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AdriOfTheDead Bloomington, Indiana pst, hey if you misgender someone and someone calls you out on it the Cool Thing to Do is to apologize and ensure it doesn't happen again 30 year old non-binary cartoonist who probably tweets way too much. Not intended for outdoor use. | they/them pronouns | @AdriMakesArt
caelangriggs @assleyrose HAHAHA hey Harry Potter is COOL Ventured.
darby_en Hey everyone!!! Let's play some mahjong!!! Backgammon is also fun!!! Dice is cool too...I am the best!!! Bot for Daniel J. D'Arby from Jojo [Manual replies and follows] [If you want to unfollow, please block]
Lunet_UTAUbot Hagane Hey is SO COOL!! What if I became as muscular as him? Hehe~ My name's Lunet, and I'm an UTAU from Italy! ////t.co/62EtZGrE94 -This is a bot maintained by @ReaRyuugu-
Samantha012_ Delaware, USA If this is going to be our conversation: "hey" "what's up" "not much you" "chillin" "cool"... Then dont text me ✌🏻️ 2013 Turbo Veloster. 2015 Ninja 650. Cars and bikes are life. Snapchat & Instagram: sar012
kadiiiiiiiin bay area hey. hi. I'm Kadin and I'm a loser but my girlfriend is really cool sooo s/o🤘🏼😜 @abbymalagon ABBY ⚽ Philippians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me
chibunkem North central Nigeria @RaypowerNetwork hey T and P. Where is O? Jos is cool this morning. Temp is 59F=10 deg. Have a lovely day. #ultimatemorningshiw Pediatrician
ncortez402 Chicago, IL @Hey_Jasminee I know me too, like I'm cool that there's no snow but this nice weather is just a tease for the real warm days I✶✶✶✶I
Mr_Mahamuth San Antonio, TX 31) yeh yeh cute-sy is cool and all but how about some that gonna get me laid =D hey theres an idea Mr. Ramon Andrew Mahamuth. __ At your service. skype: performance_etiquette snapchat: smokeorcroak
kayejenki seattle, wa Hey so love is real cool and what not lol a coexist bumper sticker kinda gal
TurboSibe Missouri @karlnp_ebooks hey it is morning. Cool I am a Siberian Husky
just_jules98 👼🏼💧 // hey dude I haven't talked to you in a cool minute. I hope life is going well :-) avocado girl
DangOlWill Around Colorado Hey man this game is really cool! I'm Will. I'm bi. Video games and hip hop. I like to think I'm an aight dude. Don't follow me, it's pretty much all nonsense and not in like a fun way.
_youngjesus Washington, USA @OsmarCastillo19 Hey I made some milk but I found out I don't have cereal. Is it cool if I go over to your house rn to get some? 16//Follow your dreams - Respect others' dreams and Spread Love ❤ and the World will be saved. Mixtape Coming Soon...
producerpassion Hey.. Pintrest is pretty cool. Lets follow #music #musicbusiness #musiclife #musicbiz #musicindustry #musicadvice #…
producerpassion Hey.. Pintrest is pretty cool. Lets follow #music #musicbusiness #musiclife #musicbiz #musicindustry #musicadvice #…

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