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allyjobirgy The only cool thing about me is my taste in music... and my love for cats. Dalton made me do it. TØP though. I would date a guy who is half bug.... I'm talking to you, Dalton.
AaronTheH L.A. Can I curse for a second? Is that cool? I fuckin' LOVE my coworkers! TV exec / Screenwriter / Insomniac
SalekAfridi10 Dubai, United Arab Emirates @sumaiyaturk123 @MHafeez22 Your Love is With #Cricket_Pakistan Make me Cool Cool & Happy Welcome to profile #BeingAfridian Works:Constructions Engneerin Fun Of @SAfridiOfficial Still Love With Pakistan Proud to be #Zalmi Group
Karennn_Floress Manteca, CA I love Imagine Dragons ❤️ even the name is cool Kill a demon today, kill the devil tomorrow.
AmiraMarvel Home I love just checking in with @Totally__Ty. All I need is a quick hey sometimes, yeah ur alive? Ight cool I'm on my way
selenabaIdwin was twinkletrades @dorkhaIe i know he is so cool i really love him👀💕 trade dms and users ;; @tumblrpalvin @baldwinusers
Jonesin_ToTweet In My Own Little World :) I love being up to see the moment we fall back or spring forward. The click jump is so cool! #ChristLover #Determined ✡✝♊️✌️
Skeletalcats Philadelphia, PA @pixelpantsu @prism_deity Ur boyfriend is cute and loves u very much & u love him very much but you have to live w/ me forever bc im cool 21, illustrator, they/them
URBVNMGC sev liv cata ellen "I love _____." "cool" "I love _____." "cool" is it really that hard, cmon just your typical soccer mom
twinsakis Los Angeles, CA @linrin_snow aaa thank you!! This is very cool! I've been nervous to talk to JP sinners on Twitter but I would love to learn from this! :D Misaki twins Red and Crow, here! Dedicated to Freedom Wars!
this_is_a_potat @ArianaGrande i love youuuuu u was so cool at #snl love u so much 💜 thank u for makin my day ❤❤❤❤ #dangerouswoman
192847 Minneapolis Knocked Loose is badass. I love seeing them. I genuinely feel bad for anyone who's "too cool" to enjoy them. A Saturday well spent indeed 23 year old sober girl, yes I'm that hoe with the dog filter, I'm @elfsuccubus's other boyfriend
SuzeBujsaim Where I'm supposed to be... BUGSY is a big, sweet love and take a look at his inner puppy come out when some really cool people gave him a... 'The ones who see things differently, who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.“
dedicatedNOMer @MsSarahWalker Oh! I love those panda cookies! They are so good! Pocky is great too, I love the cool seasonal flavors the company releases! I am a person, working towards a degree in Computer Game Science. I am also the chillest person who has no chill.

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