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purposeholy @PROTECTBIEBER @SexualGif any date is cool if you're there lol fuck
pjmyers24 Minnesota, USA LOL .. thanks because I wasn't thinking of it that way. Made my night! It's all cool ... Bernie Sanders is... https://t.co/Q7KElF1A4P
SG_AaronLoc Hemwood I leave Twitter for 4 days and this is what I come back to. Lol cool off of you. Come fw a real 1
MitchRappFans Michigan Knowing each Rapp novel so well is cool, but I miss new ones. @KyleMillsAuthor, if you could write like 5 books a year, that'd be great! LOL Are you a Mitch Rapp or Vince Flynn fan? FOLLOW ME! I run a Rapp fan-site & tweet book updates & trivia about Mitch. I also run https://t.co/rsGhYdpMMZ
UnratedTG @kennycontreras6 Lol I was like is he even following me. It's cool. Bookings: Call Or Text Christian (979-203-8696) Or Tristangonzales22@gmail.com | Different Topics | CEO Of New Generation Music
LovelyNinaXOXO I don't understand how there is an extra day in the year....but not like two Friday's or something cool like that lol
sugssweet Lol you're a virgin, cool. But just because I'm not , don't mean I'm a hoe, all that means is I ain't greedy to MY nigga & you are. Corinthians 16:14
issac1823 @G0OdC0mpany lol I just need him to take the cool jacket off and hoop like a #2 pick is supposed too. All I ever asked lol
elyssepowell_ my last name and joeys aren't to far fetched so my name will still be cool once my last name is parsons 👫 lol jrp❤️
arianaxjs @arianaxjs you like the 1975 and you're cool to talk to so if you ever need anything my front porch is like five feet away lol teach me how to gracefully let go of things not meant for me
joearrigo Vegas via So Cal @joshuakeith71 that is my peoples daughter. I played HS ball & was friends with her dad (Dre) & remain cool with her mom. You good lol bruh? Publisher for Scout .com UNLV site InsideTheRebels .com. Former sports talk personality & prod on @TheBeast980. Frosh WR & DB coach at Centennial H.S. (LV)
LOL_Reddit Shen is cool and all... But what weapons do he use? @LirCaelis #LeagueofLegends League of Legends News
moparholic Minnesota Minnesota has been #stumped lol. I actually think Marco is a cool guy so I hope to see him in Minnesota soon!
imbdirises What is this? @ChainHealWoW retweeting me? So cool, lol. And @Canibehealz & @Suplift watching? Y'all make my night. ^_^
ClarkoDarko Santa Destroy will playing the original fire emblem be a bad time or is it a good idea? I'm cool with the awful grinding in NES games lol I'm Clark. I like lifting weights, weird music, bideogame, and art/animation. I am cursed and only tweeting about pokemon can keep me rooted in this dimension.
tori_olton winters, cali Lol this is cool iridocyclitis
CodyyThomp Sacramento, CA my english teacher is hella cool lol pg senior
tia_salazar_ New☀️Mexico @AlexGunzman it's cool if you think she is lol, I just wanted to understand why you felt that way. I don't necessarily like nor dislike her Everything I'm not made me everything I am.

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