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bobbeydolee Trust Fund/LA I enjoy the derelict culture in my own life but I don't think the hood or anything to do with it is cool in anyway. that good
GTR09198883 Loss Angels Lo,3-2 I think Sima Tatsuya's is very cool. I started to form an intelligent intellectual wonderfully. It is imitable doings even as we. I'm a four year to attend graduate school in Los Angeles Hello Hobby thank you somehow laugh is Japanese Anime !
MyTechGadgets1 New York, USA This is cool because I think the design is simple. ... - #gadgets #technology #technews
ashak21 @Faheeezy wowwwww this is so cool!! I think I'll make a poll but I was afraid I'd get butt hurt by no's
TheGoodPancakes I want to become a doomsday prepper. It's not really that I think anything is going to happen, it just seems like a cool hobby I'm a man with a plan. I'm also friendly and will give free hugs, just ask
ericzuley Beverly Hills, CA I think my dog is going to have a run for his money on the cool scale! This is awesome! Go puppy go! TopTen most Influential on Twit https://t.co/Y9XJcMVqzt Award Winner, TalkShow Host, Web professional BRANDING @EZWAYBROADCAST #EZWAY OWNS #1 MAG 4 LIVESTREAM
03teelz @aaron_wasserman in any case, I think @DrJillStein is pretty cool, and would have made a great candidate. i might be a mess, but i'm a hot mess
iwannabsexay Vegas Not sure what this feeling is.. Like.. When you aren't around I think it'd be cool if you were there..? I'm not saying I miss you tho. doin' big things
comm365_Sierra .@Comm365_Raq I think Vine is the perfect platform for cool hunting. So many trends start on vine. #justsaying
laurencook_14 Maybe I'm weird but I don't think lush is that cool and it gives me a headache 😶
ShannonMiz NEPA @astoldbyfANGIRL I just think pointing fingers won't help. I think it is not cool, because it IS mean and bullying. Reads a lot of stuff. Writes about it. Misses sleep. Knows it's worth it.
asshellass I realy like sureaityly I think it is cool a 18 | agender | they/them | Myka @darrylstreep is my boyfriend and @FreshPiss owns my life and @jazzercide is gay.
DimpledJalebi Madras @cool_rascal Same same. I think my brain has just decided that Friday is already over. I don't even like the people I like.
Imdeonte0 @C_sesma7 lol actual handle you didnt knock out Cole my dude like idk why u think fighting is cool like wtf I handled I wasn't talkn shit I like to skateboard. Trap Lord. Trust me things only get better from here. i can see the fakes so when i look in your dierction understand im seeing right thru
ZayHeron I think this is pretty cool, @teammuriel/mayor_bowser. I also recommend that you extend street… Official Account of Novelist Zay Heron. DC Boy & Sports Fan. CUC/WAU Alum. Afro-Latino. Drummer. Writer of Speculative Fiction. (RTs are not endorsements)
TylerMahanata @ECHOisthename I'm from MN and never knew about this song. hahaha I can tell you don't like it but I think the piano is pretty cool ! Mesabi Range Norseman #13

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