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QueenMalikia Where The Wind Blows Gordon should've won. Look at this ! LaVine is all hype. Those free throw dunks are cool but just LOOK at this Instagram @QueenMalikia
alizeepwnzu United States There is noone in the world who could do what Aaron Gordon just did yet he lost. @NBA is full of shit. Lavine is cool, but a fraud win.
VedDashputre Detroit, MI #GordonGate Gordon was robbed TeamGordon the dunk contest is subjective THE DUNK CONTEST IS BACK LAVINE WEARS COOL PANTS Sample Size of One
truevirgo37 So...is LaVine mixed with a myriad of races? He is cool lookin FB page: Sports Spot
dc_fusion DC/Virginia/Maryland After rewatching dunk comp finals, LaVine winning it is cool in my book. But, the judges' scores are nonsense. Founder of #NBAFilmExaminations and #NBAFilmsExaminations
Cool_J96 BasedWorld Zach Lavine is a monster Living In My Own Lifeā„¢
logand_5 Hallettsville, Texas LaVine is cool but Gordon killed that shit. | Senior | 18 | Lets make some memories. |
steventurous Minneapolis, MN What was particularly cool is that Gordon and LaVine were such different dunkers. Mostly basketball for: Rolling Stone / A Wolf Among Wolves / 1500 ESPN / Hardwood Paroxysm / VICE Sports / Grantland (RIP) / etc.
Alejandra_0131 Nba slam dunk contest is... jaw dropping. Zach Lavine... WOW. Just WOW. THEY ARE SO COOL!!!
SamLTForrest 28.471925, -81.469468 It's cool that LaVine won, coz now Gordon is gonna want to rematch and we can this all over again next year!! I'll sleep when I'm dead https://t.co/TcRUEi3Gzb
nutellacomet kindly go away Eric Gordon is like the jock, and Zach Lavine is that so-out-of-your-league cool kid hahahah mediocre hardcore shipper
ayROBbayy Woulda been cool if Lavine said "I can't accept this alone, AG this is part yours too". Woulda been the icing on the cake. Matthew 19:26 | #KEEPPOUNDING
THE_J_FOX @CarlRowens3rd Zach Lavine just kept doing the same thing, like going from the free throw line is cool the first time Overdosed on Confidence
chrisrozwod Beaverton, OR Lavine is cool for sharing Warm Blooded Burger Cassanova
EmilAndoni Drake is out here happier than anyone cuz he made light skin cool again #Lavine #Gordon #TDot #6 Oakland University. Financial Analyst Intern. Instagram:EmilAndoni

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