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fairleymon Colorado Thank you so much for ur listen, we're super glad you liked it:)) Is it cool if we send new songs in the future? A global organization of executives and professonals working to advance the status of women through service nd advoccy.
Wikedfun #YouDidntHearThisFromMeBut being from the future is pretty cool.
gayd3n pro about the future: im gonna be making music which is cool con: fuckin nobody likes the style of shit im tryna make ok
TheoOlele VL Temple @Amarybatu is a cool person and I wish her all the best in all her future endeavours CEO/Editor-In-Chief VL Magazine Africa, VL Media, Actor, Businessman And Model...For Bookings And enquires Email: Vlmagafrica@gmail.com
6ixShots_ Huntsville, AL ya'll was hyping this future up like every song is an eargasm waiting to happen. it's cool doe. stay +. aamu.
EricJEpps Inglewood This future album is trash city. Young Thug shit is cool for Young Thug. And I haven't gotten to Wiz yet •Equinox Fitness Club- South Bay. •Future US NAVY SAILOR
stefanbell Los Angeles, CA |the| @metacouture #cool #future #science |daily| by @Just_TinaD @StefanBell is out! Co-Creative Director, Financial Advisor, Marketing Consultant |@jimmySTARSworld @JimmyStarShow Client Liaison |@Harvesterco Founder|@Metacouture ♫|@The_Stefan_
sgfg2015 to future partner: yo so Continuum kinda rocks *crosses fingers* partner: wow this is cool *yay* and you don't miss a thing til you're driving away in the dark...
rosegoldtito indigo mountain, tx future can do better like his sound is so cool. y'all just gassed him and he got lazy. .VIOLE(N)T AMBITION. .254. .DIETOGETHERGANG. KILL CITY BAD BWOY.
elmarteen I know im always Trynna be cool with everyone nowadays but change is coming, gotta look towards the future and better myself #prosperity Letting life take its course man
setfloat Transparent LED glass. Living in the future is so cool!
avengedgirl333 Jhene is such a cool name. Id name my future kid that. Cosmetology Is my life. I love music.Hanging with friends everyday. and just chilling til the sun goes down.
zbunliklyhro Wisconsin Being really into somebody and seeing a future with them, all while knowing the chances of it actually happening are slim, is kinda not cool UW-Madison. WSox/Pack/Badgers/Blackhawks/Marquette/UWGB/Bucks. Be warned: I tweet in bunches, especially during Packer games.
Ori_Sweatshirt Future is falling off tho. He needs cool it till the fall. I'm Oriana. Sun in ♈️ | Moon in ♋️ @MaliceRevulsion
hycfm Future is cool and all but I don't see why he's such a big deal, He's sounds like any other rapper coming out of Atlanta
printhuman San Francisco, CA Very excited to hear about cool #bioprinting pitches and awards his week @ouro_botics @google @indbio ! The future is HOT for #bioprint! :) Launching soon! Join our community of #biotechnology makers and unleash your inner biology innovation. https://t.co/SexFFxuxyx

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