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NWSOmaha Valley, NE If you are wondering if it's going to be hot today, we are attempting to bake biscuits using only the sun and a car in our parking lot. We will keep you posted with the progress. Stay cool! #newx #iawx Official Twitter account for the National Weather Service in Omaha/Valley Nebraska. Details:
RepJerryNadler New York, NY It will be dangerously hot in NYC over the next few days. Over 500 Cooling Centers will be open in NYC. Be sure to stay cool and please lookout for any seniors or vulnerable New Yorkers who may need assistance. And if you need any tips to stay cool go to Representing parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Proud to serve as the Chair of @HouseJudiciary. Follow me at
youngsinick While some are still questioning Beto’s lifestyle choices and why he didn’t run for Senate as if he were the only person ever born to run (no shade to him, he cool), a Black woman from Houston just announced her bid for the chance to unseat the perpetually useless John Cornyn. New York Times bestselling author of "I Can't Date Jesus": My second book, "I Don't Want To Die Poor," is due Spring 2020.
samshinetype halcyon i matched with the german dude whos visiting el paso solely because he’s german like i didn’t even care if we talked, but we actually started talking and he’s a super cool guy and he let me vent to him my stupid dumb problem i’ve been dealing with omgggg 😭 •head towards the light the dark has no place here•
souvenirsky lrt so much stuff in the new update omg 😍😍 It's good to know i'm not interested in the 3 next cookies so I can save my leaf tickets, and the garden event stuff looks so cool! Every time i start thinking about if I should stop playing pocket camp they reel me back in lmao 😅 🌟🌸 melanie 😊🌱 20 🍉🌷 slightly addicted pocket camp enthusiast 🌲🌼 lvl 197 💐✨ 🌨🌨
RRRainbow1232 Alberton, Montana Whole different story if you're driving it on a private track just made for yourself. You got nothing to worry about then. Especially if you have the one with the extra wheels that comes in and out. That's forking cool. 🌈I USE THIS ACCOUNT TO VENT WHEN I'M ANGRY AND JUST TO GET crap OUT WHEN I HAVE NO ONE I CAN TALK TO.🍀AND I'M HETEROSEXUAL GOD DAMN IT
CP23toRoseCity royal sidewalk Hi, can you unblock me, please? You have really cool content, I saw a post about you on instagram and decided to… — I’m sorry but if I blocked you it’s most probably because I read or saw something that you liked/tweeted against… your daily dose of nonsense. a preath believer since 2015 (
CharlieCuddy Omaha, NE Hey @OPS_MrNovotny are you teaching stats again next year? You should check out: for some awesome/cool HLQs centered -- the coding interaction with the math is pretty straight forward and if you're interested, but have questions I would be happy to help! Husband, Dad, High School Math & CS Teacher, XC Coach, Software Developer, Runner, Learner, Painter, Reader, & Sports Fan #codecuddy @agape_red @OpsCompass
PeezyTX ATX Is there anything more painful than meeting a super cool person and then hearing them casually mentioned that something you love is lame as fork and you just have to quietly remind yourself that if someone doesn’t like Sublime what they actually don’t like is themselves Government Name: Pat Sirois @VanillaPresley @LCSpodcast • comedian•rapper•podcast host
violinonfire Fresno, Ca 2 days till me and the squad rock @TheSirenMB !! If you’ve never seen us perform NOW is your chance, weather will be a cool 64, Cabana Brazil Electric opening the night at 8pm. link to tix —>> Electric Violinist
deadlydrummer Everywheres! Hey @NatWest_Help be really cool if you would stop blocking my card when I'm in another country. I'm away from home MORE than being at home, you never block it there. It's a HUGE pain in the bottom and costs ME money to ring you and sit on hold and tell you it's me using my card Freelance FOH/Studio Engineer/Producer of local bands to Grammy Nominated albums, musician, programmer and hoarder of clothes that will never ever fit me.
PainlessSuffrng Lower Mainland, British Columbia Super cool. If you have not seen OTHER, go and check it. #Undertale -ish in how it handles battles in an RPG. A story of Heroism and Dorkness* | Twitch: M/W/F 6PM | Business Email: The Real Painwalker At Gmail. I do what I want.
hentaiibabiie 𝗇𝗌𝖺 | 18 | 𝐙𝐀𝐔宙 @lvcidities youre hot asf, and youre funny asf too, youre such a cool genuine person and my dms are always open if you need anything!! ily and i hope youre happy n healthy 💗 𝗅𝖾𝗀𝗌 𝗈𝗉𝖾𝗇 𝟤𝟦/𝟩 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾 𝗆𝖼𝖽𝗈𝗇𝖺𝗅𝖽𝗌
gayrice_ Phoenix, AZ @OOOsShift first impression: I need to act cool around him because I was invited to the chat your name in my head: Tyler closeness ratings: 8/10 do i like you: yes you are my: yugioh homie to be honest: sometimes I cant tell if you're joking about opinions we conflict on and it confuses me Future King of Games | RLC Soundboard operator | Bi | Switch FC : SW-2457-0481-2132
snus_mumrikken Leeds, England @sm0b0t cute what if a girl made me one of these and was transparently flirting tho that would be cool cute and on-line
goWithGoley St Petersburg, FL @katherineOma is a HUGE omission on my part!!!! If you are not following her, fix that. She is so cool and so awesome, and is a major part of the #FriendlyMofos Punk Rock Liberal • Anti-Racist #SKINmovie • Anti-Trump • History • UF Grad • Lazy Middle-Class Intellectual • I Mean No Harm #Resist
Sweetums1313 Auburn Molly has never seen Cool Runnings before and asked me if Eddie Murphy and Bernie Mac are in it. i'm so offended. Molly's husband. video game player. 🇨🇦 in🤠
kidneythreads Hydroflasks: Hydroflasks keeps your drink cool for up to 24 hours and if you're drink it warm or hot, it keeps it that way for 6 hours. The hydroflask have enough room for any drink you want and its reusable because its metal. Hydroflask are usually under $50.00 Dream big and never lose hope 😙
bitcoinninjacd United States @canantifraud @FINTRAC_Canada just a hypothetical... if my name was troy james hogg, and I started an intl business where I stole peoples money and then used it to buy things for myself like @Bugatti car and didn’t pay taxes on the stolen money.. is that cool with you guys? $dig Patiently awaiting the imminent destruction of the centralized banking community and the greatest redistribution of wealth in recorded history.
AaronOpiana Philippines TAKE OFF ALL YOUR COOL - this is what I'm talking about, Sabrina's maturity. If you think "Hold Tight" was nasty, better check this track, and you will find out which one is which. Push you to the edge to see @ilwgirl
xobreannaxo15 I’m so glad we don’t argue like we literally talk everything out and if we can’t we cool down then talk no need to disrespect someone you care about communication is key !!💞 Im a Butterfly.... ig:Breannashybubbles Snap:breannasulley
oldkinghoe My friends decided that they’d kill me if they wouldn’t go to prison for it and my best friend said she’d say “not cool” if they did ,instead of seeking vengeance.........so I’m currently in the market for new friends a size able portion of my life has been a waste
erikensa @sunkiisu RIRI'S CUTE IM COOL WIT IT... yeah we should start hangin out sometime! if ur also on team order we should definitely play together soon Your art is also SO cute and detailed so im glad you think that of me ! 'why cant be both' | hi! I'm Eri, I draw a lot | she/her pronouns | read byf
Beanster_97 I block idiots @SoApaIIed I’d be cool if one of the ascensions was that but a blue and white two piece with the shinsengumi haori is whats most important 22 years old. Shinto-Buddhist. 明智氏. You Watanabe’s footstool. Koei/Type-Moon/Shonen Jump/RWBY/Idol Stuff
bigfilz ober dere LG gas dryer blowing cool air. Tried to reset the high limit button and that did not work. Need to get a multimeter to test for continuity and voltage. If the igniter doesn't glow it means I need a new one. If I can fix this it will save me $$$ marbles on stream fanatic filthypino for life
SnarkySharkey Hello anxiety, my old friend. It’d be nice if you took a night and day off, but it’s cool. I didn’t want to be relaxed anyways. A UNO grad, trying to figure out life, and I’m engaged to @omavshkyfan. Also I love dogs, so there’s that.
annikakarr This x1000. If people could just stop being GIANT TOOLS and have some self respect in addition to respect for others, that would be cool.
Glasshalf_taco Wilmington, NC This is very cool that she’s putting it out there in a digestible format and everything, but if you have to come out as bisexual just to consider other people’s emotions.... aren’t you kind of a terrible person? You can call me sugar
poutygigi Somewhere There's stupid people who want to be cool. And then there's stupid people who want to be cool that make you want to pull all their hair out because they torture you. But if you oh so dare to make a comment about them TO THEM, then you are mean and killing the vibe. WHAT? Mostly Yoonminkook 🤷🏽‍♀️
_Zelda_Gal Lol @senor_bear3 blocked me on ig because I asked him a question and told him it was cool if he blocked me, “ni modo” I said and he says “Bet.” And blocks me on snap too🤣 Ive never seen a girl overreact so bad to a question before. Time of the month I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ he about to block 24 but my back like 65 You can call me “Majesty”
hologramvin a hologram projector this happens more and more repetitively as you become more visible. its impossible to tell if someone will say "i got rejected bc im ugly and horrible so now i want to kill myself" or if theyll say "its cool!" and be fine. and let me tell you ... it sucks they/them 🧪 internationally hated, locally beloved. 🌱unnecessarily over-written verbose bitch. 📗 the gay nonbinary trans person you're not 🌿 // 21 ⬡ ☭
QornFGC Crofton, MD Ggs @Doriavis @wolfgangfinito and Lightice, Rei, and SW, and the homies at Xanadu today. It's always a cool jam. Im getting further than Lightice in Samsho at EVO if it kills me 😤 I want a huge crown
lilhawaii50 Dallas, TX Like I’m grown and you know if you wanna be casual cool, fwb, cool, fork buddies? Cool. BUT COMMUNICATE what you want. I’m tired of you bitches coming at me with this fake bottom personality like you want to get to know me and crap when all you want is to fork. 22. 🌴Pacific Islander🌴✨esthetician✨ nerdddd
pencurryhandal To every girl think this is cool and the man deserves this, imagine if the man who beat the crap out of the woman.. this is nastyy
camillew120 Case Western hey 😌 do you wanna watch the cats trailer together? my mom said it’s okay if you come over 😊 and we have some snacks but if you wanna bring some too that’s cool 😎 confessions of a teenage rat queen. she/her
AlanSchenkel Colorado Bicycles are powered by people. When you add motors, you cross the line. There are lines/gates to be drawn. I stand up for people power and making ourselves stronger. If you need a motor, cool. Otherwise, get better and stronger yourself. Immunologist/professor at Colorado State University, bicyclist, bacon ninja, lover of snowy mountains, and, most important, family man
sierra_marann Texas, USA My anxiety has this really cool trick where if I’m trying to sleep and my nose gets the slightest bit stuffy I start to panic. Here’s the kicker: when I’m tired, my nose gets stuffy. My life is ridiculous y’all rhet/comp grad student•wife•dog mom•history enthusiast•political junkie•drinker of coffee and artisan teas•lover of peoples•seeker of justice•she/her
dontmakeitdumb MakeOutHill If I go out of my way to post I miss you. And u just view and don’t make an effort anymore don’t forking talk to me like. I continuously hit u up. N ur so crapty. You’ve BEEN in bio too. But it’s cool fork u. Fr. senior theatre & dance major @ soa | LLJ 🕊
NuttsTheSniper United States Time for a Cuisine Royale stream! If you haven't heard of it, come tune in and see what you think! It's pretty cool and fun! | Xbox 1 | Fortnite Streamer | Twitch Affiliate | ahoneycutt2396@gmail.com | GT:NuttsTheSniper |
sagittariusbil listening to billie 24/7 😈 and i almost bought that i thought i’d be a cool bottom bitch like billie if i wore that lmaoooo ssjksksksks i’m the bad guy
orangenarancia i: pixiv id 6154310 🌻 ECF i think i only have like four mutuals who were also mutuals with six but they were the first friend i made on this app and they’re so cool :( six if u see this somehow i love u so long suckers! i rev up my motorcylce and create a huge cloud of smoke. when the cloud dissipates im lying completely dead on the pavement
tigger_porn The Tweet button to me has always looked like a Tic-tac. Now it comes in flavors. My breath still smells like crap. I mean, social engineering is cool and all, like, if that's your kink... @jack @biz
schleepii If my manager is reading this you are very cool and not at all biased nor making an excellent harrassment case for me :) government issued cum officer to help U cum
HHoreki @psi_id that will be cool if see Partai Solidaritas Indonesia to try some of Machine Primax and Bonceng Viva and
PerthSaintMine TRIGON Territory this is totally cool!!...if have events and imagine trigons wearing these 😍😍😍 @perthppe is my baby brother 💯 || Love @Saint_sup too || SingKrist ||Tiger Gang 🐯 || TRIGON || 🙏 📸 || No hate but ❌ ZS fans || @aizamiabooJJ || Click 👇
dirteater78 🐸⭐️ @osolemilo first impression: cool guy your nickname in my head: milo closeness ratings: 1/5 do i like you: yes u are SO SWEET you are my: the line that divides oomf and pal to be honest: i dunno if u liked this cause u Wanted one or cause ur a likebotbut❤️ noooo dont kill yourself youre so sexy aha
axasara ed/rant i’m supposed to have a date saturday too (but he might have to cancel bc he might be going out of town w/ friends) if this all works out i can go to a cool bottom museum, get smoked out, AND get f*cked?! the universe better do me right 18 • 5’6 • cw idk :( • gw1 120lbs • gw2 115lbs vent/ed nsfw
Tory__Story @aswaggerprince The problem with the whole thing for me is it would have been so cool if they were just in like kind of loosely interpreted cat costume and makeup!! Cats is so theatrical, so do theatre magic and not MOVIE magic, you cowards!! me, from a distance
manningtheship Kansas City, MO I’m totally copying this idea. If that would be cool? Thank you for the suggestion @mochamomma and Ms Jacobs as well. Embrcing grace delivered at the Cross. Still clumsy with the Grace given by name! 😂 Mark’s wife, AT’s mom, R’s NotMom #adoptedroyal #SMHLiterally #Believer
tatihoya I always feel so happy when we interact even if its not that often bc im shy and bad at twitter lmao but i think you’re really cool ☺️ 94 liner 🌈🌙💕 Hobi and Jimin bias, ot7 stan, bts mainly but u’ll see some other groups sprinkled in ✨ [this is so stupid but *fan account* -_-]

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