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VonSoTrill Glendale CA Man #TheWalkingDead was good tonight. I don't remember them meeting Jesus like that I'm the comic but the little switch is cool I guess Heroes don't exist. And if they did, I wouldn't be one of them
LizzyC_LC You guys seriously don't even know how excited I am that Jesus is on The Walking Dead. Ugh. HE'S SO FREAKING COOL. Just wait. You'll see. Nerd. That is all.
stevelikescups Carson, CA Jesus is such a cool character Searchin for good vibes m8 ☀️ THS Varsity Football/Track. Loving cali everyday.✌️ Egalitarianism 4 life. Queen ❤️
Ayoungkaos Data!Art!Fact!Animation!Logic! Jesus is cool but I'm weary. #TheWalkingDead Consulting Animator/Artist/Adventurer //t.co/LluO4E4bXa
Cadenawesome Is this Jesus guy a ninja or something like seriously those were some pretty cool moves #TheWalkingDead bios are overated
BDKiiing Westside @Cubs1978 oh shit. Yeah. Jesus is a cool dude. Opens a lot of doors. Was really looking forward to him coming in, almost as much as Negan. Bad Guy. Professional Wearer of Beards. Illuminati. iii. 2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year. #12in16
AloneIn_Vegas Baltimore. Make up sometimes is cool but all the time even when you go to play the lottery in ya bonnet and Jesus slippers 😂 come on now SC: vonntayy | #MSU18 |
PuckPropaganda Hockey Land Well at least Michonne and Rick are finally together and that Jesus guy seems cool. Spencer/Nichols is still the worst. Please kill him off. Director of Written Content for @TheSupernaughts and the lone authoritative voice in a world of biased hockey media.
Nannylau San Jose, Costa Rica! Jesus is kind of cool! #TWD Buscando mi inspiración en los cinco sentidos.
NikoleBonnette Los Angeles, CA How much you love Jesus is pretty cool. sweet things. | sc: nikoleywoley
Hey_silverio TWD was dope today Jesus is pretty fucken cool I know nothing
AnaGasteyer Jesus is cool & all, but how long have we all been unconsciously shipping #Michonne &#Rick?! Fave TV couple in yrs! #TheWalkingDead Debut album I'm Hip on @itunes https://t.co/zU6JdgAGot CD's here: https://t.co/0bD7GzvYx9 Insta: @anagasteyer Crossword Hint: SNL
mingyutizen diamond's life Jesus is so cool i like him #TWD ✨ seventeen my love my happiness ✨
valthegreatestt RU I wonder if Jesus thinks my topic is cool. Does the Holy Spirit feel the same way? How about my main homie God? 🤔 cuz im delicious
twd_heath Alexandria, VA Richonne is cool and all but Jesus is amazing Fully respect the hair game.
TheFictionari All the talk is about #Richonne, but I'm already in love with Jesus. What a cool badass. #TheWalkingDead
theMaineNerd Lewiston Maine @vancemeek Jesus is pretty cool NFL, 49ers | Fantasy Football | NFL Draft | Marvel | PC Gaming Master Race You can find me on Steam at cConMandalore
HGKells Conway, AR Jesus is so cool js I like cheese dip and Harrison Ford a bit much
MrJWells619 San Diego to Houston, TX This was a good episode. And Jesus is supposed to be cool later apparently Disgruntled Laker Fan. HT Grad.

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