Kanye is Cool.

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000rootbeer kanye is really mimicking picasso's career phases i had no idea that was his official album cover... its collage... that was cool sometimes i feel really weird
Jus10Watson Arkansas, USA Kanye is cool and all but I'm not paying for Tidal just to listen to his album Snapchat: Jus10Watson
DinoLondyn Wondaland I see why Kanye west and Frank ocean are cool, all they do is lie about albums #TLOP
eddie_dude just around the river-bend. i, personally, won't listen to that album. i was never interested. i'll hear whatever plays on the radio. Kanye is cool though. making nothing into everything. and i love you, girl @Ciara.
Breakin_Brad Kingston, Jamaica Kanye is so cool Sophisticated ignorance I write my curses in cursive | Manager of Drifters ( MÜGs, PLÜSH, Amsterdam) | Film Junkie | Gunner/Los Blancos | Sapiosexual
DyIanHughes Indiana honestly kanye can be a cool guy and his music used to be flame but he's an ass and so is his music. rap and basketball
uzeirom 608 i know the kanye album is coming out and all, but it'd be cool if y'all listen to my radio show. 1AM 91.7FM or madison's next top hipster
FR0GG0D Chula Vista, CA Ultra Light Beams is cool as hell wtf I'm sorry I ever doubted you Kanye local genius. god of frogs everywhere. tums™ enthusiast.
BaseballBalks Nine Oh Five Oh cool Kanye's new album is on a music service that I got no desire to switch to. Great. Cancer Survivor. CORT. Go Browns/Jays/Leafs/IceDogs/Western Bulldogs. V8 Supercars is the best series you're not watching. #V8Mates
IAMJoshuaMoore Kirk Franklin lost cool points with me. Why is he making music with Kanye West. You are gospel stick to that b. Sporty and Rich
ChukwuBu1kem houston Not on jock but Kanye is one cool ass dude man #GoHarder I do what I gotta do that's it.
grant_cool_fun @noz real talk what do you think is going on with Kanye listen to me now, believe me later
JmDaddy10 House of Balloons Kanye's album is exclusive to Tidal..... I'm cool, I'll stick to College Dropout Its Just Me Against The World
BulkModulus Pittsburgh, PA I guess autotune is still cool as long as kanye's doing it? Penn State mechanical engineering and Blue Band alumnus. When I'm right, I'm right; and me? I'm always right.
Cool_As_FCK St. Louis Is Kanye trying to wake us up on what's happening to Yasiin Bey? Dream It. Achieve It. All of it is possible. #Mizzou14
donawhat Baltimore, MD @atl_mut idk yasiin bey is mos def who's been going through a lot of trouble lately... him and kanye been cool for years aka CADaract x MUT Vet since 2012 x DFS Enthusiast #Gamer x Good Vibes with Hood ties x #Ravens x I'm great at what I do x @chancetherapper da next best thing!
bryce_howard23 SOFLO Ight Kanye cool you dropped the album...now where the hell is it and when will Yasiin Bey stop talking... Wassuhduu |STA16|
briandavis_ Oh cool Von Miller is on snl wow a Kyle vs Kanye rap battle that's awesome CHANCE IS ON CHANCE IS ON SJP/GW/Boston/DC/Sevilla

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