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madesun_ [vessel era] Øhiø KSU '19 ⚾️👅😎😋 you're a super cool dude hope hockey is going good [|-/] Just a girl tryna jam to TFB
greenfuck_shit 10 feet in your mom "Hockey is cool" Matt-no like yea it is "also fun 2 play" Matt-no like yea it's fun too "The stick is expensive" Matt-no like yea like yea i just fucked your bitch in some Gucci flip flops, named the third leg King Kong, and made your girl ride this Connecticut cannon
JimCramptonWPG Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Hey, cool. @rana4manitoba is now following me. She either really wants my vote or really likes hockey sarcasm. Welcome, Rana. 😊 A Muppet of a man. Or a very manly Muppet. 2015 Ezzy Award Winner. Blocked by Alec Baldwin and Jason Alexander.
cookingupfun55 @biogeek7 @LochlynMunro hockey is way cool.
VojBomb Abington, PA hockey is cool idling insignificantly
gunnrcarlsson montreal/toronto @flightime cool. live hockey is always so much fun, especially when it's between two good teams. likes television, hockey, and bread. has a known bias for conservative swedish defencemen. contributor over at @PPPLeafs, CWHL coverage at @HabsEOTP.
thegnomefighter Korea @TjtheTwot outdoor hockey is so cool! Career
StormTheStage_ Hockey is mad cool tho #Suitland2k13Alumni❤️ MD ✈️
abbyyjohnson Hull Ice hockey is SO COOL
Drakefrompg ÜT: 38.7537766,-76.9898114 Hockey is cool terp alum two times. Attacking greatness. Prince George's county resident
GRae_Esqueda college is cool bc one minute you'll be watching hockey games and then you'll watch MTV Cribs 18 year old New Yorker | brunch & pups

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