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samanthadowd935 Tucson, AZ A black guy walks into a bar with a parrot... via /r/Jokes The bartender says, "Wow! That is really cool! Where did you get it?" "Africa"… I'm an independent contractor/writer, working with different businesses, helping in creating online content for their websites, blogs & social media outlets
jordan_HUGE Portland, OR It was super cool getting to hear @butlerjosh discuss violence in the OT at @bridgetownajc tonight. The guy is so insightful & articulate. I appreciate a hand-crafted cup of coffee, some stiff raw denim & a well groomed alpaca // pastor at Colossae
ChristineWomac2 This guy is cool . go support him ¤ฯKeep Lurkin ฯ¤ SnapChat: christinewomac9
BestoReddit The Internet A black guy walks into a bar with a parrot... : The bartender says, "Wow! That is really cool! Where did you get it?""Africa", says the par… I do not have any affiliation with Reddit.
rocklee_enbot Guy-sensei is the coolest! He practically GLOWS with cool! I work hard and I never give up! That is my gift; that is my ninja way! Rock Lee English Bot account by satan
SBSquarevans @maeghan_8 hey can you sweet a pic of your van! we are trying to figure out if julian is the same guy our van talked to! that is so cool VICTORY SCREECH
UnwinCatherine AUSTRALIA @ComeDineWithMe @9Life Terry ""cool-is "" lol he s a funny guy! @therealdavelamb ""coulis"" BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING SANDYHOOK ISLA VSTA SANTA BARABARA WOOLWICH ALL HOAXES FULL OF CRISIS ACTORS
this_is_athens Merrick Garland seems like a cool guy #DoYourJob If it grooves, I approves
Ruby_forlife Probably with phillip 3/11/16 @JadoreJoccey_ He was kinda ehh. At first, but then it got better the other guy is super cool though!! ☺️🙌🏽 and no I'm refreshing Didn't they tell you I was a savage
lilambruh marrying asap rocky♡ u ever meet the girlfriend of a guy u think is hella cool and then his girlfriend is cooler and think mayb I should just go for you instead daddy's little angel
hurgling @hurgling I can't help but think it's cool as shit when he fucking thrashes some heartless. Mickey Mouse is cool my guy what's up mother fuckers. my name is Erin. she/her pronouns please.
killershears Chariho and Providence, RI @IslandOfGilli I like Marco the same way I like Obama...Great personality..nice, cool guy who is just a puppet for the machine, unforunately Rangooniak
_xknd east coast a cool guy friend dis is gr8 in love with who i'm becoming ♑️
ImQueenJackelyn Reminder: ♻️ SO THERE IS THIS HOMELESS GUY WHO IS SO SO SO NICE AND HE'S HECKA COOL AND MY COWORKERS ARE FRICKING SHITHEADS DSA / Softball & XC / https://t.co/dao8ngWNYd / https://t.co/L7Ot2Bvonp
ianctennant Mission Viejo, CA So this is going out to a follower of mine... just because he seemed like a cool guy. Pull'n Triggers, Popp'n Red Rags!!! Sponsored by Valken, Tac City Airsoft, Enola Gaye USA, ReplayXD, BEHeadwear. -Valken Pathfinder
trinitydis Australia via IFTTT Today is @daneburman birthday. He's a really cool guy and can do cool tricks and did the biggest 50-50... Australian owned Skateboard Distribution Company

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