Point Park University. I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.
emmaleong_ san francisco ✈︎ osaka fork you for thinking that drinking and driving is okay that crap’s not cool 20 | 🇯🇵×(🇨🇳+🇵🇹) = 🇺🇸 | 阪大 人科
Lame_les El Monte, CA The only thing I love is Mother Nature that bitch never lets me down but people keep letting her down and fork what can I dooooo ppl if you know of cool volunteering opportunities for giving back lmkkk I feel unfulfilled with life if you litter gtfo
New_Gilded_Age @Jim69808015 @kato3000 @WW_Whyte @hodgetwins @drawandstrike If you think this video is in any way funny, you're ignorant too. I thought the twins were cool because T Magnus always spoke about them, but after watching this seeing how ignorant and disrespectful they are, I can't fork with them. Keep sucking their dick though, fanboy.
labradollars kit.rees23@gmail.com Ive been super inspired by piet mondrian who was a cool dude who did my fave art histry thing of "be trained classically to create realistic work then say fork it and draw however you want instead" This is some earlier stuff ⭐he/him⭐Belfast⭐19⭐ illustration student at UUB 🖼COMISSIONS OPEN🖼 💸GenderJam Committee member opinions my own
wetalkof California, USA @nessadreamz I’d totally do it. It’d be cool as fork to travel with someone like you! I just looked at Osaka and airfare and lodging for two, for a two week trip is $2,100. I also looked at Tokyo, but it’s EXPENSIVE, since that’s when Tokyo Auto Salon & a bunch of other stuff is happening. I'm Subi. Godless heathen. Habitual line stepper. #Cooking #Stargazing #Atheist #IndependentVoter #WaterIsLife #SinglePayerNOW #NOTaRepublican #NOTaDemocrat
ViktorDrawz whoa hey you know what would be cool? having a wholesome relationship where you can cuddle hug and kiss someone the only thing i can hug now is a forking pillow wow brain thanks for waking me up just to tell me that. appreciate it bruh going back to bed fork this I’m a professional redstone engineer, dankest memer on the planet, epic pro gamer and (kind of) an artist. I’ll post memes and occasionally drawings if I wanna.
Bboy_Izilla Columbus, OH You wouldn't watch the Super Bowl then buy a football & pads the next day and say, "I'm finna change the game. Time to fork up Tom Brady." If you do, that's cool. Just be aware of how tall the mountain is and how much time ACTUAL players put into to get the results they get. I only log on when I'm waiting for food. He/Him
dan_yoo7 Riverside, CA It’s cool being all there for you like I gradually feel good. But, thinking your cute and seeing you as attractive is gonna fork me up... IG: @dan_yooo | ⚽️#HalaMadrid ⚾️#Dodgers 林 🇳🇮🇨🇳
bswagspeare Stratford-Upon-Avon, England @SassyCanuckChik Cool. And if it's a state that allows open carry - obviously it is - you'll then be charged with wasting police time. "I'm an entitled moron and only my feelings matter, go fork yourself" is not considered a compelling legal defense in most jurisdictions. Exit, pursued by a bear.
DragonKingBoi @Lunefuforu YOU GOTTA DRAW MORE OF HER OKAY LIKE YOUR ARTSTYLE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND YOUR CHARACTER IS SO PRETTY AND COOL AS fork 18 GenderFluid Use any pronouns you'd like! My name is Kayla/Kyle or just Ky and I draw things, though I do mostly fanart.
BeardoBenjoYT England, United Kingdom @RoraPlays If you're doing the things you want to do in life and you're doing them with passion then you're pretty much as cool as is physically possible ✌🏻 fork the bus, let it drive away, who needs 'em 😉 Welcome to my world ✌🏻 Small Youtuber, lover of horror games, Dark Souls for life! 32 🙋🏻‍♂️ UK 🇬🇧 Bald, beardy & always wearing a cap! Come join the fun!
beng_annon @McKennaPMoore Excuse me??? The fork is this you’re not relevant (But also this is cool and I’m proud of you and glad your career is taking off <3) Also never forget macthemane you’re real roots UC Alumnus. Westerville to CLE
LuperMattroid Madison, WI What the fork is wrong with you? I used to think you were cool and smart, then I thought you were smart and annoying and now you're just a piece of crap that can look up statistics. I rarely use this and when I do, it's to talk about video games.

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