Leo is Cool.

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rEDGYbrecker Ok cool for Leo, love him, but when is Will Smith's turn?? If you're reading this you're probably doing something unproductive and I approve
iamthebest39 wherever I can get dick Lohanthony is literally a bandwagon bitch. He isn't a Leo fan, he just wants to be "cool" and fit in. #IStandWithKesha ❤️
kohichapps Can we all remember that TBS's acting inspiration is Leo??? I wonder how he reacted, "really? Cool!" ★☆ I draw things that are more than usually homos. Call me Kohi. Sports hell | Kekkai S | GoT | TMR | HxH, OP, OPM | KH | NGE https://t.co/mbQz7XMCPi
Raph_Leo Singapore Good hot afternoon for a great workout. Weather is nice, cool Breeze and birds chirping. #tyl YFC East 1 | Rock-Climber | Adventurer
yousefg_ Riverside, CA everyone is talking about leo it's so cool i like leos they're really nice i'm a virgo, not chillin no more!!!!!
lukeaschumann Home "Kate Winslet's reaction to Leo winning an Oscar is everything." "Oh, cool. Joe Biden's talking about sexual abuse. When's the next award?" I'm a work in progress.
alicialcsn Trevor YEY!! CLAP CLAP FOR LEO!! well deserved! @LeoDiCaprio The Revenant is so cool 😎 #Oscars vcxi
FUCKLUISAPONTE Leo Decapri"dickhead" won and that's cool, but where is Carrie Brownstein's Oscar for being literally fuckin perfect ALL the time? Official Skyzone Employee

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