Justin bieber is Cool.

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LordGordoh 210.AWFSET Why is justin bieber so fucking cool. Like dude behave. nice guys finish last, i'll finish on your face.
SeanKanaly Justin Bieber is cool lol I mean he smashed his guitar Urban Development Enthusiast, Thunder, Pink Floyd. @donttelldena
MrKevinOConnor Las Vegas Anyway Bowie is dead and Justin Bieber and Pitbull are trending. Cool music awards, bruh. Mother of Dragons
_Robaca Justin Bieber is that kid that everyone thinks is cool but you just don't get it As that was coming out of my mouth, I knew it was wrong.
JusCallMeBADASS So cool that Justin Bieber won his first Grammy. I know he is excited. Sometimes when things aren't going right, you just have to go left. #MTSUAlumni #Marketing #Advertsing
archanapram San Diego, CA I'm no Belieber but this @nytimes piece with Bieber/Diplo/Skrillex re: the evolution of Where Are U Now is way cool: Writer @SanDiegoMag | Freelance travel writer | East Coast transplant | puppy enthusiast
Cool_Girl_Kayla Justin Bieber is the grossest thing I have ever seen there's a million things I haven't done...just you wait
Niikkicole MD I LIKED JUSTIN BIEBER BEFORE IT WAS COOL the Grammys were for me the performance was for real fans that is all goodbye OLLG 8/3/2013 • JMU16
Kingsessoms #252 #704 #910 justin bieber is cool as hell for playing that acoustic 👌💯💯 #God First #Family second #FSU College Student #Musician #Taurus #Versatile #Loyal #WasfollowedbyKobe #Basketball never ends #Hardwork&Dedication
seth_beaudreau as cool as Justin Bieber is, I think Neeks is gay and then you'll blow up
laskasky Brooklyn, NY One cool thing is that Justin Bieber has won the same amount of Grammys as David Bowie. #GRAMMYs
TheRealFabio_P Why is Justin Bieber so cool man Lima, peru / Dallas Tx
OhWho_OhLu Philadelphia Justin Bieber is the white boy who hangs out with blacks and thinks he's cool because of it Categorize Me, I Defy Every Label
queensulewski justin bieber is the epithome of cool padme amidala deserved better

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