Growing up is Cool.

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1990sMahone Los Angeles TBH growing up in California is pretty cool I ain't even gonna lie beauty behind the madness
TweetSHHiT_ Growing up is cool but sucks at the same time good vibes only
torresjane Growing up is accepting that some people are only gonna talk to you if they need something from you and being cool with it the girl with the hanger tattoo | film & TV producer | showbi
King123Isaiah Growing up is cool and all , Until your mom starts saying "If your not home by 10 tonight don't come home " #YouAintOnTopUntilTheStarsAreBeneathYou #PracticeWhatYouPreach #ItsOnlyOneGod
AnnaKBrainerd Growing up in Huntsville, I took NASA for granted. Watching #YearInSpace on @PBS reminds me of how cool space really is. University of Memphis Senior | Educator | ΑΓΔ
B_Raden6 GROWING UP IS COOL SOMETIMES forever life, but never nice, we explodite the process and every night I need advice cuz life is way too complex.
cuezerdo1957 The #kid from the #RoomMovie is gonna have some #issues growing up! "Jack what do you wanna play?"..."Kidnapping & abduction! It's cool!" everybody who's following me, I'm also on @onelinerguy as I crossed the 10K jokes mark. too many to keep track. love u!
JL_TheVisionary In your heart In MSU right now thinking "college seems pretty cool but growing up is a bitch" Nothing gold can stay.
_Rachieeee shamblelifeland I know good men but they still have a lot of growing up to do which is cool these days, im letting God handle all things above me. Humanitarian @ ❤️
kaaatiekate Enterprise, Al having a baby is cool bc I can watch cartoons that I used to watch growing up & not feel ashamed 😅 i spend too much time on here
Lexchavis Boise, ID I was always jealous of my brother's birthday growing up bc its on the same day as Dr Seuss' and how cool is that. C'mon Gangsta Rap made me do it. AΞΔ
conquerswift Rosewood, PA personality development and growing up is sometimes a cool thing i stan many people.✨ https://t.co/0VGD33WcJe
QuidnuncFerret || RP&Parody 18+ #JekyllAU|| "I wish I'd had a cool uncle growing up. Rosie is a lucky girl to have two~" Freelance writer and Ex-Private Investigator. Grumpy, dry, and sarcastic. In relationship with @BcxTunnelTwenty.   #EmilysCinnamonRoll
notoriousALY H T X Zendaya's something new is cool but I had to switch & listen to the original. Shout out to TLC with that Creep. One of the albums growing up Eat. Travel. & many stories in between along with endless amounts of Peanut butter.
local_hub Liverpool, England So you think growing up to grope your little sister is cool? People don't because they think they can't, we can show you how you could Old warhorse, can't resist a challenge, love problems, solving them is therapeutic

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