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mark_graziano Washington Township, NJ Kasich is a genius, awesome guy, cool, accomplishes things. Trump is the man. Rubio very good too but he's a senator. Cruz just annoying IG: mark.graz #Xsquad
Goldberg_Lev I lean towards a liberal point if view but Kasich is pretty cool I'm actually a yelp reviewer. CU Denver 19'
TkactorTom Rockledge Fl. @repdebatetweets observations:Kasich made sense but didn't need to bash Obama. Carson got cheated. Cruz is a maniac. Trump kept cool.Rubio? Retired aerspace engineer. 34 years on the Space Shuttle program. married to Suzanne Loves performing in Community Theater productions!
TheOnlySherrod GA @DennisUltima I ain't voting for any of those clowns. Kasich is cool though So important to keep the pathway of success clean - DJ Khaled
cupcaketterling WDM & Boji. Kasich is cool. Everyone else is the worst. Fred Hoiberg 4 President.
hihoze @BuckSexton i actually think Kasich is pretty calm, cool and reasonable voice on the stage. but then nobody is kicking the buckeye
Tengrain Seattle Kasich is cool with back doors on phones and back rooms on deals. #GOPDebate #AppleVsFBI Fully caffeinated with twice the sugar, unabashedly liberal. Award-winning blogger, blogs at MPS and sometimes at Crooks and Liars.
MarciKWalton Chicago, IL Kasich's executive presence is equivalent to a parent locking siblings in a bedroom until they figure their shit out. Cool. #GOPDebate Associate Director of Residence Life for @XavierResLife | I just want to make nice things and get enough sleep.
614Echo The President needs to be calm, cool, and collected under pressure and attack - Gov. Kasich is showing he has those skills
FauxTT Austin Carson & Kasich need to be shamed off the stage. Taking up non-Trump votes is not cool. Conservatarian - Texan - Husband of 1. Father of 3. Lava lamp aficionado. Lover of Two Corinthians. #Rubio #Longhorns #Cowboys
Meesh_OR Portland, Oregon USA #Kasich is like the cool headed big brother mediating the fight at the family Thanksgiving dinner table 😳 Liberal Catholic woman who thinks, reads, & votes. I like politics, education, good food/drink, books, and my family/friends/students.
JoyLovesHerky Iowa Cruz and Rubio seem to be in a panic. They need to stop and count to 10. Meanwhile Kasich is cool as a cucumber with real answers #comeonGOP love yourself. love your body, you only get one! work hard/eat clean. mom. sports fan. health and fitness enthusiast. advocate for making your own happy.
sebasser97 Kasich is cool with starting wars against N. Korea. Even the sanest republican is still absolutely nuts #GOPDebate
briweb69 Central Illinois @abcappellin — The most Presidential GOP person (Kasich, if I had to choose) is not winning, so you’re right there. But Twitter is cool. Sportswriter/NSE at the Springfield State Journal-Register. Tweet something worth reading or do something worth tweeting. -- Ben Franklin
My1Conundrum Kasich acts like he is trying to hang with the cool kids but they just want him to go get snacks for them If I follow you, it's because I like you as a person or you make me laugh! I wrote a book Protocol Z -https://t.co/zmXMbTmcAq
Gdog0214Dailey Kasich is cool🇺🇸 Optimist, Idealist, and future entrepreneur. Senior at Easley. Future Gamecock #wecocky #Colabound
Ianmurray7 State & Landsdowne Kasich is a cool cat. Single black female addicted to retail.
Melinda71488758 Carson and Kasich are cool and very smart. Trump is still the Best the heart of a lion leader!!!
faulknermiguel The United States of America @AandGshow Kasich sounding good. Crubio sounds panicked, Carson is Carson. Cool, that @MichaelBerrySho gave Cruz his talking points tonite.

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