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zakulangel Oak Creek Swear every basic bitch is into photography/makeup now; it's ALWAYS both. And I'm just over here like "hi I did both before they were cool" University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Graphic design major. Photographer. Makeup geek. Making memories with Austin since Sept 2, 2013.
iKarly_Col I use to be anti makeup, and one day I was like let me see what the hype is about 😂😂😂😂😂 and it's cool or whatever, but not everyday Living life... Tryna make a way...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤ ️FMOI: @iKarly_Col Snapchat: @iKarly_Col
iKarly_Col I swear makeup is cool except when b*tches be having on a pound of it. Like no need for 12 layers, 1 or 2 is enough but 🐸☕️ Living life... Tryna make a way...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤ ️FMOI: @iKarly_Col Snapchat: @iKarly_Col
burritoofsad smog lake city it makes me so happy when people ask me for makeup advice like wow is this my legacy??? cool let all the children boogie ✨
Sweetiegirlxoxo Rochester, New York @TanyaTate cool that's me in 2013 before I went all goth dying my hair this is the real me behind the dark makeup A fighter for LGBT rights, love following famous pepole, I'm into differnt styles, I'm a gamer, I love anime, I'm a huge fan of Bria & Chrissy & I'm a lesbian
lexxieraerox •+ impeach obama ya dumbs +• @sarahmhawkinson @bilbodragons this is literally the exact makeup i did today...am i cool enough to be your friend yet? 😂 lcms || plantbased || prolife || profamily || snapchat: lexxieraerox
scrxbbles assassitits™ 4) makeup is SO cool wtheck you can be a glowing goddess and have rainbow eyelids it's fucking awesome (punk)jabi pakistani / intersectional feminist / writer + designer @thelocalrebel / #SikhBlood
JasLaFlare DRE AREA 908 - you're makeup is on 📍😊 &you're pretty. i dont really know you either, but you seem like a cool person to be around lib
ronithebear Peterborough, ON I keep having so many "makeup is so weird and cool, I should wear it more!" moments, but so I wear it more? No Comic artist cautiously enters into short-message social media to say nice things about people and draw stuff. Contributor at Everyday Feminism. (They/them)
yousaygrace Marvel Universe Makeup is cool, do you. But you literally drawing a whole new face with that come on
xoSkye_ MD I'm real bad at makeup lmao. Whatever makes me look a lil less shitty is cool with me. Act right. IG: xoskye_ Snapchat: xoskye715
meeegg12 Makeup is cool Im a book typed in invisible ink, nobody can read me.
megannkunde Aggressively scrubbing off your eye makeup is cool and all except when you forget about your fake eyelashes😫
VIRTUESANDVlCES she/they • 1/2 snow hoes™ 6) i don't like wearing jewelry or makeup personally, i think either way is cool, but sometimes people w really good makeup make me jealous you clicked your heels and wished for me * · . ✧ *
EGoonan415 Don't get me wrong I love cool makeup tips, but I feel as if this is a little extreme 😁😂 The Dance Factory Company Team❤️ Snapchat: erin.goonan415
jdoakes Pretty cool Mrs. Artis is on my flight ! I'm ready for a great weekend, but I hope I have time to do my makeup before I head to rehearsals passion, drive, resilience. future media exec classically beautiful

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