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Erin_Batura Search for it on Tumblr HOLY SHIT GREASE IS HELLA GOOD AND GREASE LIGHTING IS FUCKING COOL #GreaseLive I'm really bad at chemistry but I'm really good at remembering Hamilton lyrics
allyse_jillian Los Angeles This is just so cool. I'm loving every single minute of this and ugh just love @AaronTveit. #GreaseLive 26. Queen Valley Doll. Boss Lady. Event/Music Manager/Promoter. JLes Productions.
GoldenCAPickers California, USA #GreaseLive is so cool. Live audience, multiple sets just awesome. #love the ending. #FabulousOne #Grease #LiveToTell #memories Ebay seller ~ Baseball player and fan ~ College student ~ Picker ~ CA Native ~ over 98% positive feedback ~ work another job and go to school ~ Entrepreneur ~
MariaWaldkirch Los Angeles, CA it's illegal to text while driving but filming a musical while driving is cool? #GreaseLive I lost in a vote for Drama Club president. @FreeMusicDegree
hectoranthonyy northridge/los angeles Wow. Grease live. You absolutely delivered. 100 of 100. This was amazing. #GreaseLive this is so cool. Great production filming this chick fil a. Northridge. Los Angeles. Church. Food. Snapchat. Life.
Torchwood1an under the table what is this #GreaseLive thing. Why don't we have cool things like that in NZ??? Bitter disappointment since '94.

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