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souta2000921 All Kobe is the too best, too, and both Curry and Durrant are cool! #KobeBryant #StephenCurry #kevindurrant 神奈川/ストバス/プロフェッサー/元バスケ部/中3/KANA-BOON超大好き/邦ロック、基本的に好きです。バスケしてる方でも誰でもフォローしてください。
Ryon1Cunnigan Seattle, WA Steph Curry had Kobe sign his all star game jersey after the game, that is too cool man✊🏿#Respect #KobeBryant #StephenCurry #NBAAllStarTO when it rains, it pours...coffee. Seattle, WA. Lakers. Kobe Bryant. SEATTLE
tannerkuyk Sulphur ✈ Lafayette, Louisiana being able to watch Kobe's attitude change throughout the years was pretty cool, the mamba made the game what it is today d-_-b student of the world....sports junkie, #WJH #JSB, Boomer! Suicide Awareness! 1-800-273-8255 sc: tanner_kuyk
Raider_SheHulk Orcutt, CA Haha, LBJ is cool tho Kobe drops 10 points in final All-Star Game  -via ESPN I'd follow back 100% #Raiders #Lakers #Dodgers #PeaceMarker #Pisces #HorrorFreak #CreepyVampire #BoJackson #UFC #TeamCainVelasquez
kassssssie Kobe is cool coffee enthusiast
Maryland_Papi I still can't believe Kobe is retiring he really seems like a cool dude definitely a talented basketball player #NBAAllStarGame Beautiful actions are Beautiful words unspoken SC: Marylandpai IG: Im_b_a_e
RickyJG95 Los Angeles #RussellWestbrook is #KiaAllStarMVP this year. It's cool. Well deserved. Would've been nice to see Kobe be MVP for his last All-Star Game 👏🏽 Good Friends. Good Family. Good Life.
Uniquexo_ Russ is Kobe's favorite player so its cool. Zack ❤️ Snap: OnlyUnique25
PillowTalkPapi lost in limbo Yo kobe is cool but vince carter retiring... and he can't even get more than a Steve Smith special I had a dream I was important... I haven't woke up yet...
shawnsn I really think the Kobe farewell tour is pretty cool nothing but respect for that guy #Kobe #24 FUCK IT ALL AND FUCKING NO REGRETS!!!! DAMAGE INC. \,,/ BAY AREA THRASH \,,/ MERRITT ISLAND FLORIDA \,,/
New_God_SHERM Live from the Mercer Kobe & Pau going at it in Italian is so cool Heard Ray J saw one of my sex tapes & he hate that shit .. Said the production was poor Yo Why you make that shit I CAN'T BELIEVE I LET RAY J DOWN
44AndyG @b_streich9 not worth it ha. The tribute to Kobe was cool and all, but the only all-star game that means anything is baseball
BeTheMachineNYC NYC & Ft Lauderdale We'll take a @russwest44 tweet over @kobebryant tweet. No offense, Kobe, but Westbrook is who the cool kids want We see challenges as opportunities. We're an experiential marketing shop that brings brand ideas to life. https://t.co/vBf6NbwRiN #BeTheMachineNYC
grant_cool_fun All Star game is hard to watch but I gotta see this 4th quarter bc Kobe listen to me now, believe me later
jlauderdal @ChrisBHaynes @DwyaneWade pretty cool as long as that Colorado hotel room incident doesn't come up...kobe is a role model for the kids
ob731 The Internet, WI little Chris Paul just stole the ball from Kobe and Kobe was posting up a ball boy and showing him his fade away, that is cool Mostly sports nonsense. Sometimes photos or music.

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