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andrewvoerman Hamilton, NZL this is very cool - historic elo ratings for every super rugby team, courtesy of @armchair_critic: Sports reporter @waikatotimes-@nzstuffsport - football, netball, hockey + more. This is my part; nobody else speak.
kaz1505 @TrallwnPrimary Me too 😊 This is cool as well. A history of Wales in 90 seconds.🐲 Make your own path, create your own way, live your own life ❤
katestradling @WRGingell Speaking as someone who is OLD but without the work history to show for it, I think that's a pretty cool achievement. Author, editor, redheaded introvert. I am a work in progress.
Andre_1k Black Resource Center #BlackHistoryMonth is cool but I will continue spitting black history as usual for the rest of the year Ballot or the Bullet #UCSD #StayWoke
dajanx Austin, Texas This is a cool thing every Texas history buff should own. (I'm having a great time with it.) #Texas Children's illustrator & author (Penguin, Scholastic, & Sterling Press). Drawings, industry talk, rambling.
_YOUNGBABY_ nyc Cool this is going down in al history as 1 of the worst days in als life i'm al my birthday is february 3rd //t.co/3vWt7gAYo8
nisha_akhtar I want to learn about the history behind pompeii, the gods, theseus & the minotaur & zeus etc. History is cool. Regret not studying it hey'ho.
rlincolnharris Chicago, Northside @Chicago_History Dark Side of the Moon is pretty cool, but the Stones have some good ones too (Sticky Fingers, Some Girls, Exile on Main St) Family man, Chicagoan, writer
kestrelen bed fo4 is much more interesting when you're talking about the cold war in history tbh. i knew most of it before but it's still so cool 17 jedi queen
mdazadkhan1501 Delhi Yesterday is history,_Tomorrow is a mystery,_Today is a gift._so That why it's called the present #Azad_khan — feeling today cool Delhi
OwyheeProduce Nyssa, Oregon Okay - now this is cool! It's amazing what agricultural efforts have accomplished! #feedtheworld #aglife There's a Difference #agchat #foodchat #agvocate
JoeBG23 Black history month is cool. But I feel like everyday is black history. Why celebrate for one month when we can celebrate all year ✊🏾 I already got spring 2016 poppin
XzaCal The last day of black history month is the 29th of February how cool is that ayyyee buy my book vvv
CAndersonbass NYC History is cool. #neworleans #sazerac the oldest cocktail @ Arnaud's & the French 75 Bar What if there is no tomorrow, there wasn't one today.
jaybusbee Atlanta, Georgia This is a cool look back at the rise and fall of a (brief) sports media institution that I almost worked for: Yahoo Sports writer, author of EARNHARDT NATION. Reviews, excerpts, signings: https://t.co/1q3QaoekWF Say hey at jay.busbee@yahoo.com or Facebook (jaybusbee).
bigshot Buffalo, NY @woodworks_ art history in general david isnt as cool as he thinks he is Infamously and eternally not in the top 10
RebelYeti High Altitude Earth '@blakeshelton just said "Clarksville"!' That is cool. Small town with big history. #VoicePremiere Better looking cousin of Bigfoot. Lover of nature, baseball, science and common sense. Laughing is contagious.
C_crow46 pickerington The interview of Jim brown and his history in lacrosse is so cool PHSC. Central lax
bmuramatsu This is also a cool Lego Ideas "Apollo Lunar Mission - UCS Space History Relics" Working at the intersection of learning, technology & innovation— Learning technologist, Open Education advocate, grant mechanic, plus jack of a few more trades
Rossscheek Storybrook @OnceABC #Once100 u have the sexiest cast in the world you should admit that anyway and the history is so cool fairytale vs real life omg There is always a sunshine ray somewhere.
nicolemelina Perth Amboy, NJ History is cool, guys. I swear. 24. NewJersey. https://t.co/o7Ui9yUf1f
PassDaWord Littleton, Colorado Doin Ray Charles, so cool. It’s Official: Barack Obama Is the Coolest President In American History. via @omeletocom Host of a progressive online forum. For peace, prosperity for the middle class.

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