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Will_Foran Pale Blue Dot I miss when I was a little kid and Trump was the cool guy who fired people, not now that I know his politics and how horrible he is. Aspiring Astrophysicist, loves animals, Rap/Hip-Hop fan. MacArthur High School Senior Class President. UT '20
jordanmathers4 @Sarahhgoeshard lmfao Paul is not a cool kid 😂 I love Paul Caruso
subah81 California, USA That Carlos kid from imperial is a cool dude Just be you.
MrFiji_ Toronto Bliss is a cool kid Pray to Jesus i hit bangers Go To bangers Get Blackout.
RageWolfff Australia 16 This kid is cool BullShitGamesPlayer | CsGoPlayer | Steam-RageWolff | EnjoyLife |Youtuber https://t.co/MwxX8kniH2 |
ZacksSoUgly San Diego, CA I can't believe Coach K is cool with this kid. He has one of the illest names in sports, but he's a punk. Warehouse Manager for 9Five Eyewear / Freelance Writer for myself & The Hundreds / Engaged to @ktillathehun /
Waffle_Ranger Seattle, WA @RTKMessy Okay. I think civilization is in a steady decline. People are realizing it's probably not "that cool" to have a kid @ 18 anymore. Y ello thar m8s! Oim Waffle. I'm a newbie gamer & Twitcher. XB1: Waffle Ranger | PS4:WaffleRanger718 | Instagram: claysjourney | Snapchat: bigsby253
jose2kushlove Watsonville, CA @isabel_rocha831 but i was saying is I'am a cool kid i get to sleep when I want to lol 😂😂😂 PVHS || RIP ALEX Silva || mobbin
XanxiuZ Sin City, Baby! @syd1138 Rufus is a cool name for a dude, but I want to see a toddler named Rufus. That kid would probably be running the daycare! I write to appease the voices in my head. I dream because without dreams, we die. I'm a purveyor of the snark. I embrace my geekdom.
tylerdeanen Portland, OR I'd be hype too, that kid is cool as shit. @lolfvckme is the future mother of my children. Constitutional Conservative. #CruzCrew #12s
THECITIESILLEST Rancho Cucamonga, CA @DESTINEE_FUKU ///she is a cool kid /// ///THE RESPECTED ONE///
marichula_21 East Side, Chicago ⚽️😎😏 fam❤️ I miss you g 😭 I hope junior year is going great! damn I gotta go to your senior night next season lol but you're a cool ass kid! Don't think about it too much.
jon_doe_kid COOL GIVEAWAY CALLED Twitter account GIVEAWAY; all you have to do is retweet this tweet & make sure you add me on …
jon_doe_kid COOL GIVEAWAY CALLED is celebrating the release of the final Risky Business book with signed paperback series
brookieboo97 Wherever Dylan & Nolan are It's cool tho my kid is worth it Future Bazavilvazo & Nolans mommy ❤️
yupdead lmao I kid, schools cool diversity is brazy pepperoni playboy

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