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sirnorae a galaxy far far away @ovosace the album cover is him as a kid he types like that cause he use to do it as a kid cause he thought it looked cool that's it. Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken. —Frank Herbert ZQAUD
SoccerDonegal1 Donegal Daniel McHugh is one cool dude and he has been the same for Donegal Town in the heat of League One battle this... Finally on twitter after some facebook time!
CerealTheif That one cereal box in Florida COME AND WATCH @FearlessFearow HE IS COOL I GUESS? maybe i dunno. :3 My name is Kris | Im 16 | A Cereal Box (Male) | Twitch Mod/Viewer | Global Bans: 79 and counting | Random As Fuck Get Used To It
cannolidiva Desert Southwest, US @2MoonShadows @hanapepe_marc That is so cool Moon! I remember clearly listening to Col Corso! Was he a colonel?
CascadeOfPixels Trapped by Haikyo. Send help. //despite him being an asshole 24/7 to Noyona he still is cool. Appearance and power wise. «We left nothing but our thoughts and memories beneath the dust.» I had visions of being dead...but I can't remember anyth- {+18 Violence}
2bookz Have you ever had to cool a homie head while he had the fucking burner in his hand? I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW shit like that is normal... Something like a poet.
DopeSteez8 @_theQM how is that cool?? When I give you everything and he gets accused of doing everything in the book Bihh look at my #Stab
LeslieBane Valley girl @LordDrucifer that's so cool! He is one of my faves. His podcasts are the best haha I love his rants
RajendraSKumar bengaluru @douevendesi he is real cool dude 46 yrs old nd looking fr white or indian wife pls msg me 4 more fun. am currntly supervisor at Bengaluru International airport
mayaducard @luminouskyart art twitter Me, before posting a tweet: what if Patrick sees this? I bet he'll see this. Act cool, Karla. Act cool. Senpai is watching. Karla is my name, & living a Damian Wayne Appreciation Life is my game. PRican doodler who read comics, attend church, snack on cereal, & listen to kpop.
Cook_C09 @Cassidy_M_G yeah you're bf is a dick, but he's a cool dick. Just imagine a dick with sunglasses. That's him 1 Corinthians 3:16 John 14:6

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