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jazzer_15 Austin, TX Kendrick's new release is cool too!!! Can't leave Kendrick out. anyone who understands jazz knows that you can't understand it. musician and composer insta: @sarimulligan
MusicMumbler New York, NY Okay @TheGRAMMYs. Kendrick is giving u another chance to give him Album of the Year. U know, the grammy he should've won this year? Ok cool. music mumblings. maybe more...
richmoneymitch Martinsburg, WV New Kendrick is so cool 21. Music Festivals. Celtics. Outdoors. Talk to ya boy!
UnHoly_Jack Monrovia, Liberia Kendrick is cool but I can't listen to his music JUST ANOTHER ONE OF THEM UNHOLY NIGGA! JacksonBeah@gmail.com
nightly_life off on an adventure 1. j Cole will never be near King Kendrick. 2. Logic is a pussy nerd who thinks Rubik's cubes make u cool THE WORLD IS FUCKING YOURS
Duffaktikon Is Kendrick not cool anymore Lover of spooky things • Hanners❤
M3XRFW #NTLA x #RIFLA x #LAX x #ORD It's like the anti-Kendrick movement is a thing to look cool now In the end it will not be the words of your enemies that you remember , but the silence of your friends.
RemyVega_ Forest of Solitude(Pittsburgh) This new Kendrick Lamar album is pretty cool. There's a lot of good production and instrumentation. Audio-energy conduit and sculptor. Swimmer of the Cosmic Ocean. •@BlaqueRosette• •@ChoospaCamp•
SolidusSnakeKid Mother Base @AymsterzRocks Kendrick Lamar is cool! LEVEL 20 | N7 | WEB HEAD | FIRE BENDER | MUSIC | VIDEO GAMES | PERSONA | MOVIES | ART |
curlsnmelanin_ 3rd Street This new-but-not-really-new Kendrick is cool. the influence of this superficial world is strong on those who are weak. My DMs broke. i paint on stuff. ig: curlsnmelanin_ art ig: snjaesthetics
Stoney_Jackson Cleveland HTS I'm pretty sure that Kendrick is cool and all but I'll pass on listening It is a pleasure for you to meet me
AtLongLastDev That new Kendrick is cool 19 Colorado Springs
Cool_Beanso20 Whittier, CA Like it's easy to say how good Kendrick or Cole is because everyone else fucken sucks Being So Cool I'm A Chilly Bean
kawaiigaythug Flea Market, Montgomery new kendrick mixtape thing is way cool
KingofClass The District This Kendrick is cool. Easy to vibe with. Just trying to bring Class back to the culture.
georgebuseyiii Kendrick joint is a sit in the house on a rainy day type music. It's cool though. Busey Brother Entertainment BBE, Inc. CEO & Founder. DMV's own Lucky Looch for booking email buseyiii@gmail.com

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